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"Dazzled by so many and such marvelous inventions, the people of Macondo ... became indignant over the living images that the prosperous merchant Bruno Crespi projected in the theater with the lion-head ticket windows, for a character who had died and was buried in one film and for whose misfortune tears had been shed would reappear alive and transformed into an Arab in the next one. The audience, who had paid two cents apiece to share the difficulties of the actors, would not tolerate that outlandish fraud and they broke up the seats. The mayor, at the urging of Bruno Crespi, explained in a proclamation that the cinema was a machine of illusions that did not merit the emotional outbursts of the audience. With that discouraging explanation many ... decided not to return to the movies, considering that they already had too many troubles of their own to weep over the acted-out misfortunes of imaginary beings."
--Gabriel García Márquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude

Monday, February 1, 2010

Poem of the Day: T.S. Eliot

Five-Finger Exercises 

I. Lines to a Persian Cat 
The songsters of the air repair 
To the green fields of Russell Square
Beneath the trees there is no ease 
For the dull brain, the sharp desires 
And the quick eyes of Woolly Bear. 
There is no relief but in grief. 
O when will the creaking heart cease? 
When will the broken chair give ease? 
When will Time flow away?

II. Lines to a Yorkshire Terrier 
In a brown field stood a tree 
And the tree was crookt and dry. 
In a black sky, from a green cloud 
Natural forces shriek'd aloud, 
Screamed, rattled, muttered endlessly.
Little dog was safe and warm 
Yet the field was cracked and brown 
And the tree was cramped and dry. 
Pollicle dogs and cats all must 
Jellicle cats and dogs all must 
Like undertakers, come to dust. 
Here a little dog I pause 
Heaving up my prior paws, 
Pause, and sleep endlessly.

III. Lines to a Duck in the Park
The long light shakes across the lake, 
The forces of the morning quake, 
The dawn is slant across the lawn, 
Here is no eft or mortal snake 
But only sluggish duck and drake. 
I have seen the morning shine, 
I have had the Bread and Wine, 
Let the feathered mortals take 
That which is their mortal due, 
Pinching bread and finger too, 
Easier had than squirming worm; 
For I know, and so should you 
That soon the enquiring worm shall try 
Our well-preserved complacency. 

IV. Lines to Ralph Hodgson Esqre. 
How delightful to meet Mr. Hodgson! 
                          (Everyone wants to know him) -- 
With his musical sound 
And his Baskerville Hound
Which, just at a word from his master 
Will follow you faster and faster 
And tear you limb from limb. 
How delightful to meet Mr. Hodgson! 
Who is worshipped by all waitresses 
(They regard him as something apart) 
While on his palate fine he presses 
The juice of the gooseberry tart. 
How delightful to meet Mr. Hodgson!
                          (Everyone wants to know him), 
He has 999 canaries 
And round his head finches and fairies 
In jubilant rapture skim. 
How delightful to meet Mr. Hodgson! 
                          (Everyone wants to meet him).

V. Lines for Cuscuscaraway and Mirza Murad Ali Beg 
How unpleasant to meet Mr. Eliot! 
With his features of clerical cut, 
And his brow so grim 
And his mouth so prim 
And his conversation, so nicely 
Restricted to What Precisely 
And If and Perhaps and But. 
How unpleasant to meet Mr. Eliot! 
With a bobtail cur 
In a coat of fur 
And a porpentine cat 
And a wopsical hat: 
How unpleasant to meet Mr. Eliot! 
                            (Whether his mouth be open or shut).
-- T.S. Eliot

Some people will never forgive T.S. Eliot for Cats. But I rather liked it when I saw it, so my grievance with Eliot is the line "April is the cruelest month," which has become a cliché that lands with an annual leaden thud in the ledes of newspaper articles across the land. (Anyway, he got it wrong. He had lived in Massachusetts, so he must have known that March, in which the calendar promises spring but the streets are packed with gray slush, is the cruelest month up there. Here in California, not so much. Maybe November, especially when they start playing Christmas carols too early.)  

No, I really don't like T.S. Eliot. I don't like his Tory politics or his anti-Semitism or his Anglo-Catholicism. (He would have loved Benedict XVI.) And I don't much care for his verse, except for some of the lyrical parts of the "Four Quartets." I don't like the obscure allusions and the early 20th-century ennui. I wish Ezra Pound had cut even more from "The Waste Land." 

But he still demands attention, so I've paid it. In my volume of the Complete Poems and Plays, 1909-1950, these five little poems are listed as "Minor Works," which seems about right. The best-known is the last one, Eliot's deprecatory self-portrait. (I was told, but can't confirm, that Cuscuscaraway and Mirza Murad Ali Beg were Eliot's cats. The latter seems also to have been the pseudonym of one Godolphin Mitford, a theosophical writer, so far as my Googling can tell. Ah, the Mitfords! Now that's another story.) There's a certain creepy charm about these verses. 
As for reallly creepy, there's Eliot's first marriage, which I wrote about in a review for the Mercury News: 

Was Old Possum really a rat?
That's pretty much the conclusion Carole Seymour-Jones comes to in her biography of Vivienne Eliot, the first wife of T.S. Eliot. Like Nancy Milford, in her biography of Zelda Fitzgerald, and Brenda Maddox, who wrote ''Nora'' about James Joyce's wife, Seymour-Jones examines the effects of marriage on the work of a major 20th-century writer. ''Painted Shadow'' gives us an unsettling point of view on Eliot and his work.
Thomas Stearns Eliot and Vivienne Haigh-Wood were both 27 when they met in 1915 at Oxford, where he was doing postgraduate work. Three months after their meeting, they were married. Marry in haste, repent at leisure: This time the repentance took 32 years, until her death in a mental institution in 1947.
Only a few weeks after they married, Eliot sailed for the United States to attend a family reunion. Vivien (as she had begun spelling her name) stayed behind, and while Eliot was away she began seeing quite a lot of their new friend, Bertrand Russell. After Eliot's return, the two future Nobel Prize laureates and the lively but not particularly well-educated young woman formed a sort of ménage à trois -- Russell even paid the Eliots' household bills -- that lasted almost three years.
Seymour-Jones is convinced that T.S. Eliot was gay, and that Eliot married in hopes that a heterosexual union would ''cure'' him of his desire for his own sex. She finds ''an element of homosexuality by proxy'' in Eliot's apparent acquiescence in his wife's affair with Russell. (Though Russell once denied that the relationship with Vivien was sexual, Seymour-Jones is having none of it.)
In any case, Eliot and Vivien were temperamentally mismatched: She was nervous and impulsive (Virginia Woolf once referred to her as a ''bag of ferrets'' that ''Tom wears around his neck'') while he, again in Woolf's irresistibly quotable words, was ''sinister, insidious, eel-like, also monolithic, masked, intensely reserved.'' And neither was in the best of health: Both repeatedly suffered physical and emotional breakdowns.
But Seymour-Jones sees Vivien as Eliot's ''Muse'' and their marriage as a ''crucible of dysfunction which, rather than hindering the poet's creativity, provoked it.'' The troubles in their marriage may be reflected in the tension between men and women evident in ''The Waste Land'' and other poems. But as Seymour-Jones documents, Vivien also contributed lines to ''The Waste Land'' and suggested changes to the ones Eliot had written. And she was fiercely proud and supportive of his work as a writer.
For a time he reciprocated her loyalty and encouraged her own writing: When he became editor of the quarterly Criterion in 1922, he published many of her reviews and stories. ''It is possible that Eliot first encouraged Vivien's writing to assuage his own guilt,'' Seymour-Jones comments. ''Together they could make a quarterly, even if they could not make a child. And for Vivien her writing could become a substitute for the flesh and blood infant for which she longed. What began in part as therapy became a new career.''
But in the end it succeeded as neither therapy nor career. In 1925 Eliot published Vivien's devastating caricature of the Bloomsbury set and was forced by the scandal that ensued to promise that he wouldn't publish her again. Seymour-Jones thinks he set her up for the fall: ''It seems inconceivable that Eliot as editor would allow a piece of hers to go through of whose contents he was ignorant. To the innocent eye the assumption must be that Eliot encouraged Vivien to risk her reputation by satirizing their closest friends.'' But ''he may have had a darker motive: . . . he was negotiating a new contract . . . for a quarterly in which there would be no place for Vivien.''
And increasingly there was no place in his life for Vivienne -- she returned to the original spelling of her name in 1928. Eliot had begun drinking heavily, and she had grown dependent on various chemicals -- bromides, chloral hydrate, ether. Her use of the strong-smelling ether, which had been prescribed as a numbing agent for neuralgia, particularly drew comment -- Aldous Huxley observed that the Eliots' ''house smelled like a hospital.''
In 1932, Eliot was invited to lecture at Harvard, and he spent eight months in the United States. In 1933, he returned to England -- but not to Vivienne, who was surprised to learn that he had come back without making contact with her. Eliot dodged all encounters with the frenetic Vivienne as she turned into a kind of stalker, trying to arrange meetings with him.
Abandoned by husband, family and friends, she became increasingly erratic: In 1934 she joined Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists, and thereafter often showed up at concerts and the theater, in a cloud of ether fumes, wearing the fascist uniform. Finally, in 1938, she was committed to the mental institution where she remained until she died in 1947 -- reportedly from a heart attack but possibly, Seymour-Jones believes, a suicide. Eliot never visited her.
Seymour-Jones surmises that Vivienne was manic-depressive, but that her institutionalization was unnecessary -- her husband and her family simply didn't want to be bothered with her. Her brother Maurice, who had been instrumental in getting her committed, expressed remorse toward the end of his life: ''It was only when I saw Vivie in the asylum for the last time I realized I had done something very wrong. She was as sane as I was.''
Though she has a harrowing story to tell, Seymour-Jones' book can be a bit of a slog -- she's a colorless writer. But ''Painted Shadow'' -- the title for which comes from a line about the protagonist's dead wife in Eliot's play ''The Family Reunion'' -- gives us some intriguing ways of looking at Eliot and his work. Finding the reflection of his tormented marriage in his poems takes them beyond the historical context in which they are often read -- as an expression of the spiritual and intellectual crisis provoked by the First World War -- and into the more universal context of human frailty.
The Eliot of this book is, to say the least, emotionally complex. His stiff-collared, buttoned-down public manner and his cultural ultra-conservatism -- which he once summed up as ''classicist in literature, royalist in politics, and Anglo-Catholic in religion'' -- may have been an attempt to erect a bulwark against psychosexual chaos: Privately, he composed comic verse full of buggery and scatology, and once shocked his friend Conrad Aiken by sending him a page torn from a publication about gynecological disorders.
Seymour-Jones believes that Eliot's misogyny stems from his relationship with his formidable mother and from his intensely repressed homosexuality -- the evidence for which is circumstantial but strong, though Seymour-Jones sometimes works over the evidence a little too bluntly. Nevertheless, women found him attractive: He led at least two women to believe that he was going to marry them before he finally married his secretary, Valerie Fletcher, in 1957, when he was 68 and she was 30.
It was Eliot's moral cowardice, his unwillingness to face up to distasteful realities, Seymour-Jones concludes, that destroyed Vivienne: ''Had Eliot confronted her just once, and spoken to her honestly,'' she comments on his avoidance of Vivienne after his return to England in 1933, ''he might have given her the sense of closure she needed. Instead, his cowardice prolonged her agony -- and his.''
''How unpleasant to meet Mr. Eliot!'' he wrote in one of his poems. No kidding.
