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"Dazzled by so many and such marvelous inventions, the people of Macondo ... became indignant over the living images that the prosperous merchant Bruno Crespi projected in the theater with the lion-head ticket windows, for a character who had died and was buried in one film and for whose misfortune tears had been shed would reappear alive and transformed into an Arab in the next one. The audience, who had paid two cents apiece to share the difficulties of the actors, would not tolerate that outlandish fraud and they broke up the seats. The mayor, at the urging of Bruno Crespi, explained in a proclamation that the cinema was a machine of illusions that did not merit the emotional outbursts of the audience. With that discouraging explanation many ... decided not to return to the movies, considering that they already had too many troubles of their own to weep over the acted-out misfortunes of imaginary beings."
--Gabriel García Márquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude

Monday, December 17, 2018

American Graffiti (George Lucas, 1973)

Richard Dreyfuss, Charles Martin Smith, and Ron Howard in American Graffiti
Curt: Richard Dreyfuss
Steve: Ron Howard
John: Paul Le Mat
Terry: Charles Martin Smith
Laurie: Cindy Williams
Debbie: Candy Clark
Carol: Mackenzie Phillips
Disc Jockey: Wolfman Jack
Joe: Bo Hopkins
Carlos: Manuel Padilla Jr.
Ants: Beau Gentry
Bob Falfa: Harrison Ford

Director: George Lucas
Screenplay: George Lucas, Gloria Katz, Willard Huyck
Cinematography: Jan D'Alquen, Ron Eveslage; Haskell Wexler, visual consultant
Art direction: Dennis Lynton Clark
Film editing: Verna Fields, Marcia Lucas, George Lucas

American moviegoers, like Victorian novel-readers, love closure. They want movies to end with all the plot threads tied, with the good rewarded and the bad punished, and with a sense that nothing more needs to be told -- unless you're talking about movies that are obviously designed to springboard into sequels. George Lucas obviously felt the need for closure on American Graffiti, which is why he provided two endings. In the first, John wins his race with Bob Falfa, Terry and Debbie decide to meet again, Steve and Laurie are reconciled, and Curt goes off to college with a symbolic resolution of his pursuit of the Blonde in the T-Bird provided by a glimpse of the car from an airplane window. But because American Graffiti is set in 1962, and an awful lot happened to the generation portrayed in the film, Lucas also felt obliged to provide a second ending: a screen card that tells us John was killed by a drunk driver, Terry went missing in action in Vietnam, Steve sells insurance in Modesto, and Curt is "a writer in Canada." Critics have made some serious comments about this second ending's failure to tell us what happened to the female characters in the film: Laurie, Debbie, and Carol. And they're right, of course. But I think Lucas would have been better advised to stop with the first ending: His characters, with the possible exception of Curt, are not so well-drawn that they need to be dragged into the real world; the second ending feels more like a need to make a statement about the Vietnam War than a necessary coda to his story. American Graffiti is often compared to Federico Fellini's I Vitelloni (1953), another film about young men aimlessly lingering on the brink of maturity, and Lucas's Curt is an echo of Fellini's Moraldo, who at the end of the film leaves their small town for an uncertain future. But Fellini was content just to put Moraldo on the train and end his film, whereas the demand for closure pushes Lucas further. Fellini was pushed further, too, of course: We can see the characters played by Marcello Mastroianni in La Dolce Vita (1960) and 8 1/2 (1963) as possible versions of what Moraldo might have become. I somehow regret that Lucas didn't find that way of taking Curt into the future; instead he got sidetracked into a galaxy a long time ago and far, far away. American Graffiti remains a landmark film, not only because it made Lucas very rich and able to indulge his bent toward space opera, but also because it established the teen-movie genre, sometimes for better -- e.g., Richard Linklater's Dazed and Confused (1993) -- but more often for worse -- e.g., the Bob Clark Porky's movies (1981, 1983) and even the dud sequel More American Graffiti (Bill Norton, 1979).

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Happy as Lazzaro (Alice Rohrwacher, 2018)

Luca Chikovani and Adriano Tardiolo in Happy as Lazzaro
Lazzaro: Adriano Tardiolo
Antonio as a girl: Agnese Graziani
Tancredi as a boy: Luca Chikovani
Antonia as an adult: Alba Rohrwacher
Ultimo: Sergi López
Nicola: Natalino Basso
Tancredi as an adult: Tommaso Ragno
Marchesa Alfonsina De Luna: Nicoletta Braschi

Director: Alice Rohrwacher
Screenplay: Alice Rohrwacher
Cinematography: Hélène Louvart
Production design: Emita Frigato
Film editing: Nelly Quettier

The title character of Alice Rohrwacher's Happy as Lazzaro is the perfect embodiment of the Holy Fool archetype, the naïf whose steady detachment from what "normal" people call reality provides a corrective influence on an increasingly haywire and self-obsessed society. Lazzaro begins as a worker on a hellish tobacco plantation somewhere in the heart of Italy, run by a marchesa whose sharecroppers are little more than slaves, kept in poverty and ignorance. But Lazzaro is happy, doing his part to help out everyone without complaint. And his happiness infects the surly son of the marchesa, Tancredi, who is bored and alienated, so that he enlists Lazzaro's help to fake his own kidnapping, while hiding out on a remote corner of the estate that Lazzaro shows him. Tancredi's ruse leads the police to investigate and to uncover the marchesa's illegal operation, shutting down the plantation and rescuing the workers from their enslavement. But in the midst of this upheaval, Lazzaro's part in the story takes a sharp and magical turn, as time passes and the scene shifts from rural exploitation to urban anomie. I'm not one for avoiding "spoilers," but the richness of discovery is part of this film's remarkable essence. Things happen that couldn't really happen, but even within the context of a brutal portrait of the real world they feel exactly right. Rohrwacher deftly avoids a descent into romantic primitivism while bringing to light some harsh truths about the world we have made for ourselves. In the end, we are led to contemplate the nature of happiness itself.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

First Reformed (Paul Schrader, 2017)

Ethan Hawke in First Reformed
Toller: Ethan Hawke
Mary: Amanda Seyfried
Jeffers: Cedric the Entertainer
Esther: Victoria Hill
Michael: Philip Ettinger
Balq: Michael Gaston

Director: Paul Schrader
Screenplay: Paul Schrader
Cinematography: Alexander Dynan
Production design: Grace Yun
Film editing: Benjamin Rodriguez Jr.
Music: Brian Williams

"Derivative" is a much-overused word in film criticism: Everything comes from something else, and even the film praised as "original" is eventually going to reveal its sources. So it's not a knock on Paul Schrader's First Reformed that it feels so strongly influenced by the directors Schrader wrote about in his book Transcendental Style in Film: Yasujiro Ozu, Robert Bresson, and Carl Theodor Dreyer. What directors haven't been influenced by them, or at least had to acknowledge that the intensity and commitment of their work suffers in comparison? The resemblance to Ozu's work is purely stylistic in First Reformed: a spareness and stillness of image, sometimes even a sense of claustrophobia in Schrader's determined use of the so-called "Academy ratio," the 1:37:1 frame familiar to us from movies made before widescreen technique became common to moviemaking. A more direct borrowing comes from Bresson's Diary of a Country Priest (1951) whose title character has intestinal torments that are reflected in those of Schrader's upstate New York priest, Toller. And the spectrum of religious faith, from non-belief to obsession, exhibited by Schrader's characters is found among the characters of Dreyer's Ordet (1955). But the film that seems to have most directly influenced Schrader is Ingmar Bergman's Winter Light (1963), whose ailing, doubt-ridden pastor finds himself unable to prevent a troubled member of his congregation from committing suicide. There are times when Schrader's cinematographer, Alexander Dynan, even seems to be copying the setups of Bergman's, Sven Nykvist: Both, for example, give us views of the preachers facing out upon chilly, nearly empty sanctuaries, backed up by the emblems of the faith they barely cling to. If anything, Schrader's film is a kind of updated version of Winter Light; in First Reformed the existential dread of the times is no longer annihilation by nuclear warfare but instead the uncertainly looming cataclysm of climate change. Schrader of course goes beyond mere time-shifting: Ethan Hawke's Toller is not just a latter-day version of Gunnar Björnstrand's Tomas Ericsson, but a contemporary man with contemporary problems like dealing with the clammy hold that corporate capitalism has on his church, in the form of Michael Gaston's Balq and the toadying Jeffers, the preacher for a "prosperity Gospel"-style megachurch, surprisingly played by Cedric the Entertainer. And Toller finds ways to console the widow of the man who commits suicide that might have shocked Ericsson. This is the point at which derivativeness becomes a virtue in Schrader's film, when we can superimpose Bergman's vision of faith onto our own, more than half a century later. There are moments when Schrader's film seems to miss the mark and slip over into mere thriller-movie melodrama, particularly the introduction of ecoterrorism in the form of a suicide vest, so that we miss the maturity with which filmmakers like Bergman and Bresson and Dreyer resolved their characters' spiritual crises. But Hawke, in a performance that is more assured and sensitive than any I've seen him give, holds the film together admirably. 

Friday, December 14, 2018

Intruder in the Dust (Clarence Brown, 1949)

Juano Hernandez and David Brian in Intruder in the Dust
Gavin Stevens: David Brian
Chick Mallison: Claude Jarman Jr.
Lucas Beauchamp: Juano Hernandez
Nub Gowrie; Porter Hall
Miss Eunice Habersham: Elizabeth Patterson
Crawford Gowrie: Charles Kemper
Sheriff Hampton: Will Geer
Vinson Gowrie: David Clarke
Aleck: Elzie Emanuel

Director: Clarence Brown
Screenplay: Ben Maddow
Based on a novel by William Faulkner
Cinematography: Robert Surtees
Art direction: Randall Duell
Film editing: Robert Kern
Music: Adolph Deutsch

Clarence Brown's Intruder in the Dust is the film that awakened me to a lifelong obsession with movies and how they're made. I was not yet 9 years old when the MGM film crew came to Oxford, Mississippi, where I was born and grew up, but I hung around the making of it as much as school and my parents would allow. The filming was an unprecedented event in the town, which had more or less taken for granted that one of its residents was a well-known author but also something of an eccentric. The call went out for extras, and my grandfather signed up. I can still spot him in the opening scenes in which the sheriff's car bringing Lucas Beauchamp to jail enters the town square and passes the Confederate monument in front of the county courthouse. He's one of the men standing there who turn and watch the car go by, a small man with a hat and pipe, wearing khaki trousers. The film also had its world premiere in Oxford in October 1949, at the Lyric Theater, one of the town's two movie houses, an event almost as memorable as the actual filming, partly because the shabby old theater, a converted livery stable, had been dolled up with fresh paint and glittery posters, and an actual spotlight scanned the sky in front of the theater. I must have seen the film there a few days later -- my parents were regular moviegoers and usually took me with them -- but it wasn't until it turned up on television many years later that I was able to assess it as a film, and to realize with pleasure that it's a very fine one indeed. Actually, I think it's better than the William Faulkner novel on which it's based. Critics have complained about the prolix self-righteousness of Gavin Stevens's speeches, but they're mercifully kept to a minimum in the film whereas they go on for pages in the book. The chief flaw of both film and book may be that neither Faulkner nor screenwriter Ben Maddow could decide whether they wanted a whodunit wrapped in a fable about racism, or a story about racism that incidentally contains a murder mystery. I think the film is partly rescued from this problem by Robert Surtees's mastery of black-and-white cinematography, which brings a film noir quality to the movie, especially in the scenes shot in the old Lafayette County Jail, where a single bare light bulb often apparently lights the shabby surroundings. And while the midnight digging up of Vinson Gowrie's grave by two teenagers and an elderly woman is one of the more improbable twists of the plot, Surtees's camera and lighting give at least an illusion of plausibility while also evoking horror movie chills. (One thing I particularly like about this scene is that Aleck, the black teenager played by Elzie Emanuel, isn't put through the usual degrading movie jokes about blacks afraid of graveyards. He goes along with the plan gamely, but also gets a good laugh line later when the sheriff asks Chick and Aleck what they would have done if there had been a body in the grave. "I hadn't thought about it," Chick says, probably lying to brave it out. "Uh, I did," Aleck says, quite sensibly.) The film works, too, because it's a movie without stars, therefore without the baggage of familiar personae that established movie actors bring to roles. David Brian is the nominal lead, but this was his first year in movies, so his relative unfamiliarity prevents him from overshadowing the film's real star, Juano Hernandez as the stubborn, proud Lucas Beauchamp, a brilliant performance that deserved one of the several Oscar nominations that the film failed to get. Claude Jarman Jr. had made his debut at the age of 12 as Jody in Brown's The Yearling (1946), for which he won the special Oscar once designated for juvenile actors, but like Brian, he never became a big star. The film is really carried by two stellar character players, Porter Hall as Nub Gowrie and Elizabeth Patterson as Miss Habersham, and, I think, by the citizens of Oxford and Lafayette County rounded up for the crowd scenes and a few incidental small roles. It's a film of control and texture that deserves to be better known than it seems to be.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Captain Fantastic (Matt Ross, 2016)

Viggo Mortensen in Captain Fantastic
Ben: Viggo Mortensen
Bodevan: George MacKay
Kielyr: Samanta Isler
Vespyr: Annalise Basso
Rellian: Nicholas Hamilton
Zaja: Shree Crooks
Nai: Charlie Shotwell
Harper: Kathryn Hahn
Dave: Steve Zahn
Jack: Frank Langella
Abigail: Ann Dowd
Leslie: Trin Miller

Director: Matt Ross
Screenplay: Matt Ross
Cinematography: Stéphane Fontaine
Production design: Russell Barnes
Film editing: Joseph Krings
Music: Alex Somers

From Woodstock to Mar-a-Lago, the terminus a quo and terminus ad quem of the Baby Boom generation. Or, as Matt Ross's Captain Fantastic would have it, from an off-the-grid cabin in the mountains to an opulent mansion beside a golf course. That, anyway, is how the film symbolizes the spiritual schism of the late 20th and early 21st century. It's a schism that manifests itself in the bipolar disorder of Leslie Cash, whom we see only in the visions of her husband, Ben, and in her casket. Anchored by yet another fine performance by Viggo Mortensen as Ben, the film risks becoming over-formulaic, especially in the big confrontation scene in which Ben pits his world view against that of Leslie's father at her funeral. The father is played by Frank Langella, who is an actor skilled at taking potentially one-note roles and adding the appoggiaturas they need to become interesting, so that even when world views collide in Captain Fantastic, we're not left to pick mere feel-good leftism out of the rubble. Ben and Leslie have tried to raise their six children uncontaminated by corporate capitalism, but the effort seems to have been too much for her -- after a breakdown, she is hospitalized and Ben carries on without her until her suicide forces him to take the precocious, home-schooled kids out into the world they never made. Ben can't resist showing them off, of course. At his sister's house he queries his teenage nephews about the Bill of Rights: The younger one thinks it has to do with what people are asked to pay for stuff, and the older knows vaguely that it has something to do with the government. So Ben marches out 8-year-old Zaja, who first starts by quoting it and is then prompted to articulate its significance, which she does superbly. But such encounters only emphasize how unprepared the kids are for anything but their own closed society. They may know the mechanics of sexuality, for example, but as the oldest son, Bodevan, discovers when he encounters a hot-to-trot teenage girl in a trailer park, they're unprepared for the real-world applications. There is, of course, no easy resolution for this culture clash, and Ross is forced into an ending that feels forced and compromised. Still, the performances of Mortensen, Langella, Kathryn Hahn, Steve Zahn, Ann Dowd, and especially the young actors playing the Cash family, make Captain Fantastic work as well as it could have.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Day the Earth Stood Still (Robert Wise, 1951)

Lock Martin, Michael Rennie, and Patricia Neal in The Day the Earth Stood Still
Klaatu: Michael Rennie
Helen Benson: Patricia Neal
Tom Stevens: Hugh Marlowe
Prof. Jacob Barnhardt: Sam Jaffe
Bobby Benson: Billy Gray
Mrs. Barley: Frances Bavier
Gort: Lock Martin

Director: Robert Wise
Screenplay: Edmund H. North
Based on a story by Harry Bates
Cinematography: Leo Tover
Art direction: Addison Hehr, Lyle R. Wheeler
Film editing: William Reynolds
Music: Bernard Herrmann

It's a truism that the science-fiction movies of the 1950s are really about the Bomb, the nascent Cold War, communism, McCarthyism, and other social and political crises of the era. All of that is apparent in perhaps the most celebrated film of the genre -- though I prefer The Thing From Another World (Christian Nyby, 1951) -- Robert Wise's The Day the Earth Stood Still. It has the virtue of being a straightforward fable: A being from another world comes to Earth to warn us that our bellicosity threatens the existence of the planet itself. And naturally, the reaction to his arrival is one of hysteria. But what the film really seems to me to be about is the disappearance of religious faith, something it rather clumsily suggests by having the messenger take on Christlike attributes: i.e., he performs miracles, dies, and is resurrected. The movie seems to suggest that we need a community of belief to survive, and not the fractured dialectic that has taken the place of a universal creed. The denizens of the other planets who have sent Klaatu to warn Earth have decided that true peace depends on a community guarded by robot policemen, of which Gort is the film's representative. For those of us now contemplating the warnings that artificial intelligence could produce sentient machines capable of developing a simulacrum of life, self-maintenance and reproduction, and hence of evolving into beings that might dominate humanity, this vision of submission to squads of robocops is rather chilling. Still, though The Day the Earth Stood Still is rather naive in its trust in technology, it's a well-made and provocative film that shaped the consciousness of my own generation, even if all we took away from it was a magical phrase: Klaatu barada nikto.

