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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Noise of the Day

Jim Sleeper on corporations' "free speech" Supreme Court challenge, and why the ACLU is on the wrong side.
TV ads telling us how deeply oil companies care about the environment aren’t part of open give-and-take; they’re efforts to cash in on a consensus that might not have emerged at all had corporate money dominated our elections and debates more than it does.

Matt Taibbi on what went wrong with health care reform.
By blowing off single-payer and cutting the heart out of the public option, the Obama administration robbed itself of its biggest argument — that health care reform is going to save a lot of money.

John Amato on the new Republican talking point: Parents should be afraid of Obama because he's too charismatic.
I'm waiting for conservatives to ban their children from ever watching an Obama speech or interview. Republicans have become freaks since they've let the teabaggers take over their party.

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