PAINTED SHADOW: The Life of Vivienne Eliot
By Carole Seymour-Jones
Nan A. Talese/Doubleday, 701 pp., $35

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Brinkley Bontaro Miake Boots Riley Borden Chase Boris Dvornik Boris Karloff Boris Kaufman Boris Leven Boris Lewin Boris Plotnikov Boris Szyc Borys Lewin Bourvil Boyd Holbrook Brad Bird Brad Davis Brad Dexter Brad Dourif Brad Fiedel Brad Furman Brad Pitt Brad Rijn Brad Siegel Bradford Young Bradley Cooper Bradley King Bradley Whitford Brahim Hadjadj Bramwell Fletcher Brandon De Wilde Brandon Routh Brandon Trost Brasse Brännström Bratoljub Gligorijevic Bráulio Mantovani Brenda Blethyn Brenda de Banzie Brenda Fricker Brenda Marshall Brendan Gleeson Breno Mello Brent Briscoe Brett Cullen Bria Vinaite Brian Aherne Brian Cox Brian Davies Brian De Palma Brian Donlevy Brian Easdale Brian Eatwell Brian Freeman Brian Garfield Brian Glover Brian Hayes Currie Brian Helgeland Brian Keith Brian Kerwin Brian Moore Brian O'Halloran Brian Ryman Brian Smedley-Aston Brian Tyler Brian Tyree Henry Brian W. Roy Brian Williams Brid Brennan Bridget Boland Bridget Brno Bridget Fonda Brie Larson Brigitta Valberg Brigitte Auber Brigitte Bardot Brigitte Broch Brigitte Helm Brigitte Lin Brigitte Mira Britt Robertson Britton Sear Broderick Crawford Bronislau Kaper Bronislava Nijinska Brooke Adams Brooklynn Prince Brooks Benedict Brown Holmes Bruce Bennett Bruce Bohne Bruce Cabot Bruce Dern Bruce Greenwood Bruce Lester Bruce Seton Bruce Surtees Bruce Willis Brunella Bovo Bruno Barbey Bruno Delbonnel Bruno Duarte Bruno Dumont Bruno Frank Bruno Ganz Bruno Nuytten Bruno Rubeo Bruno S. Bruno Zanin Brutus Pedreira Bryan Cranston Bryan Forbes Bryan Langley Bryan Leder Bryan Pringle Bryan Singer Bryan Woods Bryce Dallas Howard Bryce Dessner Bryndis Petra Bragadóttir Buba Bayour Buck Henry Buck Sanders Budd Schulberg Buddy Duress Buddy Small Buichi Saito Bulle Ogier Bunta Sugawara Burgess Meredith Burkhard Driest Burl Ives Burnett Guffey Burt Lancaster Burt Reynolds Burt Shevelove Burt Young Busby Berkeley Buster Keaton Butterfly McQueen Byeong-il Kim Byron Barr Byron Douglas Byron Haskin Byron Howard Byron Morgan Byun Hee-bong C. Aubrey Smith C. Thomas Howell C. Thomas Lewis C. Wilfred Arnold C.P. Norman C.V. France Cade Woodward Caetano Veloso Cailee Spaeny Calder Willingham Caleb Deschanel Caleb Landry Jones Cally Monrad Cameron Crowe Cameron Diaz Cameron Mitchell Camilla Hjelm Camilla Horn Camille Salameh Camille Tobis Camille Winbush Campbell Scott Canada Lee Candace Hilligoss Candela Peña Candice Bergen Candy Clark Caprice Toriel Cara Delevingne Cara Seymour Carey Mulligan Carey Wilson Carita Carl Anderson Carl Bidescombe Carl Brisson Carl E. Guthrie Carl Foreman Carl Harbaugh Carl Himm Carl Hoffmann Carl Jules Weyl Carl Koch Carl Kress Carl Lerner Carl Mayer Carl Michael Bellman Carl Miller Carl Möhner Carl Otto Bartning Carl Pingitore Carl Struss Carl Theodor Dreyer Carl Zuckmayer Carl-Olov Skeppstedt Carla Colombo Carla Egerer Carlo Alienello Carlo Battisti Carlo Cabrini Carlo Carlini Carlo Di Palma Carlo Egidi Carlo Lizzani Carlo Lodati Carlo Montuori Carlo Rustichelli Carlo Simi Carlos Casaravilla Carlos Clarens Carlos Cuarón Carlos D'Alessio Carlos Defeo Carlos López Estrada Carlos Peralta Carlos Reygadas Carlos Saura Carlos Savage Carlos Serrano Azcona Carloto Cotta Carmel Myers Carmela Sazio Carmen Dillon Carmen Maura Carmen Santos Carmine Coppola Carol Grace Carol Kane Carol Reed Carol Winstead Wood Carola Neher Carole Bouquet Carole Landis Carole Laure Carole Lombard Carolina Jiménez Caroline Amies Caroline Biggerstaff Caroline Eliacheff Carolyn Calder Carolyn Conwell Carolyn Farina Carolyn Hicks Carolyn Seymour Carrie Fisher Carrie Henn Carroll Baker Carroll Clark Carroll O'Connor Carter Burwell Cary Elwes Cary Grant Cary Guffey Casey Affleck Casey Robinson Cassen Castel Casti Catalina Marín Duarte Catalina Sandino Moreno Cate Blanchett Catherine Breillat Catherine Deneuve Catherine Fonteney Catherine Hardwicke Catherine Keener Catherine Lacey Catherine Lutz Catherine Martin Catherine Sée Catherine Zeta-Jones Cathleen Cordell Cathleen Mann Cathryn Harrison Cathy Downs Cathy Moriarty Cathy O'Donnell Cathy Tyson Cavan Kendall Cay Kristiansen Cecil B. DeMille Cecil Beaton Cecil Cunningham Cecil Kellaway Cecil Lewis Cecil McGivern Cecil Parker Cécile de France Cécile Decugis Cécile Guyon Cecilia Rivera Cecilia Roth Cecillia Stark Cedric Gibbons Cedric Hardwicke Cedric the Entertainer Celeste Holm Celia Johnson Celia Montalván Celia Weston Céline Sciamma César Charlone Cesar Romero Cesare Giulio Viola Cesare Zavattini Cha Dei-dang Chad England Chad Everett Chad Keith Chad Stahelski Chadwick Boseman Chan Man-lei Chang Mi-hee Changiz Sayad Channing Pollock Channing Tatum Chantal Akerman Chantal Goya Charlene Holt Charles Ackley Anderson Charles Aznavour Charles Bailey Charles Bennett Charles Berling Charles Bickford Charles Blavette Charles Boyer Charles Brackett Charles Bradshaw Charles Brinley Charles Bronson Charles Chaplin Charles Coburn Charles Correll Charles Craft Charles Crichton Charles D. Hall Charles D. Lucas Charles Dance Charles Dorat Charles Dosinan Charles Downs Charles Drake Charles Dullin Charles Dumont Charles Durning Charles Edgar Schoenbaum Charles Ennis Charles Frend Charles G. Clarke Charles Geary Charles Gelb Charles Gilpin Charles Granval Charles H. Clarke Charles Hoffman Charles K. French Charles K. Gerrard Charles Kemper Charles Kenyon Charles King Charles L. Bitsch Charles L. Gaskill Charles Lane Charles Lang Charles Laughton Charles Lawton Jr. Charles LeClainche Charles Lederer Charles M. Kirk Charles MacArthur Charles Martin Charles Maxwell Charles McGraw Charles McKeown Charles Murray Charles Nelson Charles O. Seessel Charles P. Boyle Charles Paton Charles Pierce Charles Randolph Charles Reisner Charles Rosen Charles Rosher Charles Ruggles Charles S. Dutton Charles Schnee Charles Sindelar Charles Spaak Charles Sturridge Charles Van Damme Charles Van Enger Charles Vanel Charles Walters Charles Winninger Charles Wood Charlie Cho Charlie Clouser Charlie Cox Charlie Hunnam Charlie Kaufman Charlie Sheen Charlie Wachtel Charlie Yeung Charlize Theron Charlotte Bruus Christensen Charlotte Gainsbourg Charlotte Munck Charlotte Rampling Charlotte Szlovak Charlton Heston Chasten Harmon Chayse Irvin Chazz Palminteri Chel López Chelsea Handler Chema Rosas Chen Chang Chen Daoming Chen Yongzhong Cherie Lunghi Cherry Jones Cheryl Clarke Cheryl Dunye Chester A. Alexander Chester A. Lyons Chester Conklin Chester Erskine Chester W. Schaeffer Chet Atkins Chete Lara Chhabi Biswas Chi-Hwa Chen Chi-Wing Lau Chia-Liang Liu Chiaki Kuriyama Chico Hamilton Chico Marx Chico Roland Chieko Baisho Chieko Higashiyama Chieko Matsubara Chieko Murata Chieko Nakakita Chieko Naniwa Chieko Schrader Chien-Lien Wu Chikage Awashima Chikako Hosokawa Chikashi Makiura Chill Wills Chin Tsai Chirine El Kadem Chishu Ryu Chitose Kobayashi Chiu-Hua Wei Chiwetel Ejiofor Chiyo Nobu Chiyo Ozaki Chiyoko Fumiya Chiyoo Umeda Chloë Grace Moretz Chloë Sevigny Cho Jin-woong Cho Yang-kyou Cho Yong-kyu Cho Yung-jin Chocho Miyako Choi Min-sik Choi Seung-ho Choi Seung-hyun Choi Woo-sik Choichiro Kawarasaki Chojuro Kawarasaki Choko Iida Chong-Sing Ho Chris Bergoch Chris Bowers Chris Bryant Chris Collins Chris Cooper Chris Eigeman Chris Evans Chris Gill Chris Hemsworth Chris Jones Chris L. Spellman Chris Lebenzon Chris McKenna Chris Menges Chris Miller Chris O'Donnell Chris Pine Chris Pratt Chris Sarandon Chris Sparling Chris Terrio Chris Townsend Chris Weitz Chris Wyatt Christa Théret Christel Baras Christian Bale Christian Basso Christian Bérard Christian Berger Christian Berkel Christian Gaudin Christian Hohoff Christian Jul Christian Lacoste Christian Marquand Christian Matras Christian Nyby Christian Patey Christian-Jaque Christiane Maybach Christina Hendricks Christine Angot Christine Boissonn Christine Fabréga Christine Gerwig Christine Gordon Christine Murillo Christine Schuler Christof Schertenleib Christoph Bantzer Christoph Beck Christoph Kanter Christoph Waltz Christophe Beck Christopher Abbott Christopher Baker Christopher Blauvelt Christopher Browne Christopher Doyle Christopher Ford Christopher Fry Christopher Hampton Christopher Læssø Christopher Lambert Christopher Lloyd Christopher Markus Christopher McDonald Christopher McQuarrie Christopher Nolan Christopher Nowak Christopher Olsen Christopher Plummer Christopher Rivera Christopher Spelman Christopher Tellefsen Christopher Walken Christopher Willis Christopher Yost Christos Stergioglou Christos Voudoris Chrystel Fournier Chuan Wang Chuck Robertson Chuji Kinoshita Chunchuna Villafañe Chung Chung-hoon Chunibala Devi Chusei Sone Ciarán Hinds Ciccio Ingrassia Cillian Murphy Cindy Chao Cindy Williams Cinqué Lee CJ Jones Claes Bang Claire Atherton Claire Bloom Claire Danes Claire Denis Claire Dodd Claire Drouot Claire Foy Claire Mathon Claire Simpson Claire Skinner Claire Trevor Claire Wauthion Claire Windsor Claire-Hope Ashitey Clancy Sigal Clara Beranger Clara Bow Clara Calamai Clara Schønfeld Clare Peploe Clarence Brown Clarence G. Badger Clarence Geldart