And God Created Woman (Roger Vadim, 1956)

Marie Glory, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Christian Marquand, and Brigitte Bardot in And God Created Woman
Juliette Hardy: Brigitte Bardot
Eric Carradine: Curd Jürgens
Michel Tardieu: Jean-Louis Trintignant
Antoine Tardieu: Christian Marquand
Mme. Morin: Jane Marken
M. Vigier-Lefranc: Jean Tissier
Mme. Vigier-Lefranc: Jacqueline Ventura
Lucienne: Isabelle Cory
Mme. Tardieu: Marie Glory
Christian Tardieu: Georges Poujouly

Director: Roger Vadim
Screenplay: Roger Vadim, Raoul Lévy
Cinematography: Armand Thirard
Production design: Jean André
Film editing: Victoria Mercanton
Music: Paul Misraki

For an exploitation film, which is what Roger Vadim's And God Created Woman surely must be called, the director and his co-screenwriter, Raoul Lévy, certainly devote a lot of attention to crafting something of a plot and a smattering of characterization. But what the movie is really about is Brigitte Bardot's body, which upstages everything else, including a determined performance by the young Jean-Louis Trintignant, on the brink of a distinguished career. Trintignant struggles to make sense of the infatuated Michel, but there's not much written into the character beyond his status as the middle of three brothers, caught in a hormonal web. Bardot's Juliette is so obviously meant to mate with the virile oldest brother, Antoine, that the film seems to be marking time before the consummation of the obvious. And when that happens, there's little else for the story to do but either erupt in a violent fraternal conflict or trail off into unhappy uncertainty. It does a feint at the former before fizzing out into the latter, substituting an extended scene of Juliette flaunting her stuff for some musicians as the real climax. Bardot had genuine acting talent, as her work in Jean-Luc Godard's Contempt (1963) would reveal, but it was usually hidden beneath the other gifts that nature gave her, and Vadim did his worst to keep it hidden. Cinematographer Armand Thirard seems constrained by the aspect ratio of CinemaScope, frequently grouping his characters on one side of the screen while filling the rest with inessentials, like the staircase on the right side of the scene shown above, although he occasionally pulls off some interesting deep-focus compositions with this approach. Still his work on the film is probably most famous for a screen-wide shot of the nude Bardot that American censors slashed at ruthlessly.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

West Point (Edward Sedgwick, 1928)

William Haines and Joan Crawford in West Point
Brice Wayne: William Haines
Betty Channing: Joan Crawford
"Tex" McNeil: William Bakewell
Bob Sperry: Neil Neely
Bob Chase: Ralph Emerson
Football Captain Munson: Leon Kellar
Coach Towers: Raymond G. Moses

Director: Edward Sedgwick
Screenplay: Raymond L. Schrock, story; Joseph Farnham, titles
Cinematography: Ira H. Morgan
Film editing: Frank Sullivan

For a silent film, Edward Sedgwick's West Point is awfully talky, by which I mean that it's heavily laden with intertitles. That's because it's partly a romantic sitcom and partly a patriotic tribute to the values of the United States Military Academy, and it needs the titles to carry the gags and repartee as well as the flag-waving endorsements of honor and probity. William Haines plays Brice Wayne, an entitled but charming jerk, and the opening scenes in which he establishes both the arrogance and the charm of the character are chopped up by titles feeding us his jokes. A sample: Meeting a fellow cadet with a Jewish name, Wayne quips, "Oh, an Eskimo!" Fortunately, Haines is a fine comic player and overcomes both the title interruptions and the lame dialogue, especially when Wayne meets the female lead, Haines's frequent co-star Joan Crawford, who has matching comic skills. Crawford lets us know from the outset that Betty Channing sees through Wayne's jerkiness to the attractively vulnerable guy beneath. If West Point stuck more to the interplay between Wayne and Betty, it might have been a more enduring classic comedy, but when it ventures into the area of esprit de corps, after Wayne becomes a star on the Army football team and stumbles over his own arrogance and entitlement, the movie becomes a predictable Moral Lesson. Fortunately, the vintage footage shot at West Point is interesting enough to keep us going through the dull parts. William Bakewell is good as Wayne's friend Tex McNeil, a naïf who worships Wayne to a point that's suggestively homoerotic, given what we now know about Haines's sexual orientation.

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Coates Anne Wiazemsky Anne-Louise Lambert Anne-Marie Cotret Anne-Marie Jelinek Annemarie Düringer Annette Bening Annette Benson Annette Waldemant Annie Duperoux Annie Girardot Annik Morice Annika Tretow Annika Wedderkopp Anny Duperey Anny Ondra Anouk Aimée Ansel Elgort Anthea Sylbert Anthony Armstrong Anthony Asquith Anthony Dawson Anthony Dod Mantle Anthony Franciosa Anthony Gasparro Anthony Harvey Anthony Havelock-Allan Anthony Masters Anthony McCarten Anthony Mendleson Anthony Minghella Anthony Newley Anthony Perkins Anthony Quayle Anthony Quinn Anthony Rapp Anthony Ray Anthony Russo Anthony Shaffer Anthony Sharp Anthony Veiller Antoine Bourseiller Antoine Duhamel Antoine Malliarakis Antoine Vitez Anton Glanzelius Anton Grot Anton Karas Anton Walbrook Anton Yelchin Antonio Banderas Antonio Bravo Antonio Carlos Jobim Antonio Moreno Antony Gibbs Antxón Gómez Apichatpong Weerasethakul Apollon Uni Arcade Fire Archie Marshek Archie Mayo Ariane Mnouchkine Arik Leibovitch Arletty Armand Marco Armand Thirard Armando Bo Armando Brancia Armie Hammer Armin Meier Armin Mueller-Stahl Armughan Hassan Arno Frisch Arnold Korff Arnold Schwarzenegger Arpan Chowdhury Arseniy Tarkovsky Art Seid Art Smith Arthur Berthelet Arthur Bliss Arthur C. Clarke Arthur C. Miller Arthur Chesney Arthur E. Arling Arthur Edeson Arthur Freed Arthur Hilton Arthur Honegger Arthur Hoyt Arthur Hunnicutt Arthur Ibbetson Arthur Kennedy Arthur L. Todd Arthur Laurents Arthur Lonergan Arthur Macrae Arthur Max Arthur O'Connell Arthur Penn Arthur Rosson Arthur Stibolt Arthur Wimperis Artur Barcis Arvo Pärt Asa Butterfield Åsa Mossberg Asakazu Nakai Asako Suzuki Asghar Farhadi Ashoke Bose Asif Khan Assita Ouedraogo Astrid Henning-Jensen Astrid Holm Athene Seyler Atsuji Shibata Atsuko Kaku Atsuo Nakamura Atsushi Watanabe Aud Egede-Nissen Audrey Christie Audrey Hepburn Audrey Totter Augusta Ciolli Augusto Benedico Augustus Phillips Aurélia Petit Aurora Cornu Aurora Marion Aurore Clément Austin Pendleton Austin Stowell Ava Gardner Ave Ninchi Axel Düberg Axel Esbensen Ayako Iijima Ayako Wakao Ayelet Zurer Ayn Rand Azad Jafarian Baard Owe Babak Karimi Babek Ahmed Poor Bai Ying Balthazar Getty Banlop Lomnoi Bansi Chandragupta Barbara Baum Barbara Everest Barbara Harris Barbara Hershey Barbara Leigh-Hunt Barbara Loden Barbara McLean Barbara Nichols Barbara O'Neil Barbara Rush Barbara Stanwyck Barbara Sukowa Barbara Valentin Barbara West Barbet Schroeder Barbra Streisand Barney McGill Barry Alexander Brown Barry Fitzgerald Barry Foster Barry Gifford Barry Jenkins Barry Jones Barry Keoghan Barry Pepper Barry Robison Barry Shabaka Henley Barry Sonnenfeld Bartlett Cormack Barun Raha Basil Poledouris Basil Radford Basil Rathbone Basil Wrangell Bassel Ghandour Baz Luhrmann Beate Mainka-Jellinghaus Beatrice Dawson Beatrice Pearson Béatrice Romand Bebe Daniels Becky Gardiner Bedrich Batka Béla Balász Bela Lugosi Belinda Palmer Belle Bennett Ben Affleck Ben Carré Ben Carruthers Ben Chaplin Ben Daniels Ben Davis Ben F. Reynolds Ben Foster Ben Gazzara Ben Hecht Ben Johnson Ben Kingsley Ben Maddow Ben Mendelsohn Ben Roberts Ben Schnetzer Ben Stiller Ben van Os Ben Whishaw Bendt Rothe Benedict Cumberbatch Benedict Wong Bénédicte Delasalle Bengt Ekerot Benicio Del Toro Benjamin Frankel Benjamin Glazer Benjamin Rodriguez Jr. Benjamin Wallfisch Benjamin Winspear Benkei Shiganoya Benn W. Levy Benny Goodman Benoît Ferreux Benoît Magimel Benoit Marcoux Benoît Régent Bérénice Bejo Bermard Evein Bernadette Lafont Bernard Cribbins Bernard Evein Bernard Gérard Bernard Herrmann Bernard Herzbrun Bernard Knowles Bernard Lancret Bernard Lee Bernard Newman Bernard Noël Bernard Verley Bernard Zitzerman Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu Bernardo Ballester Bernardo Bertolucci Bernardo Saracino Bernat Vilaplana Bernd Eichinger Bernd Lepel Bernhard Goetzke Bernhard Kaun Bernhard Wicki Berry Kroeger Bert Bates Bert Glennon Bertil Guve Bertolt Brecht Bess Meredyth Bessie Love Betsy Blair Betsy Blankett Milicevic Bette Davis Betty Amann Betty Comden Betty Dodson Betty Field Betty Furness Betty Gabriel Betty Grable Betty Morrissey Betty Schneider Beulah Archuletta Beulah Bondi Bibi Andersson Bibi Lindström Bikram Bhattacharya Bill Bocket Bill Butler Bill Camp Bill Conti Bill Edwards Bill Hader Bill Heck Bill Lancaster Bill Malley Bill McKinney Bill Murray Bill Nighy Bill Paxton Bill Pope Bill Pullman Bill Thomas Bill Zuckert Billie Burke Billie Whitelaw Billy Bitzer Billy Bob Thornton Billy Chapin Billy Crudup Billy Gilbert Billy Gray Billy Kearns Billy Ray Cyrus Billy Weber Billy Wilder Billy Williams Bin Wang Birger Malmsten Birgit Linauer Birgit Nordin Birgitta Pettersson Birgitta Valberg Birgitte Federspiel Björn Andrésen Björn Bjelfenstam Blair Brown Blake Edwards Blake Jenner Blanche Sewell Blanchette Brunoy Blandine Jeanson Bo Goldman Bo Holten Bo Hopkins Bo-bae Han Bob Balaban Bob Ducsay Bob Dylan Bob Fosse Bob Hoskins Bob Murawski Bobby Cannavale Bobby Henrey Bodil Kjer Bodil Rosing Bodil Steensen-Leth Bogusław Linda Bohdan Czeszko Bokuzen Hidari Bonita Granville Bontaro Miake Borden Chase Boris Dvornik Boris Karloff Boris Kaufman Boris Leven Boris Lewin Boris Plotnikov Borys Lewin Bourvil Boyd Holbrook Brad Bird Brad Davis Brad Dourif Brad Fiedel Brad Pitt Bradford Young Bradley Cooper Bradley Whitford Brahim Hadjadj Bramwell Fletcher Brandon De Wilde Brandon Routh Brandon Trost Brasse Brännström Bratoljub Gligorijevic Bráulio Mantovani Brenda Blethyn Brenda de Banzie Brendan Gleeson Breno Mello Brent Briscoe Brian Aherne Brian Cox Brian De Palma Brian Donlevy Brian Easdale Brian Eatwell Brian Glover Brian Helgeland Brian Moore Brian O'Halloran Brian Williams Brid Brennan Bridget Boland Bridget Fonda Brie Larson Brigitta Valberg Brigitte Auber Brigitte Bardot Brigitte Helm Brigitte Lin Brigitte Mira Britt Robertson Broderick Crawford Bronislau Kaper Bronislava Nijinska Brooke Adams Brown Holmes Bruce Bennett Bruce Bohne Bruce Cabot Bruce Dern Bruce Lester Bruce Surtees Bruce Willis Brunella Bovo Bruno Barbey Bruno Delbonnel Bruno Frank Bruno Ganz Bruno Nuytten Bruno S. Bruno Zanin Bryan Forbes Bryan Langley Bryan Pringle Bryan Singer Bryce Dallas Howard Buck Henry Budd Schulberg Bunta Sugawara Burkhard Driest Burnett Guffey Burt Lancaster Burt Reynolds Burt Shevelove Busby Berkeley Buster Keaton Butterfly McQueen Byeong-il Kim Byron Barr Byron Haskin Byron Howard C. Wilfred Arnold C.V. France Caetano Veloso Calder Willingham Caleb Deschanel Caleb Landry Jones Cameron Crowe Cameron Diaz Camilla Hjelm Camilla Horn Camille Winbush Canada Lee Candy Clark Cara Seymour Carey Mulligan Carita Carl Anderson Carl Bidescombe Carl Brisson Carl Foreman Carl Harbaugh Carl Hoffmann Carl Jules Weyl Carl Koch Carl Mayer Carl Miller Carl Möhner Carl Otto Bartning Carl Pingitore Carl Struss Carl Theodor Dreyer Carl Zuckmayer Carla Colombo Carla Egerer Carlo Battisti Carlo Cabrini Carlo Di Palma Carlo Egidi Carlo Lizzani Carlo Montuori Carlo Rustichelli Carlo Simi Carlos Casaravilla Carlos Cuarón Carlos Saura Carlos Savage Carmel Myers Carmela Sazio Carmen Dillon Carmen Maura Carol Kane Carol Reed Carola Neher Carole Bouquet Carole Landis Carole Laure Carole Lombard Caroline Eliacheff Carolyn Conwell Carrie Fisher Carrie Henn Carroll Clark Carroll O'Connor Carter Burwell Cary Elwes Cary Grant Cary Guffey Casey Affleck Casey Robinson Castel Casti Catalina Sandino Moreno Cate Blanchett Catherine Deneuve Catherine Fonteney Catherine Keener Catherine Lutz Catherine Martin Catherine Sée Catherine Zeta-Lones Cathleen Cordell Cathleen Mann Cathy Downs Cathy Moriarty Cathy O'Donnell Cathy Tyson Cay Kristiansen Cecil B. DeMille Cecil Beaton Cecil Lewis Cecil Parker Cécile de France Cécile Decugis Cécile Guyon Cecilia Rivera Cecillia Stark Cedric Gibbons Cedric Hardwicke Cedric the Entertainer Celeste Holm Celia Johnson Celia Montalván Celia Weston César Charlone Cesar Romero Cesare Giulio Viola Cesare Zavattini Cha Dei-dang Chad Everett Chadwick Boseman Chan Man-lei Channing Pollock Channing Tatum Chantal Akerman Chantal Goya Charlene Holt Charles Aznavour Charles Bennett Charles Berling Charles Bickford Charles Blavette Charles Boyer Charles Brackett Charles Brinley Charles Bronson Charles Chaplin Charles Coburn Charles Correll Charles Crichton Charles D. Hall Charles Dance Charles Downs Charles Drake Charles Dullin Charles Durning Charles Granval Charles H. Clarke Charles K. French Charles Kemper Charles Kenyon Charles King Charles L. Bitsch Charles Lane Charles Lang Charles Laughton Charles Lawton Jr. Charles LeClainche Charles Lederer Charles MacArthur Charles Martin Charles Maxwell Charles McGraw Charles Murray Charles Nelson Charles O. Seessel Charles Paton Charles Randolph Charles Reisner Charles Rosen Charles Rosher Charles Ruggles Charles S. Dutton Charles Schnee Charles Spaak Charles Van Enger Charles Vanel Charles Winninger Charlie Kaufman Charlie Sheen Charlie Yeung Charlize Theron Charlotte Bruus Christensen Charlotte Gainsbourg Charlotte Munck Charlotte Rampling Charlotte Szlovak Charlton Heston Chasten Harmon Chazz Palminteri Chen Chang Chen Daoming Chester Conklin Chester Erskine Chet Atkins Chete Lara Chhabi Biswas Chia-Liang Liu Chiaki Kuriyama Chico Hamilton Chico Marx Chico Roland Chieko Baisho Chieko Higashiyama Chieko Matsubara Chieko Murata Chieko Nakakita Chieko Naniwa Chieko Schrader Chien-Lien Wu Chikage Awashima Chikako Hosokawa Chill Wills Chishu Ryu Chitose Kobayashi Chiwetel Ejiofor Chiyo Nobu Chiyo Ozaki Chiyoko Fumiya Chiyoo Umeda Chloë Grace Moretz Chloë Sevigny Chocho Miyako Choichiro Kawarasaki Chojuro Kawarasaki Choko Iida Chong-Sing Ho Chris Cooper Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth Chris Jones Chris L. Spellman Chris Lebenzon Chris McKenna Chris Miller Chris Pine Chris Pratt Chris Sarandon Chris Sparling Chris Weitz Christian Bale Christian Bérard Christian Berger Christian Berkel Christian Gaudin Christian Hohoff Christian Jul Christian Lacoste Christian Marquand Christian Matras Christian Nyby Christian Patey Christiane Maybach Christine Boissonn Christine Fabréga Christine Gerwig Christine Schuler Christoph Bantzer Christoph Kanter Christoph Waltz Christophe Beck Christopher Blauvelt Christopher Browne Christopher Doyle Christopher Eccleston Christopher Ford Christopher Fry Christopher Hampton Christopher Lloyd Christopher Markus Christopher McDonald Christopher McQuarrie Christopher Nolan Christopher Olsen Christopher Walken Christopher Yost Christos Stergioglou Chuan Wang Chuck Robertson Chuji Kinoshita Chun-hyeong Lim Chung-hoon Chung Chunibala Devi Ciarán Hinds Ciccio Ingrassia Cillian Murphy Cindy Williams Cinqué Lee CJ Jones Claire Atherton Claire Bloom Claire Danes Claire Drouot Claire Skinner Claire Trevor Claire Wauthion Claire Windsor Claire-Hope Ashitey Clara Beranger Clara Bow Clara Calamai Clara Schønfeld Clare Peploe Clarence Brown Clarence G. Badger Clarence Geldart Clarence Greene Clark Gable Clarke Peters Claude Autant-Lara Claude Beausoleil Claude Berri Claude Binyon Claude Chabrol Claude Dauphin Claude Jade Claude Jarman Jr. Claude Jutra Claude L. McDonnell Claude Laydu Claude Mann Claude Rains Claude Renoir Claudette Colbert Claudia Cardinale Claudine Bouché Claudine Merlin Claudine Soubrier Claudine West Claudio Brook Claus Clausen Clayton Szalpinski Clemence Dane Clémence Poésy Clemens Scheitz Clément Perron Cliff Edwards Cliff Green Cliff Martinez Cliff Robertson Clifford Odets Clifford Pember Clifton Webb Clifton Young Clint Eastwood Clint Mansell Clive Brook Clive Donner Clive Owen Cloris Leachman Clyde Bruckman Colby Parker Jr. Cole Porter Colette Marchand Colette Segal Colin Clive Colin Farrell Colin Firth Colin Morgan Colin Trevorrow Colleen Atwood Colleen Dewhurst Colleen Gray Colm Tóibín Con Conrad Conchata Ferrell Conchita Parodi Concordia Selander Connie Nielsen Conrad A. Nervig Conrad Veidt Constance Bennett Constance Collier Constance Talmadge Constance Towers Cora Witherspoon Corey Stoll Corinna Harfouch Corinne Griffith Corinne Kersten Corinne Marchand Cornel Wilde Cornelia Froboess Cornelia Köndgen Cory Hardricht Costa-Gavras Craig Armstrong Craig Gillespie Craig Kyle Craig Pearce Craig Wood Creighton Lindsay Crispin Glover Cristian Mungiu Curd Jürgens Curt Courant Cybill Shepherd Cyd Charisse Cyril Cusack Cyril Gely Cyril Hume Cyril J. Mockridge Cyril Ritchard Czenzi Ormonde Czeslaw Raniszewski D.M. Marshman Jr. D.W. Griffith Dafne Keen Dag Wirén Daisuke Kato Daisuke Ryo Daisy Ridley Dakota Johnson Dale Dickey Dale Fuller Dale Hennesy Dalton Trumbo Damián Szifrón Damien Chazelle Damon Lindelof Dan Duryea Dan Fogler Dan Gilroy Dan Hedaya Dan Hennah Dan Lebenthal Dan O'Bannon Dan O'Herlihy Dan Seymour Dana Andrews Danai Gurira Daniel A. Lomino Daniel Ades Daniel Auteuil Daniel Boulanger Daniel Ceccaldi Daniel Craig Daniel Crohem Daniel Day-Lewis Daniel F. Galouye Daniel Gélin Daniel Giménez Cacho Daniel Grao Daniel Henshall Daniel Kaluuya Daniel L. Fapp Daniel Lacambre Daniel Mandell Daniel Mercier Daniel Olbrychski Daniel Pearl Daniel Pommereulle Daniel Rezende Daniel Schmidt Daniel Taradash Daniela Silverio Danièle Delorme Danièle Lebrun Danièle Thompson Danielle Darrieux Daniil Khrabovitsky Danilo Donati Danko Ichikawa Danny Aiello Danny Boyle Danny Chung Danny DeVito Danny Glover Danny Green Danny Huston Danny Kaye Danny McBride Danny Rosen Danny Zeitlin Dante Ferretti Dany Robin Dar Salim Daria Halprin Dario Argento Darío Grandinetti Dario Marianelli Darius Khondji Dariusz Wolski Darlene Conley Darrell Silvera Darren Aronofsky Darryl F. Zanuck Daryl Hannah Dashiell Hammett Dave Bautista Dave Franco Dave Porter David Abel David Arata David Arkin David Armstrong David Axelrod David Bamber David Bennent David Birke David Bowie David Brian David Cronenberg David Fincher David Franzoni David Gamble David Giler David Gulpilil David Hemmings David Herman David Hertz David Kajganich David Klein David Kossoff David L. Snyder David Landau David Lang David Lean David Leland David