Clarence Greene Clarence Kolster Clark Gable Clark Gregg Clark Walker Clarke Peters Claude Autant-Lara Claude Beausoleil Claude Berri Claude Binyon Claude Bouxin Claude Chabrol Claude Dauphin Claude Durand Claude Jade Claude Jarman Jr. Claude Jutra Claude L. McDonnell Claude Laydu Claude Mann Claude Paré Claude Rains Claude Renoir Claude Stanush Claudette Colbert Claudia Cardinale Claudia Drake Claudine Bouché Claudine Merlin Claudine Soubrier Claudine West Claudio Brook Claus Clausen Clayton Szalpinski Clelia Matania Clemence Dane Clémence Poésy Clemens Scheitz Clément Perron Cleo Tavares Cliff Curtis Cliff Edwards Cliff Gorman Cliff Green Cliff Martinez Cliff Robertson Clifford Odets Clifford Pember Clifton Webb Clifton Young Clint Eastwood Clint Mansell Clive Brook Clive Donner Clive Owen Clodualdo Del Mundo Jr. Cloris Leachman Clyde Bruckman Colby Parker Jr. Cole Porter Colette Marchand Colette Segal Colin Clive Colin Farrell Colin Firth Colin Morgan Colin Trevorrow Colleen Atwood Colleen Camp Colleen Dewhurst Colleen Gray Collier Young Colm Tóibín Colman Domingo Colombe Raby Compton MacKenzie Con Conrad Conchata Ferrell Conchita Parodi Concordia Selander Connie Nielsen Conrad A. Nervig Conrad Buff IV Conrad Salinger Conrad Veidt Conrado Baltazar Constance Bennett Constance Collier Constance Cummings Constance Talmadge Constance Towers Constance Wu Cora Lee Day Cora Witherspoon Coral Browne Corey Ford Corey Stoll Corin Redgrave Corinna Harfouch Corinne Griffith Corinne Kersten Corinne Marchand Cornel Wilde Cornelia Froboess Cornelia Köndgen Cornelio Wall Cory Hardricht Costa-Gavras Coumba Dieng Courtney Ryley Cooper Coy Watson Craig Alpert Craig Armstrong Craig Gillespie Craig Kyle Craig Lathrop Craig Pearce Craig T. Nelson Craig Wood Craig Zobel Craigus R. Johnson Creighton Lindsay Crispin Glover Cristian Mungiu Cristin Milioti Cristina Banegas Cristina Casali Cristina Hincu Crystel Fournier Cunayoo Curd Jürgens Curt Beech Curt Courant Curtis A. Schnell Cybill Shepherd Cyd Charisse Cynthia Erivo Cynthia O'Neal Cypress Cook Cyprien Fouquet Cyril Cusack Cyril Gely Cyril Hume Cyril J. Mockridge Cyril Ritchard Cyrus Voris Czenzi Ormonde Czeslaw Raniszewski D.M. Marshman Jr. D.W. Griffith Dafne Keen Dafni Kalogianni Dag Wirén Daisuke Kato Daisuke Ryo Daisy Granados Daisy Ridley Dakota Fanning Dakota Johnson Dale Dickey Dale Fuller Dale Hennesy Dalpalan Dalton Trumbo Damian Lau Damián Szifrón Damien Chazelle Damon Lindelof Dan Bishop Dan Byrd Dan Dailey Dan Duryea Dan Fogler Dan Gilroy Dan Hedaya Dan Hennah Dan Laustsen Dan Lebenthal Dan Malkames Dan Mindel Dan O'Bannon Dan O'Herlihy Dan Palmquist Dan Seymour Dan Stevens Dan Totheroh Dana Andrews Dana Ashbrook Dana Gillespie Danai Gurira Dane DeHaan Daniel A. Lomino Daniel Ades Daniel Auteuil Daniel B. Cathcart Daniel Bevan Daniel Boulanger Daniel Cauchy Daniel Ceccaldi Daniel Craig Daniel Crohem Daniel Day-Lewis Daniel F. Galouye Daniel Fuchs Daniel Gélin Daniel Giménez Cacho Daniel Grao Daniel Guéret Daniel Henshall Daniel Ivernel Daniel Kaluuya Daniel L. Fapp Daniel Lacambre Daniel London Daniel Lopatin Daniel Mainwaring Daniel Mandell Daniel Mann Daniel Massey Daniel Melguizo Daniel Mercier Daniel Olbrychski Daniel Pearl Daniel Pemberton Daniel Pommereulle Daniel Rezende Daniel Roebuck Daniel S. Kaminsky Daniel Schmidt Daniel Schmidt (actor) Daniel Taradash Daniela Rocca Daniela Silverio Daniele Amfitheatrof Danièle Delorme Danièle Lebrun Daniele Paris Danièle Thompson Danielle Darrieux Danielle Feinberg Daniil Khrabovitsky Danilo Donati Danko Ichikawa Danny Aiello Danny Bensi Danny Boyle Danny Chung Danny DeVito Danny Glover Danny Green Danny Hoch Danny Huston Danny Kaye Danny Lloyd Danny McBride Danny Rosen Danny Webb Danny Zeitlin Dante Ferretti Dante Spinotti Dany Robin Dar Salim Daria Halprin Dario Argento Dario Cecchi Darío Grandinetti Dario Marianelli Darius Khondji Darius Marder Dariusz Wolski Darlene Conley Darrell Silvera Darren Aronofsky Darren Lemke Darren McGavin Darren Ormandy Darren Prolsen Darryl F. Zanuck Darryl Hickman Dashiell Hammett Dave Bautista Dave Chappelle Dave Franco Dave Porter Daveed Diggs David A. Armstrong David A. Stewart David Abel David Arata David Arkin David Armstrong David Axelrod David Bamber David Bennent David Birke David Bowie David Bretherton David Brian David Brockhurst David Butler David Byrne David Chizallet David Crank David Cronenberg David Doernberg David Dorfman David Douche David Egan David F. Sandberg David Farrar David Fincher David Franzoni David Gamble David Giler David Goodis David Gulpilil David Hare David Hemmings David Herman David Hertz David J. Bomba David Julyan David Kajganich David Klein David Kossoff David Kross David Krumholtz David Lampson David Landau David Lang David Lean David Leitch David Leland David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick David Lynch David Mackenzie David Manners David Marks David Matthau David Mendoza David Miller David Mitchell David Newhouse David Newman David Niven David O. Russell David O. Selznick David Opatoshu David Oyelowo David Pirner David Pokitillow David Rabinowitz David Raedeker David Raksin David Ray David Rennie David Rintoul David S. Goyer David Scearce David Scheunemann David Schneider David Scinto David Shire David Sibley David Starkman David Strathairn David Thewlis David Torrence David Torres David Vaughan David Villalpando David Vinitsky David Warner David Wasco David Watkin David Wayne David Webb Peoples David Weisbart David Wingo David Yates Davis Boulton Dawid Ogrodnik Dean Cundey Dean Martin Dean Stockwell Dean Tavoularis Deanna Dezmari Debbie Berman Debbie Reynolds Deborah Davis Deborah Eve Lewis Deborah Kerr Deborah Moggach Dede Allen Dee Rees Del Negro Delbert Mann Delcassan Dell Henderson Delmer Daves Delphine Seyrig Demián Bichir Demian Hernández Den Obinata Denholm Elliott Denis Cannan Denis Kaufman Denis Lawson Denis Lenoir Denis O'Dea Denis Sadier Denis Villeneuve Denise Batcheff Denise de Casabianca Denise Leblond Denise Natot Deniz Gamze Ergüven Denjiro Okochi Dennis Gassner Dennis Haysbert Dennis Hopper Dennis Lynton Clark Dennis Morgan Dennis O'Keefe Dennis Potter Dennis Price Dennis Quaid Dennis Sallas Dennis Virkler Dennis Weaver Denys N. Coop Denzel Washington Derek Bond Derek Cianfrance Derek Connolly Derek Granger Derek Jarman Derek Kolstad Derek Son Tae-woong Derek Van Lint Deric Washburn Derrick De Marney Desi Arnaz Desmond Davis Desmond Dickinson Desmond Tester DeVallon Scott Devereaux Jennings Dewey Martin DeWitt Bodeen Dhiren Ghosh Dhiresh Majumdar Dhritiman Chatterjee Diamand Bou Abboud Diana Charnley Diana Dors Diana Lynn Diana Wynyard Diane Baker Diane Cilento Diane DeLare Diane Grayson Diane Johnson Diane Keaton Diane Ladd Diane Lake Diane Lane Diane Varsi Dianne Foster Dianne Wiest Dick Bradsell Dick Foran Dick Hyman Dick La Reno Dick Pope Dick Powell Dick Smith Dick Wesson Dickon Hinchliffe Didi Perego Diedrich Bader Diego Cortina Autrey Diego Fabbri Diego Garcia Diego Luna Diego Martínez Vignatti Dieter Laser Dietrich Lohmann Dileep Rao Dillon Freasier Dimitri Dineff Dimitri Tiomkin Dinah Shore Dion Beebe Dipankar Dey Dirk Bogarde Dirk Sanders Dirk Westervelt Dita Parlo DJ Qualls Djibril Diop Mambéty Djimon Hounsou Doane Harrison Doga Zeynep Doduslu Dolly Wells Dolores Costello Dolores Del Rio Dolores Moran Domhnall Gleeson Dominga Sotomayor Dominic West Dominique Davray Dominique Dunne Dominique Faysse Dominique Marcombe Dominique Maurin Dominique McElligott Dominique Minot Dominique Polain Dominique Reymond Dominque Pinon Dominque Sanda Don Burgess Don Cheadle Don Dillaway Don Fellows Don Johnson Don Kenny Don Madrid Don McGlashan Don Siegel Don Taylor Donald Bevan Donald Calthrop Donald Cammell Donald Cook Donald Crisp Donald E. Stewart Donald E. Westlake Donald Glover Donald Halliday Donald MacBride Donald McAlpine Donald Meek Donald Moffat Donald O'Connor Donald Ogden Stewart Donald Peterman Donald Pleasance Donald Sutherland Donald Wolfit Donald Woods Donatas Banionis Dong Xiangrong Donn Cambern Donnie Yen Doona Bae Dora Bryan Dora Gregory Dore Schary Dorian Gray Dorian Harewood Doris Davenport Doris Day Doris Dowling Doris Kunstmann Doris Lloyd Doris Malloy Doris Nolan Doris Roberts Doris Schade Dorothée Dorothy Adams Dorothy Arzner Dorothy Barry Dorothy Comingore Dorothy Cumming Dorothy De Poliolo Dorothy Dwan Dorothy Farnum Dorothy Fields Dorothy Gish Dorothy Gulliver Dorothy Hart Dorothy Jordan Dorothy Kingsley Dorothy Malone Dorothy Parker Dorothy Sebastian Dorothy Shupenes Dorothy Spencer Dorothy Tutin Dörte Lyssewski Dots Johnson Doug Cooeyate Doug Emmett Doug J. Meerdink Doug Jones Doug Jung Doug McKeown Douglas Bacon Douglas Crise Douglas Fairbanks Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Douglas Kenney Douglas Milsome Douglas Morrow Douglas Rain Douglas Sirk Douglas Slocombe Douglas Stewart Douglas Trumbull Douglass Dumbrille Douglass Montgomery Dounama Coulibaly Dragoljub Aleksic Dragoljub Ivkov Drew Barrymore Drew Goddard Duane Jones Dudley Moore Dudley Nichols Dudley Sutton Duke Ellington Duke Johnson Dulal Dutta Dulfi Al-Jabouri Duncan Cramer Duncan Jones Duncan MacKechnie Dunja