Lynch David Mackenzie David Mendoza David Miller David Mitchell David Newhouse David Newman David Niven David O. Russell David O. Selznick David Opatoshu David Oyelowo David Pirner David Pokitillow David Raksin David Ray David Rennie David S. Goyer David Sibley David Strathairn David Thewlis David Villalpando David Vinitsky David Wasco David Webb Peoples David Weisbart David Yates Davis Boulton Dawid Ogrodnik Dean Cundey Dean Martin Dean Stockwell Dean Tavoularis Deanna Dezmari Debbie Berman Debbie Reynolds Deborah Kerr Deborah Moggach Del Negro Delbert Mann Dell Henderson Delmer Daves Delphine Seyrig Demián Bichir Den Obinata Denholm Elliott Denis Cannan Denis Kaufman Denis O'Dea Denis Sadier Denis Villeneuve Denise Batcheff Denise de Casabianca Denise Leblond Denise Natot Denjiro Okochi Dennis Gassner Dennis Haysbert Dennis Hopper Dennis Lynton Clark Dennis Price Dennis Quaid Dennis Sallas Dennis Virkler Dennis Weaver Denzel Washington Derek Van Lint Deric Washburn Derrick De Marney Desmond Dickinson Desmond Tester DeVallon Scott Dewey Martin DeWitt Bodeen Dhiren Ghosh Dhiresh Majumdar Dhritiman Chatterjee Diana Charnley Diana Dors Diana Wynyard Diane Baker Diane Keaton Diane Ladd Diane Lane Dianne Wiest Dick Hyman Dick Pope Dick Powell Dick Smith Didi Perego Diedrich Bader Diego Fabbri Diego Garcia Diego Luna Dietrich Lohmann Dimitri Dineff Dimitri Tiomkin Dion Beebe Dipankar Dey Dirk Bogarde Dirk Sanders Dirk Westervelt Dita Parlo Djibril Diop Mambéty Doane Harrison Dolly Wells Dolores Moran Domhnall Gleeson Dominic West Dominique Davray Dominique Maurin Dominique Minot Don Cheadle Don Dillaway Don Madrid Don McGlashan Don Siegel Donald Bevan Donald Calthrop Donald Crisp Donald E. Stewart Donald E. Westlake Donald Glover Donald MacBride Donald McAlpine Donald Meek Donald Moffat Donald O'Connor Donald Ogden Stewart Donald Sutherland Donald Wolfit Donatas Banionis Donn Cambern Donnie Yen Doona Bae Dora Bryan Dora Gregory Dorian Gray Doris Day Doris Dowling Doris Kunstmann Doris Nolan Doris Schade Dorothée Dorothy Comingore Dorothy Cumming Dorothy De Poliolo Dorothy Dwan Dorothy Farnum Dorothy Fields Dorothy Gish Dorothy Gulliver Dorothy Jordan Dorothy Malone Dorothy Parker Dorothy Sebastian Dorothy Spencer Dorothy Tutin Dörte Lyssewski Dots Johnson Doug Cooeyate Doug J. Meerdink Doug Jung Douglas Crise Douglas Fairbanks Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Douglas Kenney Douglas Rain Douglas Sirk Douglas Slocombe Douglas Stewart Douglas Trumbull Douglass Dumbrille Dragoljub Aleksic Dragoljub Ivkov Drew Barrymore Dudley Moore Dudley Nichols Duke Ellington Duke Johnson Dulal Dutta Dulfi Al-Jabouri Dusan Makavejev Dust Brothers Dustin Hoffman Dwight Ewell Dwight Frye Dwight Taylor Dyan Cannon Dylan Tichenor Dzhon Ter-Tatevosyan Dziga Vertov E. Lloyd Sheldon E. Mason Hopper E. McKnight Kauffer Earl R. Taylor Ebbe Rode Ed Harris Ed Skrein Ed Stoppard Eddie Anderson Eddie Bracken Eddie Constantine Eddie Ma Eddie Redmayne Eddie Shaw Eddra Gale Edgar Allan Woolf Edgar Bischoff Edgar Buchanan Edgar G. Ulmer Edgar Kennedy Edgar Nelson Edgar Norton Edgar Ramirez Edgar Selwyn Edgar Wright Edith Erastoff Edith Evans Edith Evanson Edith Head Edith Meller Edith Scob Edmond Ardisson Edmond O'Brien Edmond Richard Edmond Séchan Edmond T. Gréville Edmund Goulding Edmund Gwenn Edmund H. North Edmund Meisel Edmund Moeschke Edmund Trczinski Edna Best Edna Doré Edna May Oliver Edna Purviance Édouard Dermithe Eduard Artemev Eduard Tisse Eduardo Ciannelli Eduardo Noriega Edward Arnold Edward B. Jarvis Edward Bond Edward Brophy Edward Burns Edward Carrere Edward Chapman Edward Curtiss Edward Dmytryk Edward Earle Edward Everett Horton Edward F. Cline Edward Fielding Edward Fox Edward G. Robinson Edward J. Nugent Edward James Olmos Edward Knoblock Edward Lachman Edward Marshall Edward Norton Edward Richardson Edward Roland Edward Scaife Edward Sedgwick Edward T. McAvoy Edward Tang Edward Underdown Edward Van Sloan Edward Ward Edward Withers Edward Yang Edwin Greenwood Edwin Justus Mayer Eetu Rikamo Efthymis Filippou Egon Di Mateo Eigil Bryld Eiji Funakoshi Eiji Go Eiji Okada Eiji Ooi Eijiro Fujita Eijiro Hisaita Eijiro Tono Eiko Ishioka Eiko Matsuda Eiko Miyoshi Eiko Ohara Eileen Brennan Einar Axelsson Eitaro Ozawa Eitaro Shindo Eiza González Ejner Federspiel El Hedi ben Salem Elaine Jin Eleanor Boardman Eleanor McGeary Eleanor Rossi Drago Eleanore Griffin Elena Lyadova Elga Sorbas Elgin Lessley Eli Wallach Elia Kazan Elijah Wood Elina Labourdette Elinor Glyn Elinor Oliver Eliot Stannard Elisabeth Ferrier Elisha Cook Jr. Elizabeth Allan Elizabeth Bracco Elizabeth Chauvin Elizabeth Patterson Elizabeth Reinhardt Elizabeth Taylor Elizaveta Svilova Ella Raines Ellar Coltrane Ellen Barkin Ellen Burstyn Ellen Kuras Ellen Wong Ellie Bamber Elliot Davis Elliot Goldenthal Elliot Paul Elliot Scott Elliott Gould Elliott Reid Elmer Bernstein Elmer Rice Elmo Williams Élodie Bouchez Elsa Lanchester Elsa Leroy Elsa Martinelli Elsie Randolph Elyes Gabel Emeric Pressburger Emi Wada Emiko Azuma Emiko Yagumo Emil Belton Emil Hasler Emil Hass Christensen Emil Jannings Emil Newman Emile de Ruelle Émile Genevois Emile Kuri Emile Mathys Emile Meyer Emily Blunt Emily Browning Emily Watson Emita Frigato Emlyn Williams Emma Donoghue Emma Stone Emma Suárez Emma Thompson Emmanuel Lubezki Emmanuelle Béart Emmanuelle Riva Emory Cohen Ennio Flaiano Ennio Morricone Enrico Dieckmann Enrico Maria Salerno Enrico Tovaglieri Enrique Irazoqui Enrique Rambal Enzo Serafin Enzo Staiolo Enzo Tarascio Eom Aeng-ran Era Savalyeva Eraldo Da Roma Eran Kolirin Eric Blore Éric Chartier Eric De Kuyper Éric Demarsan Eric Godon Eric Hamm Eric Hatch Eric Heisserer Eric Kreikenmayer Eric Linden Eric Orbom Eric Pearson Éric Rohmer Erich Gühne Erich Kettelhut Erich Kollmar Erich von Stroheim Erich Wolfgang Korngold Erik Aaes Erik Nordgren Erik Rhodes Erika Christensen Erkki Pajala Erland Josephson Ermanno Olmi Ernest Archer Ernest Borgnine Ernest Dickerson Ernest Haller Ernest Irving Ernest Lehman Ernest Maupain Ernest Miller Ernest Thesiger Ernest Torrance Ernest Vajda Ernest Walter Ernesto Gómez Cruz Ernie Kovacs Erno Crisa Ernö Metzner Ernst Busch Ernst Fegté Ernst Lubitsch Ernst Pittschau Ernst Stern Ernst-Hugo Järegård Erol Tas Eros Pagni Erskine Sanford Erté Esko Nikkari Esme Percy Esmond Knight Essie Davis Estelle Taylor Esther Garcia Esther Garrel Esther Minciotti Eszter Balint Ethan Coen Ethan Hawke Ethel Barrymore Ettore Garofalo Ettore Lombardi Ettore Scola Eugène Cormon Eugene Loring Eugène Lourié Eugene Miller Eugene Pallette Eugenio Caballero Eva Dahlbeck Eva Kroll Eva Marie Saint Eva Mattes Eva Ras Evan A. Lottman Evan Hunter Evan Peters Evangeline Lilly Eve Arden Eve Southern Evelyn Del Rio Everett Sloane Evgeniy Chernyaev Evgeniy Urbanskiy Evgeniy Zharikov Ewa Krzyzewska Ewa Pokas Ewan McGregor Eyad Hourani F. Murray Abraham F. Scott Fitzgerald F.J. McCormick F.L. Green F.W. Murnau Fabien Ferreux Fabrice Aragno Fabrice Luchini Fabrizio Rongione Fang Song Fanny Ardant Fantine Harduin Farid Sajadi Hosseini Farley Granger Fay Bainter Fay Compton Fay Wray Faye Dunaway Faye Wong Federico Fellini Federico G. Larraya Fédote Bourgasoff Fele Martinez Felicity Jones Felix Bressart Felix Eitner Félix Murcia Feng Li Ferdinando Sarmi Ferdinando Scarfiotti Fergus McDonell Fernand Charpin Fernand Ledoux Fernand Mailly Fernando Meirelles Fernando Rey Fernando Velázquez Ferran Sánchez Filippa Franzén Finn Bernhoff Finn Wittrock Fiona Glascott Fionn Whitehead Flea Florelle Florence Carrez Florence Eldridge Florence Marly Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck Floyd Crosby Folco Lulli Folke Sundquist Folker Bohnet Folmar Blangsted Forest Whitaker Fortunio Bonanova Fosco Giachetti Fran Walsh Franca Pasut France Gallagher Frances Dee Frances Farmer Frances Fisher Frances Goodrich Frances Marion Frances McDormand Francesca Morigi Francesca Zucchelli Franchot Tone Francine Bergé Francis D. Lyon Francis Edward Faragoh Francis Ford Coppola Francis L. Sullivan Francis Lacassin Francis Lederer Francis Lyon Francis McDonald Francisco Rabal Francisco Sempere Franciszek Pieczka Franco Citti Franco Fabrizi Franco Ferrara Franco Interlenghi Franco Nero Franco Pilenga Franco Rossetti Franco Solinas Franco Zeffirelli François Audouy François Cluzet François Lafarge François Leterrier François Maistre François Margolin François Négret François Périer François Truffaut François-Renaud Labarthe Françoise Arnoul Françoise Bonnot Françoise Dorléac Françoise Fabian Françoise Javet Françoise Prévost Françoise Rosay Françoise Verley Frank Albertson Frank Alexander Frank Borzage Frank Butler Frank Cady Frank Campeau Frank Capra Frank Craven Frank Faylen Frank Ferguson Frank Giering Frank Joslyn Baum Frank Langella Frank Latimore Frank Launder Frank Lawton Frank Lloyd Frank Lovejoy Frank McHugh Frank Pettingell Frank S. Nugent Frank Sinatra Frank Skinner Frank Sullivan Frank Villard Frank Wedekind Franklin Pangborn Frantisek Pavlicek Frantisek Velecký Frantisek Vlácil Franz Planer Franz Rogowski Franz Waxman Franz-Otto Krüger Franziska Kinz Franziska Stömmer Fred A. Ritter Fred Astaire Fred Clark Fred De Gresac Fred Draper Fred Ebb Fred Gabourie Fred Harpman Fred MacMurray Fred Melamed Fred Niblo Fred Raskin Fred Savage Fred Ward Fred Zinnemann Freddie Bartholomew Freddie Francis Freddie Steele Freddie Young Frédéric Bodson Frederic C. Weiler Frederic Forrest Frédéric Gorny Frederic Raphael Frederick Elmes Frederick Knott Frederick Stafford Fredric March Fredrick Y. Smith Fridrikh Gorenshteyn Friedrich Hollaender Fritz Arno Wagner Fritz Feld Fritz Kortner Fritz Lang Fritz Müller-Scherz Fritz Rasp Fritz Wepper Fukumi Kuroda Fukuzo Koizumi Fumiko Katsuragi Fumio Hayasaka Fumio Okura Fumio Watanabe Furio Scarpelli Fusako Shuzui Fyodor Dobronravov G.W. Pabst Gabriel Axel Gabriel Byrne Gabriel Figueroa Gabriel Yared Gabriele Ferzetti Gabriele Pillon Gabriella Pescucci Gaby Morlay Gael García Bernal Gaël Morel Gaetano di Ventimiglia Gail Kane Gail Patrick Gailard Sartain Gal Gadot Gale Ann Hurd Gale Sondergaard Ganjiro Nakamura Gar Moore Gareth Edwards Garret Dillahunt Garry Marsh Garry McDonald Gary Busey Gary Cole Gary Cooper Gary Farmer Gary Graver Gary Merrill Gary Oldman Gary Roach Gary Whitta Gaspard Manesse Gaston Modot Gayne Rescher Gemma Jones Gena Rowlands Gene Bervoets Gene Darfler Gene Evans Gene Hackman Gene Havlick Gene Kelly Gene Lockhart Gene Milford Gene Raymond Gene Ruggiero Gene Tierney Gene Wilder Geneviève Dormann Geneviève Page Gennifer Goodwin Geoffrey Foot Geoffrey Horne Geoffrey Kirkland Geoffrey Rush Geoffrey Unsworth Georg Funkquist Georg Krause George Amy George Antheil George Axelrod George Bancroft George Barnes George Beranger George Bernard Shaw George Brent George C. Scott George Chakiris George Clooney George Costello George Cukor George Curzon George Delerue George Dzundza George Eagles George Fitzmaurice George Folsey Jr. George Froeschel George Gershwin George Harrison George J. Folsey George James Hopkins George Jenkins George Kennedy George Lucas George MacKay George Macready George Marion Jr. George Martin George Melford George Miller George Neville George O'Brien George Periolat George Raft George Reeves George S. Kaufman George Sanders George Segal George Sluizer George Stevens George Tabori George Tobias George Tokoro George Tomasini George W. Davis George W. Hill George Waggner George Walcott George Winslow George Wyner George Zuckerman Georges Alexander Georges Asselin Georges Auric Georges Bracher Georges D'Arnoux Georges Delerue Georges Flamant Georges Franju Georges K. Benda Georges Lacombe Georges Marchal Georges Patrix Georges Pellegrin Georges Périnal Georges Van Parys Georges Wakhévitch Georgi Kolganov Georgi Rerberg Gerald B. Greenberg Gerald Fried Gerald Hirschfeld Geraldine Chaplin Geraldine Fitzgerald Geraldine James Gérard Blain Gérard Brach Gerard Carbonara Gérard Depardieu Gérard Falconetti Gérard Hoffman Gérard Philipe Gerard Stembridge Gerardo Guerrieri Gerd von Bonin Gerda Maurus Germaine Artus German Lavrov Gerry Hambling Gerry Turpin Gertrud Fridh Geza Röhrig Gherardo Gherardi Ghislain Cloquet Gian Maria Volontè Giancarlo Esposito Giancarlo Giannini Giani Esposito Gianna Giachetti Gianni Di Venanzo Gianni Ferrio Gianni Polidori Gianni Puccini Gibson Gowland Gig Young Gil Birmingham Gilbert Roland Gilbert Taylor Gile Steele Giles Nuttgens Gilles Margaritis Gilles Taurand Gillo Pontecorvo Gina Lollobrigida Ginger Rogers Giorgio Bassani Giorgio Gaslini Giorgio Moroder Giorgos Foundas Giovanna Galletti Giovanni Fusco Giovanni Ribisi Gisashi Yamauchi Gitali Roy Gitt Magrini Gitta Malling Giulietta Masina Giuseppe Brignoli Giuseppe Caracciolo Giuseppe De Santis Giuseppe Ianigro Giuseppe Rotunno Giuseppe Ruzzolini Giuseppe Tornatore Gladys Cooper Gladys George Gladys Unger Glenda Farrell Glenda Jackson Glenn Anders Glenn Ford Glenys Jackson Gloria Grahame Gloria Henry Gloria Katz Gloria Swanson Gloria Talbott Glynis Angell Go Kato Godfrey Tearle Golshifteh Farahani Gong Li Googie Withers Gopa Aich Göran Lundquist Göran Strindberg Gordon Gerwig Gordon Harker Gordon McDonell Gordon Pinsent Gordon Wiles Gordon Willis Gore Vidal Gösta Ekman Gottfried Huppertz Gottfried John Grace Kelly Grace Reals Grace Yun Grady Sutton Graham Greene Grant Major Grant Whytock Grazyna Szapolowska Greer Garson Greg Crutwell Greg Wise Gregg Toland Grégoire Colin Gregory Gaye Gregory Jacobs Gregory La Cava Gregory Nava Gregory Peck Gregory Plotkin Gregory Ratoff Greig Fraser Greta Garbo Greta Gerwig Gretchen Mol Grigori Aleksandrov Grigoriy Chukhray Grigoriy Koltunov Grischa Groucho Marx Grover Jones Gudrun Ure Guillaume de Sax Guillermo Arriaga Guillermo Coronel Gunnar Björnstrand Gunnar Fischer Gunnar Hansen Gunnel Lindblom Günther Kaufmann Günther Krampf Günther Rittau Gus McNaughton Gus Van Sant Gustav Diessl Gustav Fröhlich Gustav Gründgens Gustav von Seyffertitz Gustav von Wangenheim Gustavo Santaolalla Gusti Kreissl Gustl Gstettenbaur Guy Bolton Guy Decomble Guy Green Guy Kibbee Guy Morgan Guylaine Schlumberger Gwen Eckhaus Gwyneth Paltrow Gyles Isham H. Kinley Martin H.B. Warner H.G. Wells H.M. Harwood Ha-kyun Shin Habib Shadah Hadewych Minis Hagar Wilde Hagop Arakelian Haj Ali Reza Ahmadi Hajime Izu Hajime Kaburaji Hajime Takaiwa Håkan Hagegård Hakki Haktan Hal Mohr Hal Pereira Hal Wallis Hal Young Halina Winiarska Hammou Graïa Han Chang Han Sang-gi Han Ying-jie Hang-ko Song Hanna Ralph Hanna Schygulla Hannah Beachler Hanno Pöschl Hanns Kräly Hanns Zischler Hans Alfredson Hans Christian Blech Hans Diehl Hans Dieter Trayer Hans Dreier Hans F. Koenekamp Hans Funck Hans Hirschmülller Hans Roemheld Hans Zimmer Hans-Joachim Möbis Hans-Martin Majewski Hansjörg Felmy Hany Abu-Assad Haradhan Bannerjee Harald Schwenzen Hardy Krüger Haren Chatterjee Hari Rhodes Hark Bohm Harold Conway Harold D. Schuster Harold F. Kress Harold J. Stone Harold Lloyd Harold Manning Harold McCord Harold McLernon Harold Perrineau Harold Ramis Harold Rosson Harold Russell Harold Warrender Harpo Marx Harriet Andersson Harriet Frank Jr. Harriet Hilliard Harriet Hoctor Harriet Medin Harriet Walter Harrison Ford Harry Baer Harry Baur Harry Beaumont Harry Carey Harry Chandlee Harry Dean Stanton Harry Feist Harry Gerstad Harry Horner Harry Houdini Harry J. Wild Harry Lange Harry Nilsson Harry Oliver Harry Ruskin Harry Shannon Harry Stradling Sr. Harry Tugend Harry W. Gerstad Harry Warren Haruhiko Oyabu Haruko Sugimura Harumi Ibe Haruyasu Kurosawa Harve Presnell Harvey Keitel Harvey Lembeck Haskell Wexler Hassan Farazmand Hasse Ekman Hattie McDaniel Hawk Ostby Hay Petrie Haydée Politoff Hayley McElhinney Heath Ledger Heather Angel Heather Sears Heather Thatcher Heather Tobias Hein Heckroth Heino Ferch Heinosuke Gosho Heinrich Graf Brühl Heinz Bennent Heinz Roemheld Helen Broderick Helen Haye Helen Hayes Helen Mack Helen McCrory Helen McSweeney Helen Mirren Helen Morgan Helen Vinson Helen Westley Helena Bonham Carter Helena Rojo Hélène de Fougerolles Hélène Louvart Helene Millard Helga Fedderson Helmut Griem Hendrik Malberg Hendrik Sartov Henning Bendtsen Henning Kristiansen Henning von Gierke Henny Noremark Henri Alekan Henri Cartier-Bresson Henri Crémieux Henri Decaë Henri Garcin Henri Guisol Henri Jeanson Henri La Barthe Henri Marquet Henri Nassiet Henri Rust Henri Serre Henri Vidal Henri-Georges Clouzot Henri-Jacques Huet Henry Bean Henry Braham Henry Brandon Henry Bumstead Henry Caine Henry Cronjager Henry Daniell Henry Fonda Henry Gibson Henry Gleditsch Henry Hathaway Henry Hull Henry Jackman Henry Jones Henry Kendall Henry King Henry Mancini Henry Myers Henry Silva Henry Skjaer Henry Stephenson Henry Thomas Henry Travers Henry Vars Henry W. Gerrard Henryk Górecki Herb Magidson Herbert "Cowboy" Coward Herbert Brenon Herbert Grevenius Herbert J. Biberman Herbert Lom Herbert Marshall Herbert Mundin Herbert Ross (actor) Herbert Ross (director) Herbert Steinmetz Herbert Stothart Herman J. Mankiewicz Herman Rosse Herman Shumlin Hermann Oberth Hermann Thimig Hermann Warm Hermes Pan Hermione Baddeley Hermione Gingold Hideaki Nitani Hideichi Nagahara Hideji Otaki Hideki Takahashi Hideko Takamine Hideo Horie Hideo Ito Hideo Matsuyama Hideo Oguni Hideo Shigehara Hideo Sugawara Hikaru Hayashi Hilda Borgström Hilla Sarjon Hilmar Thate Hilyard M. Brown Hinano Yoshikawa Hippolyte Girardot Hirohide Abe Hiroki Iwase Hiroko Futaba Hiroko Ito Hiroko Kawasaki Hiroko Machida Hiroko Shimizu Hiroko Sugita Hiromi Shiozawa Hiroshi Hayashi Hiroshi Inagaki Hiroshi Kawaguchi Hiroshi Koizuma Hiroshi Kusuda Hiroshi Mizutani Hiroshi Murai Hiroshi Nihon'yanagi Hiroshi Ozawa Hiroshi Segawa Hiroshi Suzuki Hiroshi Teshigahara Hiroshi Tokuda Hiroyuki Nagato Hisakazu Tsuji Hisako Yamane Hisao Enoki Hisao Ichikawa Hisao Yoshitani Hisashi Igawa Hisashi Sagara Hisashi Yamanouchi Hisato Osawa Hisatoshi Kai Hitome Nozoe Hitomi Kuroki Hizuro Takachiho Hoagy Carmichael Hohi Aoki Holger Münzer Holly Hunter Holt McCallany Homayoun Ershadi Hope Loring Horst Giese Horton Foote Hosei Kumatsu Hossain Sabzian Hossein Jafarian Hou Hsiao-Hsien Houseley Stevenson Howard Bretherton Howard Da Silva Howard Duff Howard Estabrook Howard Hawks Howard J. Green Howard Jackson Howard Koch Howard Lindsay Howard Shore Howard Vernon Howland Chamberlain Hoyte van Hoytema Hristos Passalis Hsiu-Chiung Chiang Hsu Feng Hua Hui-ying Hubert de Givenchy Hubert Koundé Hubert Osborne Hubert Selby Jr. Hugh Bennett Hugh Bonneville Hugh Grant Hugh Griffith Hugh Hurd Hugh Jackman Hugh Laurie Hugh Marlowe Hugh Reticker Hugh Walpole Hugh Wheeler Hugh Wynn Hughie Mack Hugo Butler Hugo Friedhofer Hugo Weaving Hui Kung Chang Hui-Ling Wang Hülya Koçygit Hume Cronyn Humphrey Bogart Humphrey Searle Hung Hung Hunter Carson Huy Vu Hwa-seong Jo Hye-jeong Kang Hylda Baker I.A.L. Diamond Ian Hendry Ian Hislop Ian Holm Ian Hunter Ian Keith Ian McKellen Ian McShane Ian Wolfe Ibrahima Boy Ichiro Miyagawa Ichiro Mizunuma Ichiro Saito Ichiro Sugai Ichiro Takada Ichiro Yuki Ida Lupino Idris Elba Iggy Pop Ignat Daniltsev Igor Luther Igor Ogurtsov Igor Slabnevich Ikuko Murakami Ikuma Dan Ilka Chase Imelda Staunton Inbal Weinberg Ineko Arima Inga Busch Inga Gill Ingetraud Hinze Ingmar Bergman Ingrid Bergman Ingrid Bisu Ingrid Caven Ingrid Thulin Inma Cuesta Innokentiy Smoktunovskiy Iosif Shpinel Ira Gershwin Ira H. Morgan Ira Wolfert Irene Dunne Irène Jacob Irene Kamp Irene Miracle Irene Papas Irene Rich Irene Sharaff Irene Vanbrugh Iris Churn Irm Hermann Irma Raush Irma Urrila Irvin Willat Irving Berlin Irving Cummings Irving Glassberg Irving Pichel Irving Rapper Irving Ravetch Isaac Schwarts Isaach De Bankolé Isabel Jeans Isabella Rossellini Isabelle Adjani Isabelle Huppert Isamu Kosugi Isamu Motoki Isao Kimura Isao Numasaki Isao Sasaki Isao Tamagawa Isao Yamagata Ishiro Honda Isla Fisher Ismail Merchant Ismet Soydan Isuzu Yamada Ivan Desny Ivan Goff Ivan Mozzhukhin Ivan Palúch Ivan Triesault Ivanka Vukasovic Ivica Vidovic Ivor Barnard Ivor Montagu Ivor Novello J. Carrol Naish J. Farrell MacDonald J. Grubb Alexander J. Lee Thompson J. McMillan Johnson J. Peverell Marley J. Russell Spencer J.A. Bayona J.C. Chandor J.E. Freeman J.J. Abrams J.K. Rowling J.K. Simmons J.M. Kerrigan J.T. Walsh Jacek Petrycki Jacir Eid Al-Hwietat Jack Benny Jack Black Jack Cardiff Jack Carson Jack Clayton Jack Cole Jack E. Cox Jack Elam Jack Fox Jack Harris Jack Hawkins Jack Hildyard Jack Holt Jack Killifer Jack Kruschen Jack La Rue Jack Lemmon Jack Lowden Jack N. Green Jack Nicholson Jack Norton Jack Okey Jack Palance Jack Reynor Jack Whitney Jack Wilson Jackie Chan Jackie Curtis Jacob Koskoff Jacob Loeb Jacob Tremblay Jacopo Quadri Jacqueline Audry Jacqueline Bisset Jacqueline Chauvaud Jacqueline Durran Jacqueline Logan Jacqueline Sadoul Jacques Becker Jacques Berlioz Jacques Champreux Jacques Companéez Jacques Demy Jacques Duguied Jacques Emmanuel Jacques Ertaud Jacques Feyder Jacques Gagnon Jacques Harden Jacques Jouanneau Jacques Lagrange Jacques Levert Jacques Marin Jacques Mercanton Jacques Natanson Jacques Perrin Jacques Prévert Jacques Rémy Jacques Rivette Jacques Saulnier Jacques Spiesser Jacques Tati Jacques Tourneur Jacques Viot Jada Pinkett Smith Jade Healy Jae-sun Lee Jagoda Kaloper Jaime Comas Gil Jaime Sánchez Jaimz Woolvett Jake Gyllenhaal Jake Lacy Jake McDorman James Agee James Ashmore Creelman James Basevi James Best James Bridie James Caan James Cagney James Cameron James Chinlund James Coburn James Corden James Dean James Dickey James Edwards James Fleet James Franco James Gandolfini James Gleason James Glennon James Gregory James Gunn James Haygood James Hilton James Horner James Ivory James Kevin McGuinness James L. Berkey James Lapine James Laxton James Le Gros James Mangold James Marcus James Mason James McAteer James McAvoy James McTeigue James Murray James Newton Howard James R. Webb James Rebhorn James Schamus James Seymour James Sikking James Spader James Stephenson James Stewart James Van Trees James Wan James Whale James Wong Howe Jamie Foxx Jamie Leonard Jamie Selkirk Jan D'Alquen Jan de Bont Jan Decorte Jan George Jan Malmsjö Jan Procházka Jan Roelfs Jan Sterling Jane Ann Stewart Jane Campion Jane Darwell Jane Fonda Jane Horrocks Jane Loring Jane Marken Jane Murfin Jane Russell Jane Seitz Jane Winton Jane Wyatt Jane Wyman Janelle Monáe Janet Gaynor Janet Jones Gretzky Janet Leigh Janet Margolin Janez Vrhovec Janie Marèse Janine Verneau Janis Ian János Herskó Janusz Kaminski Janusz Paluszkiewicz Jany Holt Jared Bush Jared Harris Jared Leto Jarin Pengpanitch Jarinpatta Rueangram Jarl Kulle Jaruchai Imaran Jason Bateman Jason Fuchs Jason Hall Jason Lee Jason London Jason Mewes Jason Miller Jason Robards Jason Schwartzman Jason Watkins Jaume Martí Javier Aguirresarobe Javier Bardem Javier Cámara Jay C. Flippen Jay Cocks Jay Dratler Jay Presson Allen Jay Rabinowitz Jay Villiers Jaya Bhaduri Jayne Meadows Jean Acker Jean Adair Jean André Jean Anouilh Jean Arthur Jean Aurel Jean Aurenche Jean Bachelet Jean Bourgoin Jean Castanier Jean Cayrol Jean Cocteau Jean d'Eaubonne Jean d'Yd Jean Danet Jean Darcante Jean Dasté Jean de Limur Jean Debucourt Jean Desailly Jean Dixon Jean Duceppe Jean Dujardin Jean Feyte Jean Forest Jean Gabin Jean Grémillon Jean Gruault Jean Hagen Jean Hamon Jean Harlow Jean Hersholt Jean Lenauer Jean Letort Jean Louis Jean Marais Jean Marchat Jean Marsan Jean Marsh Jean Martin Jean Martinelli Jean Mousselle Jean Narboni Jean Negulesco Jean Oser Jean Penzer Jean Peters Jean Poiret Jean Prodromidès Jean Rabasse Jean Rabier Jean Renoir Jean Rougeul Jean Rouverol Jean Servais Jean Simmons Jean Sorel Jean Tissier Jean Vigo Jean Vilar Jean Viminet Jean Wiener Jean Yanne Jean-Claude Brialy Jean-Claude Carrière Jean-Claude Drouot Jean-Claude Guilbert Jean-Claude Larrieu Jean-Claude Petit Jean-François Adam Jean-Hugues Anglade Jean-Jacques Fabre Jean-Jacques Grünewald Jean-Joel Barbier Jean-Louis Barrault Jean-Louis Richard Jean-Louis Trintignant Jean-Louis Valéro Jean-Louis Vialard Jean-Luc Godard Jean-Marc Barr Jean-Marc Bory Jean-Marie Robain Jean-Michel Meurice Jean-Paul Belmondo Jean-Paul Gaultier Jean-Paul Le Chanois Jean-Paul Rappeneau Jean-Philippe Lafont Jean-Pierre Aumont Jean-Pierre Cassel Jean-Pierre Dardenne Jean-Pierre Gorin Jean-Pierre Kalfon Jean-Pierre Léaud Jean-Pierre Melville Jeanette MacDonald Jeanette Nolan Jeanie Macpherson Jeanne Eagels Jeanne Lapoirie Jeanne Moreau Jed Kurzel Jeff Anderson Jeff Beck Jeff Bridges Jeff Corey Jeff Cronenweth Jeff Daniels Jeff Goldblum Jeff Grace Jeff Jensen Jeffrey Ford Jeffrey Hatcher Jeffrey Hunter Jemma Redgrave Jenette Goldstein Jenjira Pongpas Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Connelly Jennifer Jason Leigh Jennifer Jones Jennifer Kendal Jennifer Kent Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lopez Jennifer O'Neill Jenny Agutter Jenny Beavan Jenny Hélia Jérémie Renier Jeremy Blackman Jeremy Davies Jeremy Irons Jeremy Kay Jeremy Podeswa Jeremy Renner Jeri Sopanen Jerold Wells Jerome Cowan Jérôme Géronimi Jerome Kern Jerry Fielding Jerry Fujio Jerry Garcia Jerry Goldsmith Jerry Lewis Jerry Mathers Jerry Orbach Jerry Verno Jerzy Andrzejewski Jerzy Lipman Jerzy Nowak Jerzy Radziwilowicz Jerzy Skolimowsk Jerzy Stuhr Jerzy Wójcik Jess Gonchor Jesse Plemons Jessica Chastain Jessica Lange Jessica Tandy Jessie Ralph Jessie Royce Landis Jesús Bracho Jez Butterworth Ji-eun Lim Ji-tae Yu Jill Bilcock Jill Esmond Jim Backus Jim Bouton Jim Broadbent Jim Buckley Jim Carrey Jim Clark Jim Clay Jim Jarmusch Jim Morahan Jim Siedow Jim Taylor Jim Thompson Jim Uhls Jimmy Berliet Jimmy Campbell Jimmy Conlin Jimmy Hanley Jimmy Hunt Jimmy Napes Jin Yan Jingle Ma Jinpachi Nezu Jirí Stibr Jirina Bohdolová Jitsuko Yoshimura Jo Ann Brody Jo Swerling Jo-yun Hwang Joan Allen Joan Barry Joan Bennett Joan Blondell Joan Chandler Joan Crawford Joan Fontaine Joan Greenwood Joan Hackett Joan Harrison Joan Leslie Joan Lindsay Joan Plowright Joan Sobel Joan Standing Joanna Bruzdowicz Joanna Cassidy Joanna Orzeszkowska Joanne Dru Joanne Moore Jordan Joanne Schmidt Joaquin Phoenix Jocelyn Brando Jocelyn Joly Jodie Foster Joe Alves Joe Cornish Joe E. Brown Joe Manganiello Joe Mantell Joe Passarelli Joe Pesci Joe Robert Cole Joe Robinson Joe Russo Joe Shishido Joe Strummer Joe Walker Joe Wright Joel Coen Joël Comarlot Joel Cox Joel Edgerton Joel Grey Joel McCrea Joel McHale Joel Negron Joey Lauren Adams Jóhann Jóhannsson Johanna ter Steege Johannes Meyer John A. Alonzo John Alcott John Archer John Armstrong John Arnold John B. Goodman John Bailey John Balderston John Barry John Barrymore John Belushi John Bluthal John Boles John Boorman John Box John Boyega John Bright John Bryan John C. Reilly John Carney John Carpenter John Carradine John Carroll Lynch John Cassavetes John Cazale John Cho John Collier John Colton John Coquillon John Cromwell John Crowley John Cusack John D. Guthridge John Dall John Dankworth John Derek John Dighton John Dos Passos John Ekman John Emery John F. Seitz John F. Warren John Ford John Forsythe John Foxx John Francis Daley John Frankenheimer John Fraser John Frizzell John Garfield John Gavin John Getz John Gielgud John Gilbert John Gilbert (editor) John Goodman John Houseman John Howard John Howard Davies John Hughes John Hurt John Huston John Ireland John J. Campbell John J. Lloyd John J. Mescall John Joyce John Jympson John Kander John Knoll John L. Balderston John L. Russell John Landis John Laurie John Lee Mahin John Legend John Leguizamo John Leipold John Lennon John Litel John Lithgow John Loder John Lodge John Logan John Longden John Lund John Lurie John Madden John Mahoney John Malkovich John Marley John Mathieson John Matthews John McTiernan John Mead John Meehan John Mellon John Michael Hayes John Milius John Mills John Morris John Osborne John Paxton John Qualen John Refoua John Ridgely John S. Robertson John Savage John Schlesinger John Schuck John Seale John Slattery John St. Polis John Steinbeck John Stuart John Stumar John Sturges John T. Neville John Taverner John Toll John Tormey John Travolta John Turturro John Van Druten John