Sowinetz Dusan Makavejev Dust Brothers Dustin Farnum Dustin Hoffman Dustin O'Halloran Dwight Ewell Dwight Frye Dwight Taylor Dyan Cannon Dylan Baker Dylan Geluka Dylan Hundley Dylan Tichenor Dzhon Ter-Tatevosyan Dziga Vertov E. Lloyd Sheldon E. Mason Hopper E. McKnight Kauffer E. Preston Ames E.G. Marshall E.G. Tatum Earl R. Taylor Ebbe Rode Ebony Obsidian Ed Harris Ed Rutherford Ed Skrein Ed Stoppard Eda Warren Eddie Anderson Eddie Axberg Eddie Barclay Eddie Bracken Eddie Castrodad Eddie Constantine Eddie Hamilton Eddie Ma Eddie Moran Eddie Redmayne Eddie Shaw Eddra Gale Edgar Allan Woolf Edgar Bergen Edgar Bischoff Edgar Brasil Edgar Buchanan Edgar G. Ulmer Edgar Kennedy Edgar Moore Edgar Nelson Edgar Norton Edgar Ramirez Edgar Selwyn Edgar Wright Edgardo Jarlego Edie McClurg Edith Barrett Edith Erastoff Edith Evans Edith Evanson Edith Head Edith Ker Edith Meller Edith Scob Edmon Ryan Edmond Ardisson Edmond O'Brien Edmond Richard Edmond Séchan Edmond T. Gréville Edmund Goulding Edmund Gwenn Edmund H. Kline Edmund H. North Edmund MacDonald Edmund Meisel Edmund Moeschke Edmund Trczinski Edna Best Edna Doré Edna May Oliver Edna O'Brien Edna Purviance Édouard Dermithe Eduard Artemev Eduard Grau Eduard Tisse Eduard van der Enden Eduardo Ciannelli Eduardo Noriega Edward A. Blatt Edward Arnold Edward Ashley Edward B. Jarvis Edward B. Powell Edward Bond Edward Brophy Edward Burns Edward Bursch Edward C. Carfagno Edward C. Jewell Edward Carrere Edward Chapman Edward Chodorov Edward Clements Edward Connelly Edward Cronjager Edward Curtiss Edward D. Barnes Edward Dmytryk Edward E. Paramore Jr. Edward Earle Edward Everett Horton Edward F. Cline Edward Fielding Edward Fitzgerald Edward Fox Edward G. Robinson Edward Grau Edward H. Griffith Edward J. Nugent Edward James Olmos Edward Knoblock Edward L. Ilou Edward Lachman Edward M. Abroms Edward M. McDermott Edward Mann Edward Marshall Edward Norton Edward Richardson Edward Roland Edward Scaife Edward Schroeder Edward Sedgwick Edward T. McAvoy Edward Tang Edward Underdown Edward Van Sloan Edward Ward Edward Withers Edward Woods Edward Yang Edwin B. DuPar Edwin B. Willis Edwin Greenwood Edwin Jerome Edwin Justus Mayer Edwin Max Eetu Rikamo Efem Klimov Efthymis Filippou Egisto Macchi Egon Di Mateo Ehren Kruger Ei Ogawa Eigil Bryld Eiichi Yamamoto Eiji Funakoshi Eiji Go Eiji Okada Eiji Ooi Eijiro Fujita Eijiro Hisaita Eijiro Tono Eiken Sakurai Eiko Ishioka Eiko Matsuda Eiko Miyoshi Eiko Ohara Eileen Brennan Eileen Diss Einar Axelsson Eitaro Ozawa Eitaro Shindo Eiza González Ejner Federspiel El Hedi ben Salem Elaine Jin Elaine May Eldon Dedini Eleanor Boardman Eleanor McGeary Eleanor Middleton Eleanor Parker Eleanor Powell Eleanor Rossi Drago Eleanor Witcombe Eleanore Griffin Elena Lyadova Elga Sorbas Elgin Lessley Eli Bø Eli Wallach Elia Kazan Elijah Wood Elina Labourdette Elina Salo Elinor Glyn Elinor Oliver Eliot Daniel Eliot Stannard Elisabet Ronaldsdóttir Elisabeth Ferrier Elisabeth Moss Elisha Cook Jr. Elit Iscan Eliza Scanlen Elizabeth Allan Elizabeth Bracco Elizabeth Chauvin Elizabeth Debicki Elizabeth Fehr Elizabeth Marvel Elizabeth McGovern Elizabeth Patterson Elizabeth Reinhardt Elizabeth Taylor Elizaveta Svilova Ella Raines Ellar Coltrane Ellen Barkin Ellen Burstyn Ellen Drew Ellen Furman Ellen Kuras Ellen Page Ellen Wong Ellie Bamber Elliot Davis Elliot Goldenthal Elliot Graham Elliot Paul Elliot Scott Elliott Gould Elliott Reid Ellora Torchia Ellsworth Hoagland Elmer Bernstein Elmer Clifton Elmer Harris Elmer Rice Elmire Vautier Elmo Williams Élodie Bouchez Elsa Díaz Elsa Lanchester Elsa Leroy Elsa Martinelli Elsie Randolph Elyes Gabel Emeric Pressburger Emi Wada Emiko Azuma Emiko Iwasaki Emiko Yagumo Emil Belton Emil Hasler Emil Hass Christensen Emil Jannings Emil Newman Emile de Ruelle Émile Drain Émile Genevois Emile Hirsch Emile Kuri Emile Mathys Emile Meyer Emile Mosseri Emiliano Arenales Osorio Emilio Estevez Emily Blunt Emily Browning Emily Mortimer Emily Watson Emita Frigato Emlyn Williams Emma Donoghue Emma Hiddleston Emma Ridley Emma Stone Emma Suárez Emma Thompson Emma Watson Emmanuel de Chauvigny Emmanuel Lubezki Emmanuel Schotté Emmanuelle Béart Emmanuelle Bourdieu Emmanuelle Riva Emory Cohen Enid Bennett Ennio De Concini Ennio Flaiano Ennio Guarnerini Ennio Morricone Enric Granados Enrico Dieckmann Enrico Job Enrico Maria Salerno Enrico Olivieri Enrico Tovaglieri Enrique Irazoqui Enrique Rambal Ensieh Maleki Enzo Serafin Enzo Staiolo Enzo Tarascio Eom Aeng-ran Era Savalyeva Eraldo Da Roma Eran Kolirin Eric Ambler Eric Blore Eric Bogosian Éric Chartier Eric De Kuyper Éric Demarsan Eric Faucherre Eric Gautier Eric Godon Eric Hamm Eric Hatch Eric Heisserer Eric Johnson Eric Kreikenmayer Eric Linden Éric Neveux Eric Orbom Eric Pearson Eric Portman Eric Red Éric Rohmer Eric Roth Eric Stoltz Erich Gühne Erich Kettelhut Erich Kollmar Erich von Stroheim Erich Wolfgang Korngold Erik Aaes Erik Hell Erik Nordgren Erik Rhodes Erik Skjoldbjærg Erik Sommers Erika Christensen Erkki Pajala Erland Josephson Erling Thurmann-Andersen Ermanno Olmi Ernest Anderson Ernest Archer Ernest Borgnine Ernest Dickerson Ernest Haller Ernest Irving Ernest Laszlo Ernest Lehman Ernest Maupain Ernest Miller Ernest Thesiger Ernest Torrance Ernest Truex Ernest Vajda Ernest Walter Ernesto Gómez Cruz Ernie Kovacs Erno Crisa Ernö Metzner Ernst Busch Ernst Fegté Ernst Lubitsch Ernst Pittschau Ernst Stern Ernst-Hugo Järegård Erol Tas Eros Pagni Errol Flynn Ersin Gok Erskine Sanford Erté Erwin Hillier Esko Nikkari Eslinda Núñez Esme Percy Esmond Knight Essie Davis Estefania Larrain Estelle Taylor Ester Krumbachová Esther Dale Esther Garcia Esther Garrel Esther Howard Esther Minciotti Eszter Balint Ethan Coen Ethan Embry Ethan Gross Ethan Hawke Ethan Reiff Ethel Barrymore Ethel Griffies Ethel Smith Etienne Girardot Ettore Garofalo Ettore Lombardi Ettore Scola Eugen Schüfftan Eugene Archer Eugène Carré Eugène Cormon Eugene Loring Eugène Lourié Eugene Miller Eugene Pallette Eugene Solow Eugenie Besserer Eugenio Caballero Eva Bartok Eva Cobo Eva Dahlbeck Eva Kroll Eva Lee Kuney Eva Marie Saint Eva Mattes Eva Mendes Eva Ras Evalyn Knapp Evan A. Lottman Evan Alex Evan Hunter Evan Peters Evan Schiff Evangelia Rondou Evangeline Lilly Eve Arden Eve Southern Evelyn Del Rio Evelyn Preer Evelyne Didi Everett Freeman Everett Sloane Evgeniy Chernyaev Evgeniy Svidetelev Evgeniy Urbanskiy Evgeniy Zharikov Ewa Krzyzewska Ewa Pokas Ewald André Dupont Ewan McGregor Eyad Hourani F. Murray Abraham F. Scott Fitzgerald F.J. McCormick F.L. Green F.W. Murnau Fabien Ferreux Fabrice Aragno Fabrice Luchini Fabrizio Forte Fabrizio Rongione Fairuza Balk Fan Chao Fanchen Song Fang Song Fanny Ardant Fanny Stauff Fantine Harduin Farba Seck Farhad Kheradmand Farhad Saba Farid Sajadi Hosseini Farida Benkhetache Farley Granger Fatim Diagne Fatima Al Qadri Fay Bainter Fay Compton Fay Wray Faye Dunaway Faye Emerson Faye Marlowe Faye Wong Federico Fellini Federico G. Larraya Federico Luppi Fédote Bourgasoff Fele Martinez Felice Orlandi Felicity Jones Felipe de Alba Felipe Fernández del Paso Felix Aylmer Felix Bressart Felix Eitner Félix Monti Félix Murcia Feng Li Ferdinand Kruta Ferdinando Sarmi Ferdinando Scarfiotti Fergus McDonell Ferhendeh Feydi Fernand Charpin Fernand Ledoux Fernand Mailly Fernando Carrere Fernando Grediaga Fernando Hernandez Fernando Meirelles Fernando Rey Fernando Sánchez Fernando Stutz Fernando Velázquez Ferran Sánchez Ferris Webster Fiel Zabat Filippa Franzén Finlay Currie Finn Bernhoff Finn Wittrock Fiona Crombie Fiona Glascott Fiona Shaw Fiona Victory Fionn Whitehead Firmin Gémier Flea Fletcher Chancey Flo Clements Flora Robson Florelle Florence Carrez Florence Eldridge Florence Eymon Florence Marly Florence Pugh Florentino Soria Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck Floyd Crosby Folco Lulli Folke Sundquist Folker Bohnet Folmar Blangsted Forbes Caldwell Ford Wheeler Forest Whitaker Forrest Taylor Forrest Tucker Fortunio Bonanova Fosco Giachetti Fran Kranz Fran Lewis Fran Walsh Franca Pasut France Gallagher Frances Conroy Frances Dee Frances Drake Frances Farmer Frances Feist Frances Fisher Frances Goodrich Frances H. Flaherty Frances Marion Frances Marsh Frances McDormand Frances Mercer Francesca Morigi Francesca Zucchelli Franchot Tone Francine Bergé Francis D. Lyon Francis Edward Faragoh Francis Ford Coppola Francis L. Sullivan Francis Lacassin Francis Lederer Francis Lee Francis Lyon Francis McDonald Françis-Renaud Labarthe Francisco Rabal Francisco Sempere Franciszek Pieczka Franck Barcellini Franckie Diago Franco Arcalli Franco Citti Franco Di Giacomo Franco Fabrizi Franco Ferrara Franco Fraticelli Franco Interlenghi Franco Nero Franco Pilenga Franco Rossetti Franco Solinas Franco Zeffirelli François Audouy François Cluzet François Lafarge François Leterrier François Maistre François Margolin François Monnié François Négret François Périer François Truffaut François Wertheimer François-Renaud Labarthe Françoise Arnoul Françoise Bonnot Françoise Dorléac Françoise Fabian Françoise Javet Françoise Lugagne Françoise Prévost Françoise Rosay Françoise Verley Frank Albertson Frank Alexander Frank Borzage