Vernon John W. Wheeler John Wayne John Williams (actor) John Williams (composer) John Woodcock John Wright John Zorn Johnny Depp Johnny Mack Brown Johnny Mercer Joi McMillon Joji Ohara Joji Oka Joji Yuasa Jon Bernthal Jon Brion Jon Favreau Jon Finch Jon Gregory Jon Hamm Jon Polito Jon Voight Jon Watts Jonah Hill Jonathan Amos Jonathan Ashmore Jonathan Chang Jonathan Goldstein Jonathan Nolan Jonathan Rhys Meyers Jong Lin Jong-yong Lee Jordan Peele Jordan Prentice Jorge Ribero Jorge Semprún Jörgen Persson Jørgen Reenberg José Baviera José Ferrer José Giovanni José Isbert José Lewgoy José Luis Alcaine José Luis Colina José Luis de Villalonga José Luis López Vázquez José María de Cossío José Salcedo Josef Bierbichler Josef Illik Josef Kemr Josef Köstlinger Josef Rovensky Josef von Sternberg Joseph A. Valentine Joseph Anthony Joseph Calder Joseph Calleia Joseph Cotten Joseph Farnham Joseph Fiennes Joseph Gordon-Levitt Joseph H. August Joseph H. Lewis Joseph Henabery Joseph Kosma Joseph Krings Joseph L. Mankiewicz Joseph LaShelle Joseph Losey Joseph MacDonald Joseph N. Welch Joseph Pevney Joseph Ruttenberg Joseph Schildkraut Joseph Walker Josephine Hull Josephine Lovett Josephine Tey Josette Day Josh Appelbaum Josh Brolin Josh Cooley Josh Hutcherson Josh Singer Joshua Marston Joss Whedon Josseline Gaël Joyce Carey JP Miller Ju Jeung-nyeo Juan Antonio Bardem Juan Calvo Juan Carlos Remolina Juan Chacón Juan Fernández Juanita Moore Juano Hernandez Jude Law Judge Reinhold Judith Anderson Judith Magre Judy Davis Judy Greer Jukichi Uno Jules Berry Jules Dassin Jules Furthman Jules Kruger Julia Roberts Julian Beck Julian Rhind-Tutt Julian Sands Julian West Juliane Köhler Julianne Moore Julianne Nicholson Julie Andrews Julie Christie Julie Delpy Julie Gibson Julie Harris (actor) Julie Harris (costumer) Julie Kavner Julie Stefans Julien Bertheau Julien Carette Julien Duvivier Julieta Serrano Juliette Binoche Juliette Gréco Juliette Lewis Juliette Mayniel Julius J. Epstein Julius Jaenzon Jun Hamamura Jun Otomo Jun Toba Jun Usami Jun Yasumoto June Mathis June Tripp Jung-hwa Choe Junichi Osumi Junichiro Yamashita Junie Astor Junji Takada Junko Asana Junko Kano Junko Mihara Juno Temple Jürgen Jürges Jürgen Knieper Jüri Järvet Justin Hurwitz Justin Kurzel Justin Lin Justin Marks Justin Theroux Justin Timberlake Jutta Brückner Juzo Itami K.K. Barrett Kai-Chi Yuen Kamatari Fujiwara Kanaili Basu Kaneto Shindo Kanji Suganuma Kanjuro Arashi Kantee Anantagant Kanu Bannerjee Kaoru Morimoto Kaoru Yachigusa Karel Kachyna Karel Reisz Karen Black Karen Fergusson Karen Mok Karen Morley Karen Robson Kari Sylwan Karin Baal Karin Dor Karin Erskine Karin Kavli Karin Nellemose Karl Dane Karl Freund Karl Hajos Karl Júlíusson Karl Kamb Karl Malden Karl Meixner Karl Oswald Karl Otten Karl Scheydt Karl Struss Karl Urban Karl Vollbrecht Karl Vollmöller Karl-Wilhelm Vivier Karlheinz Böhm Karuna Bannerjee Kasey Rogers Katamari Fujiwara Kate Beckinsale Kate Hardie Kate Mara Kate Winslet Katharina Thalbach Katharine Hepburn Katharine Ross Katherine Cassavetes Katherine Emmet Katherine Kath Katherine Waterston Kathleen Byron Kathleen Ryan Kathryn Grant Kathryn Hahn Kathryn McGuire Kati Outinen Kátia Lund Katie Johnson Katie McGrath Katina Paxinou Katrin Cartlidge Katrin Schaake Katsuko Wakasugi Katsumi Yanagijima Katsuo Nakamura Katsuo Naruse Katy Jurado Kay Francis Kay Johnson Kay Thompson Kay Walsh Kayoko Honoo Kazu Otsuka Kazue Hirataka Kazue Nagatsuka Kazuhiko Chiba Kazuhiko Kato Kazuko Ojima Kazuo Hasegawa Kazuo Kitamura Kazuo Kubo Kazuo Miyagawa Kazuo Miyahara Kazuo Motohashi Kazuo Ota Kazuo Satsuya Kazuo Yamada Kazuo Yamasaki Kazuo Yamazaki Kazuo Yoshida Kazutoyo Mimasu Kazuya Kosaka Keegan-Michael Key Keenan Wynn Kei Kumai Kei Sato Kei Yamamoto Keiichi Uraoka Keiji Hasebe Keiji Sada Keiju Kobayashi Keiko Awaji Keiko Enami Keiko Harada Keiko Kishi Keiko Sagawa Keiko Tsushima Keinosuke Uekusa Keir Dullea Keir O'Donnell Keira Knightley Keisuke Kinoshita Keisuke Noro Keith Andes Keith Baxter Keith David Keith Winter Keizo Kawasaki Kelly Lee Kelly Preston Kelly Reichardt Kelly Thordsen Kemal Inci Ken Adam Ken Ogata Ken Richmond Ken Tanaka Ken Uehara Ken Watanabe Ken'ichi Enomoto Ken'ichi Hagiwara Kenichiro Hara Kenji Hagiwara Kenji Mizoguchi Kenji Oyama Kenji Susukida Kenneth Branagh Kenneth Higgins Kenneth Lonergan Kenneth Mars Kenneth Strickfaden Kenneth Tobey Kenneth V. Jones Kenout Peltier Kensaku Hara Kent Smith Kenta Fukasaku Kenzo Kawarasaki Kerry Fox Kevin Bacon Kevin Costner Kevin J. Wilson Kevin Lacz Kevin Smith Kevin Spacey Kevin Tent Kevin Thompson Khalifa Natour Kichiemon Nakamura Kichijiro Ueda Kieron Moore Kihachi Okamoto Kika Markham Kim Deok-jin Kim Hunter Kim Jin Kyu Kim Ki-young Kim Novak Kimihiko Nakamura Kiminobu Okumura Kin Sugai King Ampaw King Hu King Vidor Kinji Fukasaku Kinuyo Tanaka Kinzo Sakura Kinzo Shin Kippei Shina Kirk Douglas Kirsten Dunst Kisaku Ito Kiwako Taichi Kiyomi Kuroda Kiyoshi Awazu Kiyoshi Hasegawa Kiyoshi Nonomura Kiyoshi Tsuchiya Klaus Kinski Klaus Löwitsch Klaus Pohl Ko Mishima Ko Nakahira Ko Nishimura Ko Seon-ae Kobo Abe Kodi Smit-McPhee Kogo Noda Kohei Ezaki Kohei Sugiyama Koichi Inagaki Koichi Iwashita Koji Kaga Koji Mitsui Koji Nanbara Koji Numata Koji Shitara Koji Tsuruta Koji Uno Koji Yakusho Kojiro Kusanagi Kokuten Kodo Komaki Kurihara Kon Ichikawa Koreyoshi Kurahara Koshiro Matsumoto Kotaro Bando Kou Shibasaki Kozo Okazaki Krafft-Raschig Kris Kristofferson Kristen Stewart Kristen Wiig Kristin Rudrüd Kristin Scott Thomas Krystyna Rutkowska Krzysztof Kieslowski Krzysztof Knittel Krzysztof Komeda Krzysztov Krzeminski Krzysztov Piesiewicz Kubec Glasmon Kuei-Mei Yang Kunie Tanaka Kunihiko Hirai Kuniko Igawa Kuniko Miyake Kuntaro Kawarazaki Kuo-Chu Chang Kurt Gerron Kurt Kronenfeld Kurt Raab Kurt Russell Kurt Weill Kurtwood Smith Kurumi Yamabato Kutamari Fujiwara Kyle Chandler Kyle Gallner Kyle MacLachlan Kylli Köngäs Kyohei Morita Kyoko Heya Kyoko Kagawa Kyoko Kishida Kyoko Kusajima Kyomi Kuroda Kyozo Nagatsuka Kyu Sazanaka L. William O'Connell Labina Mitevska Ladislaus Vajda Lady Rowlands Lajos Biró Lalo Schifrin Lamar Trotti Lamberto Caimi Lamberto Maggiorani Lana Turner Lana Wachowski Lana Wood Lance Acord Lance Henriksen Lanny Joon Lara Wendel Laraine Day Larisa Shepitko Larry Brandenburg Larry Carroll Larry Ferguson Larry Gelbart Larry Karaszewski Larry McMurtry Larry Semon Larry Tucker Lars Eidinger Lars Ekborg Lars Hanson Lars Passgård Lars von Trier Lasse Fogelstrøm Lasse Hallström László Kovács László Nemes László Szabó Laura Dern Laura Harring Laura Hope Crews Laura Jones Laura Linney Laura San Giacomo Laura Vasiliu Laura Verlinden Lauren Bacall Laurence de Monaghan Laurence Fishburne Laurence G. Paull Laurence Harvey Laurence Hauben Laurence Olivier Laurence Stallings Laurent Lafitte Laurent Ott Laurent Terzieff Laurie Metcalf Lawrence Grant Lawrence Gray Lawrence Hazard Lawrence Kasdan Lawrence P. Williams Lazare Meerson Léa Drucker Léa Garcia Lea Massari Léa Seydoux Lee Chatametikool Lee Eun-shim Lee Garmes Lee Grant Lee J. Cobb Lee Marvin Lee Patrick Lee Remick Lee Smith Lee Tracy Lee Van Cleef Lee Yoo-ri Leem Lubany Leigh Brackett Leigh Whannell Leighton Lucas Leila Bennett Leila Hatami Lele Marchitelli Lelia Goldoni Léna Skerla Lennart Wallén Lennie Hayton Lennie Niehaus Lenny Abrahamson Lenore J. Coffee Leo Birinsky Leo Catozzo Leo G. Carroll Leo K. Kuter Léo Lania Leo McCarey Leo Tover Leon Ames Léon Arvel Léon Barsacq Leon Barsha Leon Bourrely Leon Erickson Leon Kellar Leon Lai Leon Lee Leon M. Lion Leon Shamroy Leonard Bernstein Leonard Gershe Leonard Nimoy Leonard Rosenman Leonard Schrader Leonard Whiting Leonardo DiCaprio Léonce-Henri Burel Leonid Dyachkov Leonid Naumov Léonide Massine Leonor Watling Leopoldine Konstantin Leopoldo Trieste LeRoy Stone Lesley Manville Lesley Sharp Lesley Walker Leslie Banks Leslie Cheung Leslie Howard Leslie Jones Lesser Samuels Lester Cohen Lew Ayres Lew Lipton Lewis Black Lewis MacDougall Lewis Meltzer Lewis Milestone Lewis Stone Lia Di Leo Lia Polito Liam Neeson Liev Schreiber Lil Dagover Lila Herman Lila Kedrova Liliana Gerace Liliane Princet Lilli Palmer Lillian Gish Lillian Hall-Davis Lillian Hellman Lillian Roth Lilo Pempeit Lily Gladstone Lily James Lily Larson-Lund Lina Gennari Lina Wertmüller Linda Blair Linda Darnell Linda Hamilton Lindsay Lohan Line Noro Lino Ventura Linus Sandgren Lionel Atwill Lionel Banks Lionel Barrymore Lionel Stander Lionel Villeneuve Lisa Gerrard Lisa Kreuzer Lisa Lundholm Lisa Spoonauer Lisa Yang Lisa Zeno Churgin Lise Delamare Lissi Alandh Liv Ullmann Livia Venturini Liza Minnelli Lizabeth Scott Lizzy Caplan Ljubica Nesic Lloyd Bacon Lloyd Bochner Lloyd Bridges Lloyd Gough Lochlann O'Mearáin Logan Marshall-Green Lois Smith Lois Weber Lol Crawley Loles León Lon Chaney Longyu Zhang Loredana Detto Lorelei Linklater Loren Dean Lorenzo Semple Jr. Loretta Devine Loretta Young Lori Martin Lorne Greene Lorraine Bracco Lotte Lenya Lou Castel Louis Calhern Louis D. Lighton Louis de Funès Louis Forbes Louis Garfinkle Louis Gauthier Louis Gruenberg Louis Hoffmann Louis Jourdan Louis Jouvet Louis Malle Louis Née Louis R. Loeffler Louis Soulanes Louis Stein Louis Wolheim Louise Beavers Louise Brooks Louise de Vilmorin Louise Dresser Louise Fazenda Louise Fletcher Louise Lasser Louise Latham Louisette Hautecoeur Lourdes de Oliveira Lowell Sherman Loyal Griggs Luana Anders Luc Dardenne Luc Roeg Luca Bigazzi Luca Chikovani Luca Guadagnino Lucas Hedges Luce Klein Luchino Visconti Lucia Bosé Lucia Pezzoli Luciana Arrighi Luciano Vincenzoni Lucien Ballard Lucien Carré Lucien Frégis Lucien Littlefield Lucile Watson Lucille Ball Lucille La Verne Lucy Butler Lucy Russell Ludovic Bource Ludwig Donath Ludwig Göransson Ludwig Reiber Luigi Ornagi Luis Alberni Luis Alcoriza Luis Argüello Luis Buñuel Luis Fernando de Igoa Luis García Berlanga Luiz Bonfá Lukasz Zal Luke Askew Luke Bracey Luke Grimes Luke Wilson Luminita Gheorghiu Lumsden Hare Luna Zimic Mijovic Lupe Ontiveros Lupino Lane Lupita Nyong'o Lydia Knott Lyle R. Wheeler Lyn Shaw Lyne Champagne Lynn Carlin Lyudmila Feyginova Lyudmila Polyakova Lyudmila Saveleva Lyudmila Tselikovskaya M. Emmet Walsh M. Safonova M.C. Gainey Mabel Julienne Scott Mabel Normand Macha Méril Machiko Kyo Mack Sennett Mack Swain MacKinlay Kantor Madalina Diana Ghenea Madeleine Carroll Madeleine Lebeau Madeleine Renaud Madeline Fontaine Madeline Kahn Madge Evans Madhabi Mukherjee Mads Mikkelsen Mads Riisom Mae Busch Mae Marsh Magali Noël Magaye Niang Magda Vásáryová Magdeleine Bérubet Maggie Cheung Maggie Gyllenhaal Maggie Q Maggie Smith Magnus Nordenhof Jønck Mahershala Ali Mahmoud Kalari Mai Zetterling Maj-Britt Nilsson Makenzie Vega Makoto Kobori Makoto Sono Maksim Munzuk Malcolm Keen Malcolm McDowell Malcolm McGregor Malgorsata Zabkowska Malvina Penne Mamata Shankar Mamoru Morita Mamoru Sasaki Man-Ming Tong Mandy Moore Mandy Patinkin Mandy Walker Mani Haghighi Mania Akbari Manoj Mitra Manos Hatzidakis Mantaro Ushio Manuel Komroff Manuel Seff Mara Revel Maral Bani Adam Marc Allegret Marc Barbé Marc Behm Marc Eyraud Marc Michel Marc Norman Marc Sorkin Marc Winocourt Marcel André Marcel Camus Marcel Carné Marcel Combes Marcel Courmes Marcel Dalio Marcel Fradetal Marcel Grignon Marcel Herrand Marcel L'Herbier Marcel Lévesque Marcel Lupovici Marcel Mirouze Marcel Ophüls Marcel Pagnol Marcel Vertès Marceline Day Marcella Rovena Marcella Rovere Marcelle Hainia Marcello Gatti Marcello Mastroianni Marcello Pagliero Marchioness of Queensberry Marcia Gay Harden Marcia Lucas Marco Bellocchio Marco Beltrami Marco Leonardi Marco Tulli Marcus Henderson Marcus Rowland Mardik Martin Marek Litewka Mareme Niang Maren Ade Marfa Lapkina Marg Helgenberger Marga Köhler Margaret Bowman Margaret Livingston Margaret Lockwood Margaret Nelson Margaret P. Levino Margaret Rutherford Margaret Sheridan Margaret Sixel Margaret Wycherly Margarete Schön Margarethe von Trotta Margaretta Scott Margarita Lozano Margarita Terekhova Margherita Caruso Margherita Maglione Margit Carlqvist Margit Carstensen Margo Lion Margot Robbie Marguerite De La Motte Marguerite Duras Marguerite Moreno Marguerite Renoir María Asquerino Maria Barranco Maria Casares Maria Caso Maria Djurkovic Maria Félix María Luisa García Maria Michi Maria Ouspenskaya Maria Pia Casilio Maria Schell Maria Zanoli Marian Ainslee Marian Marsh Mariangela Melato Marianne Hoppe Marianne Koch Maribel Verdú Marie Ault Marie Cardinal Marie Castro Marie Déa Marie Dressler Marie Laforêt Marie Lohr Marie Mansart Marie Rivière Marie Sabouret Marie Windsor Marie-Christine Barrault Marie-France Boyer Marie-France Pisier Marie-Hélène Estienne Marie-Sophie Dubus Mariel Hemingway Marietta Canty Mariette Hartley Marik Vos-Lundh Marika Green Mariko Kaga Mariko Okada Marilyn Bergman Marilyn Burns Marilyn Ghigliotti Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Nash Marin Ireland Marina Vlady Marino Masé Mario Adorf Mario Cabré Mario Chiari Mario Gallo Mario Majeroni Mario Nascimbene Mario Ravasco Mario Socrate Marion Cotillard Marion Davies Marion Jackson Marion Mack Marion Monnier Marisa Berenson Marissa Ribisi Marius Aicher Marius Goring Mariusz Dmochowski Mariya Timofeeva Marjorie Main Marjorie Rambeau Mark Bridges Mark Burns Mark Burton Mark Fergus Mark Frechette Mark Friedberg Mark Goldblatt Mark Hamill Mark Knopfler Mark Lee Ping-bin Mark Mallouk Mark Mothersbaugh Mark O'Brien Mark Pellegrino Mark Ruffalo Mark Rydell Mark Rylance Mark Sandrich Mark Tildesley Mark Waters Mark Williams Ardington Mark-Lee Kirk Marlene Dietrich Marlon Brando Marlon Wayans Marni Nixon Marpessa Dawn Marquard Bohm Marshall Brickman Marshall Neilan Märta Dorff Martha Mansfield Martha Raye Martha Stewart Martha Vickers Marthe Gottié Marthe Jarnias Martin Bergmann Martin Bodin Martin Childs Martin Gabel Martin Landau Martin LaSalle Martin Malina Martin McDonagh Martin Milner Martin Ritt Martin Schäfer Martin Scorsese Martin Sheen Martin Short Martin Stromberg Martin Walsh Martin Zandvliet Martina Gedeck Martine Carol Martita Hunt Marty Feldman