Frank Bracht Frank Butler Frank Cady Frank Campeau Frank Capra Frank Conroy Frank Craven Frank Davis Frank De Vol Frank Deniz Frank Doyle Frank E. Hull Frank Faylen Frank Ferguson Frank G. DeMarco Frank Giering Frank Joslyn Baum Frank Jourdano Frank Langella Frank Latimore Frank Launder Frank Lawton Frank Lloyd Frank Lovejoy Frank Mazzola Frank McHugh Frank Otto Frank Peregini Frank Pettingell Frank Pierson Frank Puglia Frank R. Adams Frank Redman Frank S. Nugent Frank Shannon Frank Silvera Frank Sinatra Frank Skinner Frank Sullivan Frank Villard Frank Wedekind Franka Potente Frankie Chan Frankie Wilson Franklin Pangborn Frantisek Debelka Frantisek Hrubín Frantisek Pavlicek Frantisek Rehák Frantisek Velecký Frantisek Vlácil Franz Harland Franz Planer Franz Rogowski Franz Waxman Franz-Otto Krüger Franziska Kinz Franziska Stömmer Fred A. Ritter Fred Allen Fred Astaire Fred C. Newmeyer Fred Clark Fred De Gresac Fred Draper Fred Ebb Fred F. Finkelhoffe Fred Gabourie Fred Harpman Fred MacMurray Fred Melamed Fred Niblo Fred Raskin Fred Savage Fred Stone Fred Ward Fred Zinnemann Freddie Bartholomew Freddie Francis Freddie Steele Freddie Young Frédéric Bodson Frederic C. Weiler Frederic Forrest Frédéric Gorny Frederic Raphael Frederick Elmes Frederick Kerr Frederick Knott Frederick Knudtson Frederick Stafford Frederick Wilson Frédérique Suchet Fredric Hope Fredric March Fredrick Y. Smith Fredrik Wenzel Fridrikh Gorenshteyn Friedrich Hollaender Fritz Arno Wagner Fritz Feld Fritz Kortner Fritz Lang Fritz Müller-Scherz Fritz Rasp Fritz Weaver Fritz Wepper Fujio Morita Fukumi Kuroda Fukuzo Koizumi Fulton Mackay Fumiko Katsuragi Fumio Hayasaka Fumio Okura Fumio Watanabe Furio Scarpelli Fusako Shuzui Fyodor Dobronravov G.R. Aldo G.W. Pabst Gabriel Abrantes Gabriel Axel Gabriel Byrne Gabriel Figueroa Gabriel Fleming Gabriel Pascal Gabriel Yared Gabriele Ferzetti Gabriele Pillon Gabriella Pescucci Gabriella Pession Gaby Morlay Gael García Bernal Gaël Morel Gaetano di Ventimiglia Gail Kane Gail Patrick Gailard Sartain Gal Gadot Gale Ann Hurd Gale Sondergaard Ganjiro Nakamura Gar Moore Gareth Edwards Gareth Heal Garret Dillahunt Garrett Fort Garrett Hedlund Garry Marsh Garry McDonald Garson Kanin Gary Busey Gary Cole Gary Cooper Gary Farmer Gary Graver Gary Merrill Gary Oldman Gary Roach Gary Shaw Gary Whitta Gaspard Manesse Gaston Modot Gavin Lambert Gayle Rankin Gayne Rescher Geir Jenssen Geirlaug Sunna Þormar Gemma Chan Gemma Jones Gena Rowlands Gene Allen Gene Bervoets Gene Darfler Gene Evans Gene Fowler Jr. Gene Hackman Gene Havlick Gene Kelly Gene Lockhart Gene Markey Gene Milford Gene Moore Gene Raymond Gene Rizzi Gene Ruggiero Gene Tierney Gene Wilder Geneva Robertson-Dworet Geneviève Dormann Geneviève Lemon Geneviève Page Genevieve Tobin Geneviève Vaury Gennifer Goodwin Geoff Johns Geoffrey Foot Geoffrey Horne Geoffrey Kirkland Geoffrey Rush Geoffrey Unsworth Georg Funkquist Georg Krause George Abbott George Amy George Antheil George Arliss George Axelrod George Bancroft George Barnes George Beranger George Bernard Shaw George Boemler George Bradshaw George Brent George Bruce George Bruns George C. Scott George Chakiris George Clooney George Costello George Coulouris George Cukor George Curzon George Delerue George Duning George Dzundza George E. Diskant George Eagles George Fenton George Fitzmaurice George Folsey Jr. George Froeschel George Gallo George Gershwin George Harrison George Hively George J. Folsey George James Hopkins George Jenkins George Kennedy George Lucas George MacKay George Macready George Marion Jr. George Martin George McGuire George Meeker George Melford George Miller George Neville George Nichols Jr. George O'Brien George O'Hanlon George Oppenheimer George Patrick George Periolat George Raft George Reeves George S. Kaufman George Sanders George Schnéevoigt George Schneiderman George Segal George Sidney George Siegmann George Sluizer George Stevens George Stoll George Tabori George Terwilliger George Tobias George Tokoro George Tomasini George W. Davis George W. Hill George Waggner George Walcott George Wells George White George Winslow George Wyner George Zuckerman Georges Alexander Georges Asselin Georges Auric Georges Bever Georges Bracher Georges Caristan Georges D'Arnoux Georges Delerue Georges Flamant Georges Franju Georges Géret Georges Grey Georges K. Benda Georges Lacombe Georges Lendi Georges Marchal Georges Melchior Georges Patrix Georges Pellegrin Georges Périnal Georges Poujouly Georges Van Parys Georges Wakhévitch Georgi Kolganov Georgi Rerberg Georgina Hale Gerald B. Greenberg Gerald Drayson Adams Gerald Fried Gerald Gibbs Gerald Hirschfeld Geraldine Chaplin Geraldine Fitzgerald Geraldine James Gérard Anfosso Gérard Blain Gérard Brach Gerard Carbonara Gérard Depardieu Gérard Falconetti Gérard Hoffman Gerard Lee Gérard Philipe Gerard Stembridge Gerardo Guerrieri Gerd von Bonin Gerda Maurus Germaine Artus Germaine Reuver German Lavrov Gerome Ragni Gerrit Graham Gerry Hambling Gerry Turpin Gertrud Fridh Gertrude Olmstead Geza Röhrig Ghalia Lacroix Gherardo Gherardi Ghislain Cloquet Ghislain Ghesquère Ghislain Uhry Gian Maria Volontè Giancarlo Esposito Giancarlo Giannini Giani Esposito Gianna Giachetti Gianni Di Venanzo Gianni Ferrio Gianni Polidori Gianni Puccini Gianni Quaranta Gianni Sbarra Gibson Gowland Gig Young Gil Birmingham Gil Junger Gilbert Gagneux Gilbert Roland Gilbert Taylor Gilda Gray Gile Steele Giles Nuttgens Gill Dennis Gilles Adrien Gilles Margaritis Gilles Taurand Gillian Armstrong Gillian El-Kadi Gillian Flynn Gillo Pontecorvo Gina Lollobrigida Gina McKee Ginette Allègre Ginette Leclerc Ginger Rogers Ginny Tyler Giorgio Bassani Giorgio Gaslini Giorgio Moroder Giorgio Prosperi Giorgos Arvanitis Giorgos Foundas Giovanna Galletti Giovanni Fusco Giovanni Natalucci Giovanni Ribisi Giovanni Socol Gisashi Yamauchi Gisburo Sugii Gisken Armand Gitali Roy Gitt Magrini Gitta Malling Giuliani G. De Negri Giulietta Masina Giuseppe Bertolucci Giuseppe Brignoli Giuseppe Caracciolo Giuseppe De Santis Giuseppe Ianigro Giuseppe Rotunno Giuseppe Ruzzolini Giuseppe Tornatore Giuseppe Vari Gladys Cooper Gladys George Gladys Hamer Gladys Hill Gladys Unger Glenda Farrell Glenda Jackson Glenn Anders Glenn Close Glenn Ford Glenn Gregory Glenn Langan Glenn Mercer Glenn Tryon Glenys Jackson Gloria DeHaven Gloria Grahame Gloria Henry Gloria Katz Gloria Stuart Gloria Swanson Gloria Talbott Glynis Angell Go Kato Go Su-hee Godfrey Tearle Golam Mustafa Goldie Hawn Golshifteh Farahani Gong Li Gontiti Googie Withers Gopa Aich Göran Lundquist Göran Strindberg Gordon Dines Gordon Gerwig Gordon Glennon Gordon Gordon Gordon Harker Gordon Jackson Gordon MacRae Gordon McDonell Gordon Pilkington Gordon Pinsent Gordon Warnecke Gordon Wiles Gordon Willis Gore Verbinski Gore Vidal Goseki Kojima Gösta Ekman Gottfried Huppertz Gottfried John Götz Spielmann Grace Kelly Grace Reals Grace Yun Graciela Borges Graciela Oderigo Grady Sutton Graeme Clifford Graeme Revell Graham Greene Grant Major Grant Mitchell Grant Whytock Granville Bates Grayson Hall Grazyna Szapolowska Greer Garson Greg Crutwell Greg Mottola Greg Wise Gregg Toland Grégoire Colin Grégoire Hetzel Gregory Gaye Gregory Jacobs Gregory La Cava Gregory Nava Gregory Peck Gregory Plotkin Gregory Ratoff Greig Fraser Greta Garbo Greta Gerwig Gretchen Mol Griffith Jones Grigori Aleksandrov Grigoriy Chukhray Grigoriy Koltunov Grischa Groucho Marx Grover Jones Guðrún Gisladóttir Gudrun Ure Guido Guerrini Guillaume Canet Guillaume de Sax Guillaume Laurant Guillermo Arriaga Guillermo Coronel Guillermo del Toro Guillermo Navarro Guillermo Villegas Guilllermo Battaglia Guinevere Turner Günes Sensoy Gunnar Björnstrand Gunnar Fischer Gunnar Hansen Gunnel Lindblom Günter Naumann Günther Kaufmann Günther Krampf Günther Rittau Guo Jing Guo Yue Guo-Zhang Zhao-Yan Gurinder Chadha Gus McNaughton Gus Van Sant Gustav Diessl Gustav Fröhlich Gustav Gründgens Gustav Hosford Gustav von Seyffertitz Gustav von Wangenheim Gustavo Santaolalla Gusti Kreissl Gustl Gstettenbaur Guy Bolton Guy Decomble Guy Endore Guy Favières Guy Green Guy Hendrix Dyas Guy Kibbee Guy Lecorne Guy Morgan Guylaine Schlumberger Gwen Eckhaus Gwendel Bescond Gwyneth Paltrow Gyles Isham H. Bruce Humberstone H. Kinley Martin H.B. Warner H.C. Potter H.G. Wells H.H. Caldwell H.M. Harwood Ha Jung-woo Ha-kyun Shin Habib Boufares Habib Shadah Hachiro Guryu Hadewych Minis Hadley Fraser Hafsia Herzi Hagar Wilde Hagop Arakelian Hahm Sung-won Haidee Fuller Haikki Ukkonen Hailee Steinfeld Haj Ali Reza Ahmadi Hajime Izu Hajime Kaburaji Hajime Mitamura Hajime Takaiwa Håkan Hagegård Håkan Jahnberg Hakki Haktan Håkon Øverås Hakuryu Hal Barwood Hal C. Kern Hal Holbrook Hal Mohr Hal Pereira Hal Wallis Hal Young Haldane Douglas Halina Winiarska Halle Berry Hammou Graïa Hampton Fancher Han Chang Han Jin-won Han Sang-gi Han Ying-jie Hanae Kan Hang-ko Song Hanif Kureishi Hank Corwin Hanna Jones Hanna Ralph Hanna Schygulla Hannah Ashby Ward Hannah Beachler Hannah Herzsprung Hanno Pöschl Hanns Kräly Hanns Zischler Hans Alfredson Hans Christian Blech Hans Diehl Hans Dieter Trayer Hans Dreier Hans F. Koenekamp Hans Funck Hans Hirschmülller Hans May Hans Peters Hans Roemheld Hans Werner Henze Hans Zimmer Hans-Joachim Möbis Hans-Martin Majewski Hansjörg Felmy Hany Abu-Assad Haradhan Bannerjee Harald Schwenzen Hardy Krüger Haren Chatterjee Hari Rhodes Haris Zambarloukos Hark Bohm Hark-On Fung Harlan Thompson Harley Jessup Harold Blankenship Harold Conway Harold D. Schuster Harold F. Kress Harold Goodwin Harold Greene Harold Grieve Harold J. Stone Harold Jack Bloom Harold Lloyd Harold Manning Harold McCord Harold McLernon Harold Perrineau Harold Pinter Harold Ramis Harold Rosson Harold Russell Harold Warrender Harpo Marx Harriet Andersson Harriet Frank Jr. Harriet Hilliard Harriet Hoctor Harriet Medin Harrison Ford Harry Baer Harry Baur Harry Beaumont Harry Carey Harry Chandlee Harry Davenport Harry Dean Stanton Harry Essex Harry Feist Harry Gerstad Harry Guardino Harry Henderson Harry Horner Harry Houdini Harry J. Wild Harry Kershaw Harry Kleiner Harry Knowles Harry Kurnitz Harry Landers Harry Lange Harry Marker Harry Nilsson Harry Oliver Harry Reeves Harry Reynolds Harry Ruby Harry Ruskin Harry Shannon Harry Stradling Sr. Harry Tugend Harry W. Gerstad Harry Warren Haruhiko Oyabu Haruhiko Tsuda Haruko Sugimura Harumi Ibe Haruo Tanaka Haruomi Hosono Haruyasu Kurosawa Harve Presnell Harvey F. Thew Harvey Fierstein Harvey Keitel Harvey Lembeck Haskell Wexler Hassan Farazmand Hasse Ekman Hattie McDaniel Hawk Ostby Hay Petrie Haydée Politoff Hayley McElhinney He Miaomiao Heath Ledger Heather Angel Heather Graham Heather McIntosh Heather Sears Heather Thatcher Heather Tobias Héctor Alterio Hector Elizondo Hedy Lamarr Hein Heckroth Heino Ferch Heinosuke Gosho Heinrich Graf Brühl Heinz Bennent Heinz Engelmann Heinz Roemheld Helen Broderick Helen Brugat Helen Chandler Helen Childress Helen Gardner Helen Haye Helen Hayes Helen Mack Helen Martin Helen McCrory Helen McSweeney Helen Mirren Helen Morgan Helen Scott Helen Thach Helen Vinson Helen Vita Helen Westley Helena Bonham Carter Héléna Manson Helena Rojo Helene Costello Hélène de Fougerolles Hélène Louvart Helene Millard Hélène Plemiannikov Helga Fedderson Helle le Fevre Helmut Griem Hendrik Malberg Hendrik Sartov Henning Bendtsen Henning Kristiansen Henning von Gierke Henny Noremark Henri Alekan Henri Cartier-Bresson Henri Crémieux Henri Decaë Henri Étiévant Henri Garcin Henri Guisol Henri Jeanson Henri La Barthe Henri Marquet Henri Ménessier Henri Nassiet Henri Rust Henri Schmitt Henri Serre Henri Vidal Henri-Georges Clouzot Henri-Jacques Huet Henrik Svenson Henry Batista Henry Bean Henry Braham Henry Brandon Henry Bumstead Henry Caine Henry Cavill Henry Cronjager Henry Daniell Henry Fonda Henry Freulich Henry Gayden Henry Gibson Henry Gleditsch Henry Golding Henry Hadley Henry Hathaway Henry Hull Henry Jackman Henry Jones Henry Kendall Henry King Henry Kolker Henry Lloyd-Hughes Henry Mancini Henry Myers Henry Sharp Henry Silva Henry Skjaer Henry Stephenson Henry Thomas Henry Travers Henry Vars Henry W. Gerrard Henry Wilson Henryk Górecki Herb Magidson Herbert "Cowboy" Coward Herbert Baker Herbert Brenon Herbert Grevenius Herbert Heyes Herbert J. Biberman Herbert Lom Herbert Marshall Herbert Mundin Herbert Ross (actor) Herbert Ross (director) Herbert Steinmetz Herbert Stothart Herk Harvey Herman A. Blumenthal Herman J. Mankiewicz Herman Rosse Herman Shumlin Hermann Oberth Hermann Thimig Hermann Warm Hermes Pan Hermione Baddeley Hermione Gingold Herschel Bernardi Herschel Burke Gilbert Herta Horn Hervé Schneid Hideaki Nitani Hideaki Sakurai Hideichi Nagahara Hideji Otaki Hideki Takahashi Hideko Takamine Hideo Gosha Hideo Horie Hideo Ito Hideo Matsuyama Hideo Oguni Hideo Shigehara Hideo Sugawara Hideo Yamamoto Hideyuki Kasahara Hiei Kimura Hikaru Hayashi Hikmet Olgun Hilary Mason Hilda Borgström Hilda Koronel Hildur Guðnadóttir Hilla Sarjon Hilmar Thate Hilyard M. Brown Hinano Yoshikawa Hippolyte Girardot Hirohide Abe Hirokazu Koreeda Hiroki Iwase Hiroko Futaba Hiroko Ito Hiroko Kawasaki Hiroko Machida Hiroko Shimizu Hiroko Sugita Hiromi Shiozawa Hiroshi Abe Hiroshi Hayashi Hiroshi Inagaki Hiroshi Kamayatsu Hiroshi Kawaguchi Hiroshi Koizuma Hiroshi Kusuda Hiroshi Mizutani Hiroshi Murai Hiroshi Nihon'yanagi Hiroshi Ozawa Hiroshi Segawa Hiroshi Suzuki Hiroshi Teshigahara Hiroshi Tokuda Hiroyuki Nagato Hiroyuki Sanada Hisakazu Tsuji Hisako Yamane Hisao Enoki Hisao Ichikawa Hisao Yoshitani Hisashi Igawa Hisashi Sagara Hisashi Yamanouchi Hisato Osawa Hisatoshi Kai Hitome Nozoe Hitomi Kuroki Hizuro Takachiho Hoagy Carmichael Hobart Bosworth Hocine Khadem Hocine Rifahi Hohi Aoki Hoi Sang Lee Holger Münzer Hollis McLaren Holly Hunter Holmes Herbert Holt McCallany Homayoun Ershadi Homayun Payvar Homer Brightman Homer Croy Hong Kyung-pyo Hong Sang-soo Honor Swinton Byrne Honoré Bostel Hope Davis Hope Lange Hope Loring Horace Jackson Horst Giese Horton Foote Hosei Kumatsu Hossain Sabzian Hossein Amini Hossein Jafarian Hossein Rezai Hou Hsiao-Hsien Houseley Stevenson Howard Bretherton Howard Da Silva Howard Duff Howard E. Smith Howard Emmett Rogers Howard Estabrook Howard Hawks Howard Hughes Howard J. Green Howard Jackson Howard Keel Howard Koch Howard Lindsay Howard Sackler Howard Shore Howard St. John Howard Vernon Howland Chamberlain Hoyte van Hoytema Hristos Passalis Hsiu-Chiung Chiang Hsu Chin-Yuan Hsu Feng Hu Bo Hua Hui-ying Huang Jue Huang Ximan Hubert de Givenchy Hubert J. Stowitts Hubert Koundé Hubert Osborne Hubert Selby Jr. Hugh Bennett Hugh Bonneville Hugh Grant Hugh Griffith Hugh Herbert Hugh Hurd Hugh Jackman Hugh Laurie Hugh Marlowe Hugh O'Conor Hugh Reticker Hugh Sanders Hugh Wakefield Hugh Walpole Hugh Wheeler Hugh Wynn Hughie Mack Hugo Arana Hugo Butler Hugo Colace Hugo Friedhofer Hugo Luczyc-Wyhowski Hugo Weaving Hui Kung Chang Hui-Ling Wang Hülya Koçygit Hume Cronyn Humphrey Bogart Humphrey Pearson Humphrey Searle Hung Hung Hunter Carson Hunter McCracken Hussein Baydoun Huy Vu Hylda Baker I-Chen Ko I.A.L. Diamond Ian Fraser Ian Hart Ian Hendry Ian Hislop Ian Holm Ian Hunter Ian Keith Ian Martin Ian McKellen Ian McNeice Ian McShane Ian Wolfe Ib Melchior Ibrahim Mbaye Ibrahima Boy Ichiro Araki Ichiro Arishima Ichiro Miyagawa Ichiro Mizunuma Ichiro Saito Ichiro Sugai Ichiro Takada Ichiro Yuki Icíar Bollaín Ida Lupino Idina Menzel Idris Elba Idrissa Diabaté Iggy Pop Ignat Daniltsev Igor Luther Igor Ogurtsov Igor Slabnevich Ike Jarlego Jr. Ikuko Murakami Ikuma Dan Ilayda Akdogan Ilka Chase Ilkka Koivula Imelda Staunton Inbal Weinberg Ineko Arima Inga Busch Inga Gill Inge Maux Ingetraud Hinze Ingmar Bergman Ingrid Bergman Ingrid Bisu Ingrid Caven Ingrid Thulin Inma Cuesta Innokentiy Smoktunovskiy Inti Briones Iolanda Bernardes Ione Skye Iosif Shpinel Ira Gershwin Ira H. Morgan Ira Newborn Ira Wolfert Irene Dunne Irene Dunye Irène Jacob Irene Kamp Irene Kane Irene Miracle Irene Morra Irene Papas Irene Rich Irene Sharaff Irene Vanbrugh Irina Lubtchansky Irina Potapenko Iris Churn Irm Hermann Irma Raush Irma Urrila Irvin Willat Irving Berlin Irving Brecher Irving Cummings Irving Glassberg Irving Lerner Irving Pichel Irving Rapper Irving Ravetch Isaac Hayes Isaac Schwarts Isaach De Bankolé Isabel Jeans Isabella Rossellini Isabelle Adjani Isabelle Corey Isabelle Huppert Isabelle Sadoyan Isamu Ichida Isamu Kosugi Isamu Motoki Isao Hashizume Isao Kimura Isao Numasaki Isao Sasaki Isao Tamagawa Isao Yamagata Ishiro Honda Isla Fisher Ismail Merchant Ismet Soydan Isobel Lennart Isumi Matsuoka Isuzu Yamada Italo Greco Italo Moscati Ivan Bird Ivan Desny Ivan Goff Ivan Mozzhukhin Ivan Palúch Ivan Passer Iván Petrovich Ivan Renliden Ivan Triesault Ivana Baquero Ivana Karvanová Ivanka Vukasovic Ivica Vidovic Ivor Barnard Ivor Montagu Ivor Novello J. Carrol Naish J. Farrell MacDonald J. Grubb Alexander J. Lee Thompson J. McMillan Johnson J. Patrick Duffner J. Peter Robinson J. Peverell Marley J. Roy Hunt J. Russell Spencer J. Watson Webb Jr. J.A. Bayona J.C. Chandor J.E. Freeman J.J. Abrams J.K. Rowling J.K. Simmons J.M. Kerrigan J.T. Walsh J.W. McConaughty Jacek Petrycki Jacir Eid Al-Hwietat Jack Ackroyd Jack Bachom Jack Benny Jack Black Jack Buetel Jack Cardiff Jack Carson Jack Chenault Jack Clayton Jack Cole Jack Colgrave Hirst Jack Conroy Jack Conway Jack Cooperman Jack Davenport Jack Durant Jack Dylan Grazer Jack E. Cox Jack Elam Jack Fisk Jack Ford Jack Fox Jack Garfein Jack Harris Jack Hawkins Jack Hildyard Jack Holt Jack Jevne Jack Kelly Jack Killifer Jack Kitchin Jack Kruschen Jack La Rue Jack Lemmon Jack Lowden Jack Martin Smith Jack May Jack McGowan Jack McMullen Jack N. Green Jack Nicholson Jack Norton Jack Okey Jack Palance Jack Poplin Jack Reynor Jack Rose Jack Smethurst Jack Smith Jack Warden Jack Weston Jack Whitney Jack Wilson Jack Wright III Jackie Berroyer Jackie Chan Jackie Curtis Jackie Gleason Jacob Koskoff Jacob Loeb Jacob Lofland Jacob Secher Schulsinger Jacob Tierney Jacob Tremblay Jacobo Klassen Jacopo Quadri Jacqueline Audry Jacqueline Bisset Jacqueline Chauvaud Jacqueline Delubac Jacqueline Durran Jacqueline Logan Jacqueline Sadoul Jacques Baumer Jacques Becker Jacques Bergerac Jacques Berlioz Jacques Champreux Jacques Companéez Jacques Demy Jacques Duguied Jacques Emmanuel Jacques Ertaud Jacques Feyder