Marvin Hamlisch Mary Anderson Mary Astor Mary Boland Mary C. McCall Jr. Mary Carr Mary Clare Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Mary Elizabeth Winstead Mary Jo Deschanel Mary Kay Place Mary Lynn Rajskub Mary Nash Mary Philips Mary Pickford Mary Tsoni Mary-Louise Parker Masahige Narusawa Masahiko Shimazu Masahiko Tsugawa Masahiro Shinoda Masaichi Nagata Masaki Kobayashi Masaki Tamura Masako Arisawa Masami Taura Masano Kawakane Masanobu Ando Masanori Tsujii Masao Adachi Masao Arata Masao Inoue Masao Kosugi Masao Kusakari Masao Mishima Masao Saito Masao Shimizu Masao Tamai Masao Tozuka Masao Yamazaki Masaru Baba Masaru Sato Masato Ide Masatomo Nakabayashi Masatoshi Nagase Masayoshi Ikeda Masayoshi Onuki Masayuki Mori Masayuki Yui Massimo Dallamano Massimo Girotti Masumi Okada Mateo Gil Matheus Nachtergaele Mathieu Kassovitz Mathilde Nielsen Matsunosuke Nozawa Matsutaro Kawaguchi Matt Bomer Matt Charman Matt Craven Matt Damon Matt Rager Matt Ross Matthew Broderick Matthew F. Leonetti Matthew Jensen Matthew Libatique Matthew Macfadyen Matthew McConaughey Matthew Schmidt Matthew Warchus Matthias Fuchs Matthias Habich Matthias Schoenaerts Matthieu Chabrol Matti Jaaranen Matti Pellonpää Mátyás Erdély Maude Fulton Maureen O'Hara Maureen O'Sullivan Maurice Beerbeck Maurice Chevalier Maurice Evans Maurice Jarre Maurice Jaubert Maurice Leroux Maurice McEndree Maurice Richlin Maurice Ronet Maurice Thiriet Maurice Tourneur Maurizio Costanzo Mauro Fiore Max Casella Max Dalban Max Douy Max Gronert Max Kolpé Max Ophuls Max Parker Max Rée Max Reinhardt Max Schreck Max Showalter Max Steiner Max von Sydow Maxime Fromiot Maximiliano Hernández Maxwell Anderson May Boley May Robson May Whitty Maya Rudolph Mayo Mayumi Ogawa Mayya Bulgakova Mbissine Thérèse Diop Me Me Lai Meat Loaf Meg LeFauve Megan Burns Mehdi Benoufa Mel Brooks Mel Ferrer Mel Gibson Melanie Lynskey Melchior Lengyel Melina Bernecker Melinda Dillon Melinda Kinnaman Melissa Leo Melora Walters Melville Cooper Melvyn Douglas Mercedes McCambridge Merian B. Schoedsack Merila Zare'i Merrill G. White Merritt B. Gerstad Mervyn LeRoy Meryl Streep Method Man Metin Erksan Mia Farrow Mica Levi Michael Abels Michael Aldridge Michael Arndt Michael B. Jordan Michael Bacall Michael Badalucco Michael Ballhaus Michael Biehn Michael Cacoyannis Michael Caine Michael Cera Michael Chandler Michael Chapman Michael Chekhov Michael Cimino Michael Coulter Michael Cuesta Michael Curtiz Michael D. Moore Michael Douglas Michael Elphick Michael Emerson Michael Fassbender Michael Galasso Michael Gambon Michael Gaston Michael Giacchino Michael Gordon Michael Green Michael H. Weber Michael Haneke Michael Harney Michael Herr Michael Hinz Michael Hogan Michael Hordern Michael Horton Michael J. Pollard Michael Kahn Michael Kamen Michael Keaton Michael Laurence Michael Lerner Michael Lesslie Michael Lonsdale Michael Madsen Michael Mansfeld Michael McCusker Michael Murphy Michael Nyman Michael P. Shawver Michael Palin Michael Peña Michael Powell Michael R. Miller Michael Redgrave Michael Rennie Michael Rohatyn Michael Rooker Michael Schiffer Michael Seresin Michael Seymour Michael Shannon Michael Small Michael Stuhlbarg Michael Tarn Michael Tucker Michael White Michael Wilding Michael Wilson Michael Wittenborn Michael York Michal Bajor Michal Tarkowski Micheál MacLiammóir Michel Auclair Michel Boisrond Michel Bouquet Michel Brault Michel de Broin Michel Gondry Michel Haznavicius Michel Kelber Michel Legrand Michel Piccoli Michel Serrault Michel Simon Michel Subor Michel Vitold Michelangelo Antonioni Michèle Baumgartner Michèle Boëhm Michele Carey Michèle Girardon Michèle Méritz Michèle Montel Michèle Moretti Michèle Morgan Michele Valley Micheline Chierel Micheline Rolla Michelle Jenner Michelle Pfeiffer Michelle Reis Michelle Rodriguez Michelle Williams Michiaki Watanabe Michinori Fukao Michio Takahashi Michiyo Aratama Michiyo Kogure Mick Audsley Mickey Brantford Mickey Curtis Mickey Sumner Mie Hama Mie Kitahara Mieko Harada Mieko Takamine Miguel Ángel Fuentes Miguel Asins Arbó Mijanou Bardot Mike Connors Mike Judge Mike Leigh Mike Mazurki Mike Moder Mike Morgan Mike Nichols Mikhail Bogdanov Mikhail Kalatozov Mikhail Kaufman Mikhail Krichman Mikhail Nazvanov Mikhail Papava Mikhail Romadin Mikhail Romm Miki Irie Mikijiro Hira Mikio Mori Mikio Naruse Mikis Theodorakis Mikkel Boe Følsgaard Miklós Rózsa Mila Parély Milcho Manchevski Mildred Dunnock Mildred Natwick Milena Canonero Milena Dravic Miles Malleson Miles Mander Milo O'Shea Milos Forman Milton Carruth Milton R. Krasner Min-sik Choi Mina Sadati Mindy Kaling Mingtang Lai Minna Gombell Minoru Chiaki Minoru Kanekatsu Minoru Miki Minoru Oki Minoru Takada Minoru Terada Minoru Yokoyama Minosuke Bando Mir Hossein Noori Mira Nair Mireille Balin Mireille Darc Mirella Ricciardi Miriam Cooper Miriam Hopkins Miriam Karlin Miriam Margolyes Mirna Girardi Miroslav Hájek Misa Uehara Misako Watanabe Mischa Auer Mitch Breit Mitch Epstein Mitchell Leisen Mitsuji Kanau Mitsuko Baisho Mitsuko Kusabue Mitsuko Mito Mitsuko Miura Mitsuko Yoshikawa Mitsuo Kataoka Mitsuo Nagata Mitsuzo Miyata Miyuki Kuwano Miyuki Yoshizawa Mohib Mirza Mohsen Makhmalbaf Moidele Bickel Moira Shearer Mojtaba Pirzadeh Molly Malene Stensgaard Momar Nar Sene Mona Freeman Mona Malm Mona Mårtenson Monica Potter Monica Vitti Monika Willi Monique Bonnot Monique Chaumette Monique Fardoulis Monique Lange Monique Messine Monta Bell Montagu Love Monte Blue Monte M. Katterjohn Montgomery Clift Morfydd Clark Morgan Freeman Moroni Olsen Morrie Ryskind Morris Carnovsky Mortimer Offner Moss Hart Motoji Kojima Moya Brady Mu-yeong Lee Muir Mathieson Muriel Angelus Muriel Smith Murray Head Murray Melvin Mutsuko Sakura Mutsuo Tanji Mutz Greenbaum Myrna Loy N. Anikina N. Martel-Dreyfus Nacio Herb Brown Nadezhda Markina Nadia Sibirskaïa Nadine Nortier Nadine Trintignant Nagisa Oshima Naji Abu Nowar Najwa Nimri Nan Leslie Nana Agyefi Kwame II Nana Patekar Nancy Godfrey Nancy Haigh Nancy Olson Nando Orfei Nane Germon Nantarat Swaddikul Naomi Watts Naomie Harris Naozumi Yamamoto Nastassja Kinski Nat Pendleton Nat Sanders Natacha Rambova Natalie Pascaud Natalie Portman Natalie Wood Natalya Bondarchuk Natalya Ryazantseva Natascha McElhone Natasha Abramova Nathalie Joyaut Nathalie Nattier Nathan Crowley Natthakarn Aphaiwonk Natto Wada Naunton Wayne Naveen Andrews Navid Negahban Nazario Gerardi Ned Beatty Ned Glass Ned Sparks Neel Sethi Neil Hamilton Neil Jordan Neil Neely Neil Paterson Neil Young Nelly Benedetti Nelly Quettier Nelson Gidding Nelson Riddle Néstor Almendros Niall MacGinnis Nicholas Britell Nicholas Hamilton Nicholas Hoult NIcholas Musuraca Nicholas Phipps Nicholas Pileggi Nicholas Ray Nick Cave Nick Hornby Nick Houy Nick Newman Nick Nolte Nick Park Nick Robinson Nicola Badalucco Nicolas Boukhrief Nicolas Cage Nicolás Giacabone Nicolas Hayer NIcolas Karakatsanis Nicolas Roeg Nicole Brenez Nicole Kidman Nicole Ladmiral Nicole Stéphane Nicoletta Braschi Niels Arestrup Niels Sejer Niels Vørsel Nien-Jien Wu Nigel Bruce Nigel Kneale Nigel Patrick Nijiko Kiyokawa Nikolai Kryukov Nikolai Plotnikov Nikolai Toporkoff Nikolaj Arcel Nikolas Roudakoff Nikolay Burlyaev Nikolay Cherkasov Nikolay Grinko Nikolay Sergeyev Nils Aréhn Nils Asther Nils Poppe Nils Svenwall Nina Dobrev Nina Pens Rode Nina van Pallandt Ninjin Kurabu Nino Baragli Nino Manfredi Nino Rota Nita Naldi Niven Busch Noah Baumbach Noah Beery Noah Beery Jr. Noah Huntley Noah Oppenheim Noah Wiseman Nobuhiko Obayashi Nobuko Fushimi Nobuko Matsuzono Nobuko Miyamoto Nobuko Otowa Nobuo Nakagawa Nobuo Nakamura Nobuo Tagaki Nobuo Yamada Noël Coward Noel Langley Noël Roquevert Nora Gregor Nora von Waldstätten Norah Baring Norbert Weisser Norihiko Hashida Noriko Arita Noriko Homma Noriko Kikuoki Noriko Maki Noriko Matsumoto Noriko Sengoko Norimichi Igawa Norma Shearer Norman Garwood Norman Gay Norman Jewison Norman Krasna Norman Lloyd Norman McKinnel Norman Reynolds Norman Rodway Norman Rossington Norman Wooland Norman Z. McLeod Notto Wada Nova Pilbeam Nu Nimsonboom Nunnally Johnson Nyla McCarthy O.E. Hasse Octavia Spencer Odette Talazac Odeya Rush Oh Young-Keun Oja Kodar Olav Riégo Oldrich Okác Oleg Mutu Oleg Yankovskiy Olga Barnet Olga Bellin Oliver H.P. Garrett Oliver Hardy Oliver Hirschbiegel Oliver Messel Oliver Platt Oliver Reed Oliver Scholl Oliver Stapleton Oliver Stone Oliver T. Marsh Olivette Thibault Olivia Colman Olivia de Havilland Olivia Hussey Olivia Wilde Olivia Williams Olivier Assayas Olivier Drouot Olivier Gourmet Olivier Massart Olivier Radot Olof Thunberg Olof Winnerstrand Olympia Dukakis Omar Brignoli Omar Kiam Omar Sharif Ona Lu Yenke Oran Schee Orane Demazis Oreste Biancolli Ornella Muti Orson Bean Orson Welles Orville Caldwell Osa Massen Osamu Kitayama Osamu Motoki Osamu Ogasawara Osamu Takizawa Oscar Beregi Sr. Oscar Faura Oscar Hammerstein II Oscar Isaac Oscar Levant Oscar Millard Oscar Potoker Oscar Rosander Oskar Belton Oskar Homolka Oskar Werner Ossie Davis Oswald Hafenrichter Oswald Morris Otello Martelli Otello Toso Otho Lovering Otto Heller Otto Hunte Otto Kruger Otto Meyer Otto Preminger Otto Sander Otto Wernicke Ousmane Sembene Ove Rud Ovila Légaré Owen Marks Owen Moore Owen Paterson Owen Roizman Owen Wilson P.A. Lundgren Pablo Larraín Paco Delgado Paddy Chayefsky Paddy Considine Palau Paloma Faith Pam Grier Pamela Reed Pandro S. Berman Pang Chang Yu Paola Guidi Paola Pitagora Paola Tedesco Paolo Bonicelli Paolo Sorrentino Paolo Stoppa Pâquerette Park Chan-wook Park Seok-in Pascal Greggory Pascal Lamorisse Pascal Laverrière Pasqualino De Santis Pat Heywood Pat Hingle Pat Murphy Patrice Chéreau Patrice Vermette Patricia Arquette Patricia Clarkson Patricia Mazuy Patricia Medina Patricia Neal Patricia Walters Patrick Barr Patrick Bauchau Patrick Bedford Patrick Blossier Patrick Dechesne Patrick Doyle Patrick Fischler Patrick Lepcynski Patrick Magee Patrick Ness Patrick Orth Patrick Stewart Patrick Wayne Patrick Wymark Patsy Kelly Patsy Ruth Miller Patty Jenkins Paul Amiot Paul Beauvais Paul Bernard Paul Bertrand Paul Bettany Paul Bonis Paul Bozzi Paul Crauchet Paul D. Zimmerman Paul Dano Paul Douglas Paul Dubov Paul Dullac Paul Dunlap Paul Fix Paul Ford Paul Francis Webster Paul Gégauff Paul Gerd Guderian Paul Guers Paul Guichard Paul H. Allen Paul Hébert Paul Heidemann Paul Henning Paul Henreid Paul Hittscher Paul Hörbiger Paul Hurst Paul Le Mat Paul Lukas Paul Machliss Paul Marquardt Paul McCartney Paul McGrath Paul Meurisse Paul Misraki Paul Muni Paul Newman Paul Norris Paul P. Perry Paul Paquay Paul Pavel Paul Porcasi Paul Reiser Paul Robeson Paul Rudd Paul Schrader Paul Sheriff Paul Simon Paul Sorvino Paul Soulignac Paul Stewart Paul Sylbert Paul Thomas Anderson Paul Tothill Paul Verhoeven Paul Walter Hauser Paul Wernick Paul Winfield Paula Patton Paula Prentiss Paulette Dubost Paulette Goddard Paulo Lins Pavel Lebeshev Pavla Polásková Pawel Pawlikowski Pea Fröhlich Pearl Argyle Pedro Almodóvar Pedro Armandáriz Peer Raben Peg Fenwick Peggy Ann Garner Peggy Ashcroft Peggy Cummins Pekka Laiho Penélope Cruz Penelope Gilliatt Peparuolo Pepita Orduna Pepon Sigler Per Anders Fogelström Per Berglund Per Sandholt Percival Mackey Percy Heath Percy Hilburn Percy Marmont Percy Waram Pernilla Allwin Perry Ferguson Petar Bergamo Pete Docter Pete Postlethwaite Peter Berling Peter Bogdanovich Peter Breck Peter Brook Peter Chatel Peter Cheung Peter Cook Peter Falk Peter Finch Peter Fonda Peter Gallagher Peter George Peter Grant Peter Greenaway Peter Handke Peter Hølmark Peter Jackson Peter Kern Peter Lamont Peter Lilienthal Peter Lorre Peter Malberg Peter Märthesheimer Peter Martin Lampel Peter Masterson Peter Nashel Peter O'Toole Peter Przygodda Peter Reynolds Peter Riegert Peter Sarsgaard Peter Scharff Peter Sellers Peter Simonischek Peter Stone Peter Stormare Peter Suschitzky Peter Tanner Peter Ustinov Peter van Eyck Peter Viertel Peter Weir Peter Wight Peter Zinner Peyman Moaadi Peyton Reed Pharrell Williams Phil Abramson Phil Brown Phil Davis Phil Johnston Phil Spector Philip Ahn Philip Baker Hall Philip Barry Philip Cahn Philip Dorn Philip Ettinger Philip G. Epstein Philip Glass Philip H. Lathrop Philip Jackson Philip Kaufman Philip MacDonald Philip Merivale Philip Messina Philip Moeller Philip Seymour Hoffman Philip Thomas Philippa Boyens Philippe Agostini Philippe Arthuis Philippe Asselin Philippe Beuzen Philippe Chiffre Philippe de Broca Philippe Dionnet Philippe Dumat Philippe Le Sourd Philippe Morier-Genoud Philippe Noiret Philippe Rousselot Phillip Terry Phoebe Cates Phoenix Phyllis Konstam Phyllis Nagy Phyllis Smith PIchan Muangduang Pier Emilio Bassi Pier Luigi Troglio Pier Paolo Pasolini Piéral Piero Gherardi Piero Tosi Piero Zuffi Pierre Aïm Pierre Aubert Pierre Barbaud Pierre Bismuth Pierre Boulle Pierre Brasseur Pierre Charbonnier Pierre Clémenti Pierre Collet Pierre Dux Pierre Étaix Pierre Fresnay Pierre Guffroy Pierre Klossowski Pierre Laroche Pierre Larquey Pierre Lhomme Pierre Renoir Pierre Véry Pierre-François Dumeniaud Pietro Germi Pietro Scalia Pilar Revuelta Pilou Asbæk Pina Bausch Pinaki Sengupta Pink Floyd Piotr Sobocinski Pîtâ Plasong Klimborron Pola Illéry Pola Negri Polly Bergen Polly Platt Pomeroy Cannon Popol Vuh Porter Hall Portia Doubleday Prabhat Kumar Mukherjee Prasenjit Sarkar Preben Lerdorff Rye Predrag Popovic Prescott Chaplin Preston Foster Preston Sturges Priscilla Bonner Priscilla Lane Promode Ganguly Pupella Maggio Purnendu Mukherjee Qigong Chen Quentin Tarantino Quinn Redeker R.C. Sheriff Ra Vincent Ra'na Azadivar Rabi Ghosh Rachel McAdams Rachel Morrison Rachel Portman Rachel Roberts Rachel Weisz Rade Serbedzija Radek Ladczuk Radha Burnier Radoslav Brzobohaty Raf Vallone Rafael Azcona Rafaela Ottiano Rafe Newhouse Raffey Cassidy Rafia Difai Raghuvir Yaday Ragnar Ulfung Raimu Rainer Klausmann Rainer Werner Fassbinder Raizo Ichikawa Ralph Bellamy Ralph Emerson Ralph Fiennes Ralph Kemplen Ralph Meeker Ralph Morgan Ralph Richardson Ralph Sipperly Ralph Spence Ralph W. Brinton Rama Guha Thakurta Ramón Agirre