Jacques Gagnon Jacques Harden Jacques Jouanneau Jacques Lagrange Jacques Levert Jacques Marin Jacques Mercanton Jacques Natanson Jacques Perrin Jacques Prévert Jacques Rémy Jacques Rivette Jacques Saulnier Jacques Sauvageot Jacques Spiesser Jacques Tati Jacques Tourneur Jacques Varennes Jacques Viot Jacques Vitry Jada Pinkett Smith Jade Healy Jae-sun Lee Jafar Panahi Jagoda Kaloper Jaime Comas Gil Jaime Fernández Jaime Sánchez Jaimz Woolvett Jake Gyllenhaal Jake Johnson Jake Lacy Jake McDorman Jakub Girszal Jakub Kijowski Jamel Debbouze James Agee James Ashmore Creelman James B. Clark James Basevi James Bell James Best James Bolam James Bridie James Broderick James Caan James Cagney James Cameron James Chinlund James Coburn James Corden James Craig James D. Ruffin James Dean James Dickey James Donald James Edwards James Ellison James Fleet James Fox James Franco James Gandolfini James Garner James Gibbon James Gleason James Glennon James Gray James Gregory James Gunn James H. Anderson James H. Spencer James Haygood James Hayter James Hilton James Horner James Ivory James Kennaway James Kevin McGuinness James L. Berkey James Lapine James Laxton James Le Gros James Lyons James Mangold James Marcus James Mason James McAteer James McAvoy James McKechnie James McTeigue James Merifield James Murray James Newton Howard James O'Hanlon James R. Waite James R. Webb James Rado James Rebhorn James Schamus James Seymour James Sikking James Spader James Stephenson James Stewart James Van Trees James W. Sullivan James Wan James Ward Byrkit James Whale James Wilby James Wong Howe James Woods Jameson Thomas Jamie Foxx Jamie Gross Jamie Lee Curtis Jamie Leonard Jamie Selkirk Jamie Smith Jan D'Alquen Jan de Bont Jan Decorte Jan George Jan Houllevigue Jan Johansson Jan Klusák Jan Libora Jan Malmsjö Jan Procházka Jan Roelfs Jan Sterling Jan Troell Jan Vostrcil Jana Brejchová Jane Alexander Jane Ann Stewart Jane Bryan Jane Campion Jane Curtin Jane Darwell Jane Fonda Jane Greer Jane Horrocks Jane Loring Jane Marken Jane Murfin Jane Randolph Jane Rizzo Jane Russell Jane Seitz Jane Winton Jane Wyatt Jane Wyman Janeane Garofolo Janelle Monáe Janet Gaynor Janet Green Janet Jones Gretzky Janet Leigh Janet Margolin Janez Vrhovec Jang Hye-jin Janie Marèse Janina Gavankar Janine Verneau Janis Ian Janne Hyytiäinen János Herskó Janusz Glowacki Janusz Kaminski Janusz Paluszkiewicz Jany Holt Jared Bush Jared Harris Jared Leto Jared Sanford Jarin Blasche Jarin Pengpanitch Jarinpatta Rueangram Jarl Kulle Jaromír Sofr Jaroslav Kucera Jaroslav Papousek Jaroslaw Kaminski Jaruchai Imaran Jasmine Cephas Jones Jasna Stefanovic Jason Bateman Jason Clarke Jason Fuchs Jason Hall Jason Katz Jason Keller Jason Kisvarday Jason Lee Jason London Jason Mewes Jason Miller Jason Mitchell Jason Momoa Jason Robards Jason Schwartzman Jason Watkins Jaume Martí Javier Aguirresarobe Javier Álvarez Javier Bardem Javier Cámara Javier Navarrete. Javier Oliván Jay C. Flippen Jay Cassidy Jay Cocks Jay Dratler Jay Hunter Jay Presson Allen Jay Rabinowitz Jay Villiers Jaya Bhaduri Jaygann Aye Jayne Mansfield Jayne Meadows Jean Acker Jean Adair Jean André Jean Anouilh Jean Arthur Jean Aurel Jean Aurenche Jean Bachelet Jean Bourgoin Jean Castanier Jean Cayrol Jean Cocteau Jean d'Eaubonne Jean d'Yd Jean Danet Jean Darcante Jean Dasté Jean de Limur Jean Debucourt Jean Desailly Jean Dixon Jean Duceppe Jean Dujardin Jean Feyte Jean Forest Jean Françaix Jean Gabin Jean Grémillon Jean Gruault Jean Hadgraft Jean Hagen Jean Hamon Jean Harlow Jean Hersholt Jean Keraudy Jean L'Hôte Jean Lenauer Jean Letort Jean Louis Jean Mandaroux Jean Marais Jean Marchat Jean Marie Simon Jean Marsan Jean Marsh Jean Martin Jean Martinelli Jean Mousselle Jean Narboni Jean Negulesco Jean Oser Jean Ozenne Jean Parker Jean Penzer Jean Perrier Jean Peters Jean Poiret Jean Prodromidès Jean Rabasse Jean Rabier Jean Ravel Jean Renoir Jean Rougeul Jean Rouverol Jean Servais Jean Simmons Jean Sorel Jean Stapleton Jean Tissier Jean Vigo Jean Vilar Jean Viminet Jean Wall Jean Wiener Jean Yanne Jean Yatove Jean-Baptiste de Laubier Jean-Charles Tacchella Jean-Claude Brialy Jean-Claude Carrière Jean-Claude Dreyfus Jean-Claude Drouot Jean-Claude Guilbert Jean-Claude Kalache Jean-Claude Larrieu Jean-Claude Petit Jean-François Adam Jean-François Stévenin Jean-Hugues Anglade Jean-Jacques Fabre Jean-Jacques Grünewald Jean-Joel Barbier Jean-Louis Barrault Jean-Louis Richard Jean-Louis Trintignant Jean-Louis Valéro Jean-Louis Vialard Jean-Luc Godard Jean-Marc Barr Jean-Marc Bory Jean-Marie Robain Jean-Michel Humeau Jean-Michel Meurice Jean-Noël Ferragut Jean-Paul Belmondo Jean-Paul Gaultier Jean-Paul Le Chanois Jean-Paul Rappeneau Jean-Paul Roussillon Jean-Philippe Lafont Jean-Pierre Aumont Jean-Pierre Cassel Jean-Pierre Dardenne Jean-Pierre Darrousin Jean-Pierre Gorin Jean-Pierre Jeunet Jean-Pierre Kalfon Jean-Pierre Kohut-Svelko Jean-Pierre Léaud Jean-Pierre Melville Jean-Pierre Pellerin Jean-Pierre Zola Jean-Pol Fargeau Jean-Vincent Puzos Jeanette MacDonald Jeanette Nolan Jeanie Macpherson Jeanne Crain Jeanne Disson Jeanne Eagels Jeanne Fusier-Gir Jeanne Lapoirie Jeanne Moreau Jed Kurzel Jeff Anderson Jeff Beal Jeff Beck Jeff Bridges Jeff Corey Jeff Cronenweth Jeff Daniels Jeff Donnell Jeff Goldblum Jeff Grace Jeff Groth Jeff Jensen Jeff Nichols Jeff Whitty Jeffrey Beecroft Jeffrey Ford Jeffrey Hatcher Jeffrey Hunter Jeffrey Tambor Jemma Redgrave Jenette Goldstein Jenjira Pongpas Jennifer Angel Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Connelly Jennifer Jason Leigh Jennifer Jones Jennifer Kendal Jennifer Kent Jennifer Lame Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lopez Jennifer O'Neill Jennifer Spence Jenny Agutter Jenny Beavan Jenny Frenck Jenny Hélia Jenny Laird Jenny Wright Jeon Do-yeon Jeong Jae-yeong Jeong Seo-kyeong Jeong Yong-jin Jérémie Renier Jeremy Blackman Jeremy Davies Jeremy Irons Jeremy Kay Jeremy Podeswa Jeremy Renner Jeremy Theobald Jeri Sopanen Jermaine Fowler Jerold Wells Jerome Cowan Jerôme Echnoz Jérôme Géronimi Jerome Kern Jerome Pycha Jr. Jerome Thier Jerome Thoms Jerry Fielding Jerry Fujio Jerry Garcia Jerry Goldsmith Jerry Jarrett Jerry Lewis Jerry Mathers Jerry Orbach Jerry Stiller Jerry Verno Jerry Wald Jerzy Andrzejewski Jerzy Lipman Jerzy Nowak Jerzy Radziwilowicz Jerzy Skolimowsk Jerzy Stuhr Jerzy Wójcik Jess Gonchor Jesse Plemons Jessica Chastain Jessica Lange Jessica Tandy Jessie Ralph Jessie Royce Landis Jesús Bracho Jesús Ferrero Jesús García Leoz Jesús Torres Torres Jet Li Jez Butterworth Ji-eun Lim Jill Bilcock Jill Esmond Jillian Morgese Jim Backus Jim Bouton Jim Broadbent Jim Buckley Jim Carrey Jim Clark Jim Clay Jim Davis Jim Helton Jim Jarmusch Jim Leonard Jim Morahan Jim Sheridan Jim Siedow Jim Taylor Jim Thompson Jim True-Frost Jim Uhls Jimmie Fails Jimmy Berliet Jimmy Campbell Jimmy Conlin Jimmy Hanley Jimmy Hunt Jimmy Napes Jin Yan Jingle Ma Jinpachi Nezu Jirí Brdecka Jirí Menzel Jirí Slitr Jirí Stibr Jirí Sust Jirí Tarantik Jirina Bohdolová Jirina Lukesová Jitka Cerhová Jitsuko Yoshimura Jo Ann Brody Jo Boyer Jo Harvey Allen Jo Hwa-seong Jo Morrow Jo Sung-woo Jo Swerling Jo Yeo-jeong Jo Yeon-wook Joan Allen Joan Barry Joan Bennett Joan Blondell Joan Chandler Joan Collins Joan Crawford Joan Cusack Joan Fontaine Joan Greenwood Joan Hackett Joan Harrison Joan Leslie Joan Lindsay Joan Plowright Joan Sobel Joan Standing Joanna Bruzdowicz Joanna Hogg Joanna Kulig Joanna Macha Joanna Orzeszkowska Joanne Dru Joanne Moore Jordan Joanne Schmidt Joanne Woodward Joaquim de Almeida Joaquín Baca-Asay Joaquin Phoenix JoBeth Williams Jobyna Ralston Jocelyn Brando Jocelyn Joly Jocelyn Pook Jodie Foster Joe Alves Joe Alwyn Joe Cornish Joe Dallesandro Joe Don Baker Joe E. Brown Joe HIsaishi Joe Manganiello Joe Mantell Joe Passarelli Joe Pesci Joe Robert Cole Joe Robinson Joe Russo Joe Sawyer Joe Shishido Joe Strummer Joe Talbot Joe Turkel Joe Walker Joe Wright Joel Coen Joël Comarlot Joel Cox Joel Edgerton Joel Grey Joel J. Richard Joel McCrea Joel McHale Joel Negron Joel Sayre Joelle Touma Joëlle Van Effenterre Joey Lauren Adams Johan Libéreau Jóhann Jóhannsson Johanna ter Steege Johannes Krisch Johannes Meyer Johannes Thanheiser John A. Alonzo John Abbott John Addison John Alcott John Alton John Antrobus John Archer John Armstrong John Arnold John Axelrad John B. Goodman John B. O'Brien John Bailey John Balderston John Barnes John Barry John Barrymore John Beckman John Belushi John Bloom John Bluthal John Boles John Boorman John Box John Boyega John Brahm John Bright John Bright (costumes) John Brown John Bryan John C. Higgins John C. Reilly John Cameron John Cameron Mitchell John Candy John Carney John Carpenter John Carradine John Carroll John Carroll Lynch John Carter John Cassavetes John Cazale John Cho John Cleese John Clifford John Collier John Colton John Comerford John Coquillon John Cromwell John Crowley John Cusack John D. Guthridge John Dall John Dankworth John David Washington John DeCuir John Derek John Dighton John Dos Passos John DuCasse Schulze John Ebden John Ekman John Emery John Ewing John F. Seitz John F. Warren John Farrow John Ford John Forsythe John Foxx John