Ramon Novarro Ranald McDougal Randall Duell Randle Ayrton Randolph Scott Randy Quaid Ranko Hanai Raoul Coutard Raoul Lévy Raoul Walsh Raphael Fejtö Raquel Welch Rasa Popov Rasmane Ouedraogo Rasmus Heisterberg Rasmus Videbæk Raúl Lavista Ravi Shankar Ray Buffum Ray C. Smallwood Ray Collins Ray Enright Ray June Ray Liotta Ray Lovejoy Ray Milland Ray Monge Ray Moyer Ray Rennahan Ray Simm Ray Teal Ray Walston Raymond Bernard Raymond Burr Raymond Chandler Raymond G. Moses Raymond L. Schrock Raymond Lamy Raymond Massey Raymond Pellegrin Raymond Walburn Rebecca Ferguson Rebecca Lenkiewicz Rebecca Miller Rebecca Pan Reed Carolin Reese Witherspoon Reggie Lanning Reginald Berkeley Reginald Connelly Reginald Mills Reginald Owen Reidar Jönnson Reikichi Kawamura Reiko Dan Reiko Minakami Reiko Tani Reinhold Schünzel Reizaburo Yamamoto Rémon Fromont Renaro Mikuni Renato Salvatori Rene Auberjonois René Clair René Clément René Génin René Guichard René Hubert René Laloux René Le Hénaff René Lefèvre Rene Russo Renée Adorée Renée Björling Renée Cosima Renée Falconetti Renee Houston Renelde Dupont Rentaro Mikuni Renzo Lucidi Renzo Rossellini Rex Cherryman Rex Ingram Rhett Reese Rhonda Fleming Rian Johnson Ricardo Aronovich Ricci Harnett Rich Moore Richard Abramson Richard Addinsell Richard Allan Richard Anderson Richard Arlen Richard Attenborough Richard Avedon Richard Barthelmess Richard Basehart Richard Benedict Richard Benjamin Richard Bohringer Richard Brooks Richard Burton Richard Day Richard Dreyfuss Richard Dysart Richard E. Grant Richard Edson Richard Eyre Richard Glatzer Richard Greatrex Richard Griffiths Richard H. Riedel Richard Harris Richard Hartley Richard Haydn Richard Hornung Richard Johnson Richard Kind Richard L. Breen Richard Lester Richard Linklater Richard Loo Richard Maibaum Richard Marden Richard Masur Richard Monahan Richard P. Henrick Richard Quine Richard Reitlinger Richard Riehle Richard Rodney Bennett Richard Rosson Richard Roxburgh Richard Schayer Richard Starzak Richard Sylbert Richard Todd Richard Tucker Richard Widmark Rick Aviles Rick Carter Rick Heinrichs Rick Overton Ricky Nelson Ridley Scott Rie Yokoyama Rieko Sumi Rieko Yagumo Riichiro Manabe Rikiya Yasuoka Rinat Matatov Ringo Starr Rinko Kikuchi Rip Torn Rita Blanco Rita Hayworth Riz Ahmed Rizwan Manji Rob Bottin Rob Marshall Rob Reiner Robbie Coltrane Robbie Kay Robby Müller Robert A. Burns Robert Aldrich Robert Altman Robert Arden Robert Armstrong Robert Arthur Robert Baberske Robert Benchley Robert Benton Robert Blake Robert Blees Robert Bolt Robert Bresson Robert Burks Robert Coote Robert Cummings Robert D. Yeoman Robert De Niro Robert Donat Robert Douglas Robert Downey Jr. Robert Dudley Robert Duvall Robert E. Sherwood Robert F. Simon Robert Fontaine Robert Forster Robert Gendreu Robert Giordani Robert Greig Robert H. Planck Robert Hamer Robert Harari Robert Harron Robert Helpmann Robert Herlth Robert Holtzman Robert Hutton Robert Juillard Robert Kern Robert Krasker Robert Kurrle Robert Lefebvre Robert Leighton Robert Levi Robert Liebmann Robert Loggia Robert Lord Robert Lynen Robert M. Haas Robert MacNaughton Robert Manuel Robert McKim Robert Middleton Robert Mitchum Robert Montgomery Robert Morley Robert Morse Robert Newton Robert Parrish Robert Peterson Robert Random Robert Richardson Robert Riskin Robert Rodat Robert Romanus Robert Rossen Robert Rounseville Robert Ryan Robert Schenkkan Robert Siodmak Robert Smith Robert Stack Robert Strauss Robert Surtees Robert Taylor Robert Towne Robert Usher Robert van Loon Robert Walker Robert Walker Jr. Robert Warwick Robert Wiene Robert Wilder Robert Wise Robert Young Robert Z. Leonard Robert Zemeckis Roberto Benigni Roberto Cinquini Roberto Rossellini Robin Irvine Robin Renucci Robin Wright Rochelle Hudson Rochus Gliese Rock Hudson Rod Steiger Rod Taylor Roddy McDowall Rodney Ackland Rodrigo Prieto Roger Allam Roger Avary Roger Blin Roger Deakins Roger Dumas Roger Edens Roger Gaillard Roger Hanin Roger Hubert Roger Ledru Roger Livesey Roger Montseret Roger Nimier Roger Pratt Roger Vadim Rokko Toura Roland Curram Roland Manuel Roland Møller Roland Monod Roland Topor Roland Totheroh Roland Toutain Roland Winters Roland Young Rolfe Kent Rolla Norman Roman Bohnen Roman Madyanov Roman Mann Roman Osin Roman Polanski Romolo Garroni Romuald Karas Romy Schneider Ron Eveslage Ron Geesen Ron Howard Ron Leibman Ron Livingston Ron Padgett Ron Vawter Ronald Colman Ronald Neame Ronald Pickup Ronald Shusett Ronit Elkabetz Ronnie Del Carmen Ronny Cox Rooney Mara Rory Cochrane Rosa Valetti Rosalie Crutchley Rosalind Russell Rosamund Pike Rosario Flores Rosaura Revueltas Roscoe Arbuckle Roscoe Karns Rose Hobart Rosel Zech Rosemarie DeWitt Rosette Rosine Delamare Rossy de Palma Rouben Mamoulian Roy Butler Roy Chiao Roy D'Arcy Roy Del Ruth Roy N. Sickner Roy Overbaugh Roy Roberts Roy Walker Roy Webb Royal Dano Ruby Dee Ruby Keeler Rudi Fehr Rüdiger Kirschstein Rüdiger Vogler Rudolf Forster Rudolf Klein-Rogge Rudolf Schündler Rudolph J. Bergquist Rudolph Maté Rudolph Schildkraut Rudolph Sternad Rudolph Valentino Rudy Vallee Rudy Wurlitzer Rufus Thomas Ruggero Maccari Rupert Crosse Rupert Everett Rupert Graves Rupert Gregson-Williams Rupert John Russ Tamblyn Russell Barnes Russell Carpenter Russell Crowe Russell F. Schoengarth Russell G. Medcraft Russell Harlan Russell Hopton Russell Metty Russell Rouse Russell Tovey Rusty Lane Rusty Smith Rutger Hauer Ruth Chatterton Ruth Cummings Ruth Donnelly Ruth Gillette Ruth Gordon Ruth Hussey Ruth Miller Ruth Morley Ruth Nelson Ruth Prawer Jhabvala Ruth Roman Ruth Sheen Ruth Warrick Ruy Guerra Ry Cooder Ryan Coogler Ryan Gosling Ryan Guzman Ryan O'Neal Ryan Reynolds Ryo Ikebe Ryo Ono Ryosuke Saito Ryotaro Suji Ryszard Kotys Ryszard Lenczewski Ryuji Kita Ryunosuke Tsukigata Ryuzo Kikushima S.K. Lauren S.N. Behrman Saar Klein Saber Abar Sabine Sabine Haudepin Sabine Hoffman Sabrina Scharf Saburo Isayama Sacha Baron Cohen Sacha Vierny Sachiko Hidari Sachiko Jamaji Sachiko Murase Sachiko Ozaki Sadako Ikeda Sadako Sawamura Sady Rabbot Safar Ali Moradi Saïd Taghmaoui Sakae Hirosawa Sakari Kousmanen Sakda Kaewbuadee Sakhna Oum Sakurako Iwama Sal Mineo Saleh Bakri Saleha Aref Salka Viertel Sally Ann Howes Sally Benson Sally Field Sally Jane Bruce Sally Menke Sallye Richardson Salvador Dalí Salvatore Basile Salvatore Cascio Salvatore Totino Sam Comer Sam Elliott Sam Jaffe Sam Leavitt Sam Levene Sam Levy Sam Mendes Sam Neill Sam Peckinpah Sam Rockwell Sam Shepard Sam Smith Sam Spiegel Sam Taylor Sam Valipour Sam Waterston Sam Winston Sam Wood Sam Worthington Samanta Isler Samer Bisharat Sami Frey Samiya Mumtaz Sammi Davis Samson Raphaelson Samuel A. Taylor Samuel Deshors Samuel Fuller Samuel G. Engel Samuel Hoffenstein Samuel L. Jackson Sanae Takasugi Sandi Sissel Sandip Ray Sandra Bernhard Sandra Hüller Sandra Milo Sandrine Bonnaire Sandrine Drouot Sandro Panseri Sandy Dennis Sandy Powell Santo Loquasto Sanzo Wada Saoirse Ronan Sara Allgood Sara Bennett Sarah Flack Sarah Gadon Sarah Greenwood Sarah Paulson Sarah Polley Sarah Y. Mason Sareh Bayat Sari Lennick Sarina Farhadi Sarita Fuller Saro Urzi Sasson Gabal Satoko Date Satoru Chuko Sattar Oraki Satyajit Ray Saul Bass Saul Rubinek Sayombhu Mukdeeprom Sayuri Kawauchi Sayuri Tanima Sayuri Yoshinaga Scarlett Johansson Scatman Crothers Scott Alexander Scott Bakula Scott Chambliss Scott Cooper Scott Frank Scott Glenn Scott Haze Scott McKain Scott Mosier Scott Neustadter Scott Shepherd Scott Slimon Scott Z. Burns Screamin' Jay Hawkins Seamus Flannery Seamus McGarvey Sean Bridgers Sean Connery Sean Harris Sean Penn Sean Young Sebastian Koch Sebastian Stan Sefalika Devi Sei Ikeno Seiichi Kato Seiichi Suzuki Seiji Miyaguchi Seijun Suzuki Seika Mayama Seizaburo Kawazu Seizo Sengen Selmer Jackson Sen Yano Senji Ito Seong-hie Ryu Serafima Birman Serge Reggiani Sergei Eisenstein Sergei Prokofiev Sergey Bondarchuk Sergey Urusevskiy Sergi López Sergio Amidei Sergio Citti Sergio Donati Sergio Leone Sessue Hayakawa Seth Green Seth Rogen Seton I. Miller Setsu Asakura Setsuko Hara Setsuo Kobayashi Seung-hyun Choi Severino Pisacane Seymour Cassel Shafiq Syed Shahab Hosseini Shai Goldman Shailen Mukherjee Sharmila Tagore Sharon Acker Sheila Sim Sheila Viseltear Shelley Duvall Shelley Winters Shepherd Frankel Shepperd Strudwick Sherman Todd Sherry Lansing Shi-hoo Kim Shigemasa Toda Shigeo Nishida Shigeru Amachi Shigeru Umebayashi Shigeyoshi Mine Shih Chun Shima Iwashita Shin Nagata Shin Saburi Shin'ichiro Mikami Shin'yo Nara Shinichiro Ikebe Shinji Tanaka Shinobu Hashimoto Shinobu Muraki Shinpachiro Asaka Shinsaku Himeda Shintaro Ishihara Shinya Hidaka Shinya Inoue Shirin Yazdanbakhsh Shirley Anne Field Shirley Booth Shirley MacLaine Shiro Mizutani Shisuzo Nishigaki Shizuko Osawa Shizuo Oosawa Shlomi Avraham Shohei Imamura Shoichi Ozawa Shoji Ueda Shoji Yasui Shojiro Sugimoto Shosuke Sasane Shotaro Nakamura Shozabura Abe Shuji Sano Shuji Terayama Shunji Kasuga Shuntaro Emi Shyamal Ghoshal Sid Melton Sidney Blackmer Sidney Buchman Sidney Cutner Sidney Franklin Sidney Gilliat Sidney Herbert Sidney Hickox Sidney Howard Sidney James Sidney Lassick Sidney Lumet Sienna Miller Sig Arno Sig Ruman Sigge Fürst Sigourney Weaver Sigrid Bouaziz Sihung Lung Silvana Corsini Silvana Mangano Silverio Palacios Silvia Monfort Silvia Pinal Simon Duggan Simon Iteanu Simon Njoo Simon Oakland Simon Pegg Simone Aubry Simone Signoret Simone Simon Sinéad Cusack Siv Lundgren Skip Hollandsworth Slavko Vorkapich Slawomir Idziak Slim Pickens Smaran Ghosal So Matsuyama So Yamamura Sofia Boutella Sofia Coppola Soji Kiyokawa Sol Polito Solida Chan Solveig Dommartin Sonia Dresdel Sonny Terry Sonya Levien Sophia Loren Sophie Maintigneux Sophie Turner Sophon Pukanok Søren Malling Sotiris Moustakas Soumendu Roy Soumitra Chatterjee Sozaburo Shinomura Spencer Bell Spencer Tracy Spike Jonze Spike Lee Spiros Focás Spring Byington Stacey Schroeder Stacy Keach Stacy Tendeter Stan Laurel Stanislas Merhar Stanislas-André Steenman Stanislaus Zbyszko Stanislaw Igar Stanley Cortez Stanley Donen Stanley Haynes Stanley Holloway Stanley Kubrick Stanley Myers Stanley Shapiro Stefan Clapczynski Stefan Czyzewski Stefania Sandrelli Stefano Proietti Stephan Zacharias Stéphane Audran Stéphane Fontaine Stéphane Freiss Stéphane Rideau Stephanie Lai Stephen Beresford Stephen Dillane Stephen E. Rivkin Stephen F. Windon Stephen Frears Stephen Fry Stephen Goosson Stephen Henderson Stephen Lang Stephen McFeely Stephen Merchant Stephen Mirrione Stephen Rea Stephen Roberts Stephen Root Stephen Sondheim Stephen Warbeck Sterling Hayden Sterling Holloway Sterling Jerens Stevan Riley Steve Brodie Steve Buscemi Steve Carell Steve Cochran Steve Coogan Steve McQueen Steve Yedlin Steve Zahn Steven Bauer Steven Berkoff Steven Brill Steven Gaghan Steven Knight Steven Price Steven Rogers Steven Soderbergh Steven Spielberg Steven Wright Steven Zaillian Stig Järrel Stig Olin Stolan Arandjelovic Storm Acheche Sahlstrøm Stuart Craig Stuart Dryburgh Stuart Freeborn Stuart McQuarrie Sture Lagerwall Sturges Carne Subendu Chatterjee Subir Bannerjee Subrata Chatterjee Subrata Mitra Sugisaki Aoyama Suketaro Inokai Sumi Jo Sumie Sasaki Sumie Tanaka Sumiko Kurishima Sumiko Mizukubo Sumiko Sakamoto Sun Yu Sun-Yun Ko Sune Martin Sunny Suljic Susan Harrison Susan Kohner Susan Lynch Susan Strasberg Susanna Haavisto Susanna Pasolini Susannah Grant Susanne Lothar Susi Sánchez Suso Cecchi D'Amico Susse Wold Susumu Fujita Suzanne Baron Suzanne Cloutier Suzanne de Troeye Suzanne Flon Suzanne Huguenin Suzanne Pleshette Suzanne Schiffman Suzy Delair Suzy Prim Sven Nykvist Sven Rindom Sven Wollter Svetlana Danilchenko Swapan Mukherjee Swatilekha Sengupta Swoosie Kurtz Syd Mead Sydney Boehm Sydney Greenstreet Sylva Koscina Sylvain Sylvain Itkine Sylvia Ashton Sylvia Bataille Sylvia Marriott Sylvia Sidney Sylvie Van den Elsen T Bone Burnett T.E.B. Clarke T.J.Miller T.K. Carter Tadao Ikeda Tadashi Hattori Tadashi Nishimoto Tadeusz Bradecki Tadeusz Janczar Tadeusz Lomnicki Tadeusz Rzepka Taeko Tomioka Taichi Yamada Taiji Tonoyama Taika Waititi Taizo Fukami Takaaki Asai Takahiro Tamura Takako Irie Takanobu Saito Takao Saito Takashi Fujiki Takashi Ito Takashi Kawamata Takashi Marumo Takashi Matsuyama Takashi Miki Takashi Nomura Takashi Shimura Takayuki Suematsu Takeo Ito Takeo Kimura Takeshi Kaneshiro Takeshi Kato Takeshi Kitano Takeshi Kusaka Takeshi Sakamoto Taketoshi Naito Takiko Mizunoe Takumi Furukawa Talbot Jennings Tallulah Bankhead Tamara Toumanova Tambi Larsen Tamio Kawaji Tamotsu Hayakawa Tamotsu Kawasaki Tanie Kitabayashi Tara Fitzgerald Taraji P. Henson Taraneh Alidoosti Taro Yamamoto Taron Edgerton Tatiana S. Riegel Tatsuji Nakashizu Tatsuko Sakane Tatsuo Hamada Tatsuo Matsumura Tatsuo Saito Tatsuo Suzuki Tatsuya Fuji Tatsuya Fujiwara Tatsuya Mihashi Tatsuya Nakadai Tatsuya Okamoto Tatyana Lavrova Tatyana Likachyova Tatyana Samoylova Tay Garnett Taylor Sheridan Ted Haworth Ted Knight Ted McCord Ted Smith Ted Tetzlaff Teiji Takahashi Teinosuke Kinugasa Tempe Pigott Temple Baker Tennessee Williams Terence Marsh Terence Stamp Terence Verity Terence Winter Teresa Brescianini Teresa Rabal Teresa Wright Teri Garr Terrence Malick Terry Rawlings Terry Southern Teruaki Abe Teruko Kishi Teruko Kojima Teruko Nagaoka Terumi Niki Teruo Mori Tetsuo Abe Tetsuro Tanba Tetsuya Watari Thanapat Saisaymar Thea Eymèsz Thea von Harbou Theadora van Runkle Thekla Reuten Thelma Ritter Thelma Schoonmaker Théobald Meurisse Theobold Holsopple Theodor Sparkuhl Theodore J. Pahle Theodore Melfi Theodore von Eltz Thierry Neuvic Thimios Bakatakis Thomas Bo Larsen Thomas Doret Thomas E. Breen Thomas E. Sanders Thomas F. Wilson Thomas Gomez Thomas Jefferson Thomas Loibl Thomas Mauch Thomas Mitchell Thomas Monroe Thomas Newman Thomas Pratt Thomas Thieme Thomas Vinterberg Thorne Smith Thornton Wilder Thorold Dickinson Tien Peng Tilda Swinton Tim Blake Nelson Tim Burton Tim Holt Tim Krabbé Tim Matheson Tim Miller Tim Piggott-Smith Tim Roth Tim Squyres Tim Streeter Tim Suhrstedt Timo Salminen Timothée Chalamet