Francis Daley John Francis Dillon John Frankenheimer John Fraser John Frizzell John G. Adolfi John Garfield John Gavin John Gay John Getz John Gielgud John Gilbert John Gilbert (editor) John Goodman John Gray John Grey John Guare John Houseman John Howard John Howard Davies John Howell John Hoyt John Hughes John Hughes (art director) John Hurt John Huston John Inwood John Ireland John J. Campbell John J. Lloyd John J. McLaughlin John J. Mescall John Joyce John Jympson John Kander John Kapelos John Klemantaski John Knoll John Krasinski John Kullers John L. Balderston John L. Russell John Landis John Laurie John Lee Mahin John Legend John Leguizamo John Leipold John Lennon John Litel John Lithgow John Loder John Lodge John Logan John Longden John Lund John Lurie John Lynch John M. Stahl John Madden John Mahoney John Malkovich John Marley John Mathieson John Matthews John McCormick John McGiver John McTiernan John Mead John Meehan John Mellon John Merritt John Michael Hayes John Milius John Mills John Monks Jr. John Morris John Murphy John Muto John Nolan John Osborne John Patrick John Paxton John Payne John Qualen John Refoua John Ridgely John Robert Lloyd John Robinson John Romano John S. Detlie John S. Robertson John Savage John Schlesinger John Schuck John Scott John Seabourne Sr. John Seale John Slattery John Spence John St. Polis John Steinbeck John Strauss John Stuart John Stumar John Sturges John Sweet John T. Neville John Taverner John Thomas John Toll John Tormey John Travolta John Tuell John Turturro John Twist John Van Druten John Vernon John Victor Smith John W. Corso John W. Wheeler John Wayne John Williams (actor) John Williams (composer) John Woo John Woodcock John Wright John Zorn John-Henry Butterworth Johnny Depp Johnny Mack Brown Johnny Mercer Johnny Vekris Joi McMillon Joji Ohara Joji Oka Joji Yuasa Jon Bernthal Jon Brion Jon Darling Jon Favreau Jon Finch Jon Gregory Jon Hamm Jon Kortajarena Jon M. Chu Jon Polito Jon Ronson Jon Voight Jon Watts Jona Tochet Jonah Hill Jonathan Amos Jonathan Ashmore Jonathan Banks Jonathan Chang Jonathan Glazer Jonathan Goldstein Jonathan Gordon Jonathan Latimer Jonathan Lynn Jonathan Majors Jonathan Nolan Jonathan Pryce Jonathan Raymond Jonathan Rhys Meyers Jonathan Sela Jong Lin Jong-yong Lee Jonny Greenwood Joonee Gamboa Jordan Cronenweth Jordan Peele Jordan Prentice Jorge Antonio Guerrera Jorge Becerra Jorge Ribero Jorge Semprún Jörgen Lindström Jörgen Persson Jørgen Reenberg José Antonio Rojo José Baviera José Chávez José Ferrer José Giovanni José Isbert José Lewgoy José Luis Alcaine José Luis Colina José Luis de Villalonga José Luis Font José Luis López Vázquez José María de Cossío José Salcedo Josef Bierbichler Josef Illik Josef Kainar Josef Kemr Josef Köstlinger Josef Rovensky Josef Sebánek Josef Somr Josef Valnoha Josef van Wissem Josef von Sternberg Josefin Åsberg Joseph A. Valentine Joseph Anthony Joseph Burton Joseph Byrd Joseph C. Nemec III Joseph C. Wright Joseph Calder Joseph Calleia Joseph Cotten Joseph Farnham Joseph Fiennes Joseph Gordon-Levitt Joseph H. August Joseph H. Lewis Joseph Henabery Joseph Kosma Joseph Krings Joseph L. Mankiewicz Joseph LaShelle Joseph Lorenz Joseph Losey Joseph MacDonald Joseph N. Welch Joseph Pevney Joseph Ruttenberg Joseph Schildkraut Joseph Sterling Joseph Than Joseph Urban Joseph Walker Josephine Baker Josephine Hull Josephine Lovett Josephine Tey Josette Day Josh Appelbaum Josh Brolin Josh Cooley Josh Hartnett Josh Hutcherson Josh O'Connor Josh Safdie Josh Singer Joshua James Richards Joshua John Miller Joshua Marston Joss Whedon Josseline Gaël Jost Vacano Joyce Buñuel Joyce Carey JP Miller Ju Jeung-nyeo Juan Antonio Bardem Juan Calvo Juan Carlos Macías Juan Chacón Juan Cruz Bordeu Juan Fernández Juan Minujin Juanita Moore Juano Hernandez Judd Hirsch Judd Nelson Jude Law Judge Reinhold Judi Dench Judith Anderson Judith Magre Judy Becker Judy Davis Judy Garland Judy Greer Judy Holliday Jukichi Uno Jules Berry Jules Dassin Jules Feiffer Jules Furthman Jules Kruger Julia Fox Julia Ormond Julia Roberts Julia Stiles Julia Swayne Gordon Julia Theresa Russell Julian Beck Julian Doyle Julián Hernández Julian Rhind-Tutt Julian Sands Julian Schnabel Julian West Juliane Köhler Julianne Hough Julianne Moore Julianne Nicholson Julie Andrews Julie Berghoff Julie Christie Julie Dash Julie Delpy Julie Gibson Julie Hagerty Julie Harris (actor) Julie Harris (costumer) Julie Kavner Julie Monroe Julie Peyr Julie Stefans Julie Taymor Julien Bertheau Julien Carette Julien Duvivier Julien Hirsch Julien Josephson Julien Lacheray Julieta Serrano Julieth Mars Toussaint Juliette Binoche Juliette Compton Juliette Gréco Juliette Lewis Juliette Mayniel Juliette Welfing Julio Matilla Julius Albert Julius J. Epstein Julius Jaenzon Jun Fukuda Jun Hamamura Jun Jeong-seo Jun Otomo Jun Tatara Jun Toba Jun Usami Jun Yasumoto June Allyson June Lockhart June Mathis June Preisser June Ritchie June Tripp Jung Hyun-jun Jung Jae-il Jung Ji-so Jung Jin-young Jung-hwa Choe Junichi Osumi Junichiro Yamashita Junie Astor Junius Matthews Junji Takada Junko Asana Junko Kano Junko Mihara Junko Miyashita Juno Temple Junzaburo Ban Juozas Budraitis Jürgen Jürges Jürgen Knieper Jüri Järvet Jüri Lumiste Jusho Toda Justice Smith Justin Hurwitz Justin K. Thompson Justin Krish Justin Kurzel Justin Lin Justin Marks Justin Theroux Justin Timberlake Justine Wright Jutta Brückner Juzo Itami Jyo Kairi K Callan K.K. Barrett Kabori Sarwar Kader Chaatouf Kai-Chi Yuen Kaija Pakarinen Kamatari Fujiwara Kamel El Basha Kanaili Basu Kaneto Shindo Kanji Suganuma Kanjuro Arashi Kantee Anantagant Kanu Bannerjee Kaoru Morimoto Kaoru Yachigusa Karel Cerný Karel Kachyna Karel Lier Karel Mares Karel Postrehovsky Karel Reisz Karel Zeman Karen Black Karen Colston Karen Conrad Karen Fergusson Karen Harley Karen Mok Karen Morley Karen Murphy Karen Robson Karen Young Kari Laine Kari Sylwan Kari Väänänen Karidja Touré Karin Baal Karin Dor Karin Erskine Karin Kavli Karin Nellemose Karin Viard Karina Ressler Karl Dane Karl Freund Karl Hajos Karl Júlíusson Karl Kamb Karl Malden Karl Meixner Karl Oswald Karl Otten Karl Scheydt Karl Struss Karl Swenson Karl Urban Karl Vollbrecht Karl Vollmöller Karl-Wilhelm Vivier Karlheinz Böhm Karuna Bannerjee Kasey Rogers Kasim Zhakibayev Katamari Fujiwara Katarzyna Sobanska-Strzalkowska Kate Beckinsale Kate Dickie Kate Fahy Kate Hardie Kate Mara Kate Reid Kate Winslet Katharina Thalbach Katharine Alexander Katharine Bard Katharine Hepburn Katharine Ross Katherine Cassavetes Katherine Emmet Katherine Helmond Katherine Hilliker Katherine Kath Katherine Waterston Kathie Browne Kathleen Byron Kathleen Case Kathleen Collins Kathleen Rowell Kathleen Ryan Kathleen Turner Kathryn Bigelow Kathryn Grant Kathryn Grayson Kathryn Hahn Kathryn McGuire Kathryn Scola Kathryn Wilder Kathryn Worth Kati Outinen Kátia Lund Katie Johnson Katie McGrath Katina Paxinou Katrin Cartlidge Katrin Schaake Katsuko Wakasugi Katsumi Yanagijima Katsuo Nakamura Katsuo Naruse Katsuyuki Ito Katy Jurado Kay Francis Kay Hammond Kay Johnson Kay Kendall Kay Thompson Kay Walsh Kaya Scodelario Kaycee Moore Kaye Ballard Kayo Matsuo Kayoko Honoo Kayoko Kishimoto Kazu Otsuka Kazue Hirataka Kazue Nagatsuka Kazuhiko Chiba Kazuhiko Kato Kazuko Ojima Kazuko Tajima Kazuko Yoshiyuki Kazuo Goto Kazuo Hasegawa Kazuo Ikehiro Kazuo Kamimura Kazuo Kitamura Kazuo Koike Kazuo Kubo Kazuo Miyagawa Kazuo Miyahara Kazuo Motohashi Kazuo Ogawa Kazuo Ota Kazuo Satsuya Kazuo Shimada Kazuo Yamada Kazuo Yamazaki Kazuo Yoshida Kazutoyo Mimasu Kazuya Kosaka Kazuya Takahashi Kazuyo Asari Kazuyoshi Kushida Keanu Reeves Keefe Brasselle Keegan DeWitt Keegan-Michael Key Keenan Wynn Keene Thompson Keenen Ivory Wayans Kei Kumai Kei Sato Kei Yamamoto Keiichi Uraoka Keiji Hasebe Keiji Sada Keiju Kobayashi Keiko Awaji Keiko Enami Keiko Harada Keiko Kishi Keiko Mitsumatsu Keiko Sagawa Keiko Tsushima Keinosuke Uekusa Keir Dullea Keir O'Donnell Keira Knightley Keisuke Kinoshita Keisuke Noro Keith Andes Keith Baxter Keith David Keith Dorrington Keith Forsey Keith Waterhouse Keith Winter Keizo Kawasaki Kelly Lee Kelly Masterson Kelly Preston Kelly Reichardt Kelly Thordsen Kemal Inci Ken Adam Ken Anderson Ken Hodges Ken Jeong Ken Leung Ken Ogata Ken Page Ken Richmond Ken Russell Ken Tanaka Ken Thorne Ken Uehara Ken Watanabe Ken'ichi Enomoto Ken'ichi Hagiwara Ken'ichi Yajima Kenichi Fukuda Kenichiro Hara Kenji Hagiwara Kenji Misumi Kenji Mizoguchi Kenji Oyama Kenji Susukida Kenneth Branagh Kenneth Higgins Kenneth Lonergan Kenneth Mars Kenneth Strickfaden Kenneth Thomson Kenneth Tobey Kenneth V. Jones Kenout Peltier Kensaku Hara Kent Smith Kenta Fukasaku Kenyon Hopkins Kenzo Kawarasaki Keri Moran Kerry Fox Kerry Marshall Ketti Frings Keung-Kuen Lai Kevin Bacon Kevin Bassinson Kevin Costner Kevin Durand Kevin Garnett Kevin Greutert Kevin J. O'Connor Kevin J. Wilson Kevin Jenkins Kevin Kavanaugh Kevin Lacz Kevin McCarthy Kevin Smith Kevin Spacey Kevin Tent Kevin Thompson Kevin Willmott Khalifa Natour Kichiemon Nakamura Kichijiro Ueda Kieron Moore Kihachi Okamoto Kika Markham KiKi Layne Kim Bo-kyung Kim Da-won Kim Deok-jin Kim Eui-sung Kim Gin-goo Kim Hae-sook Kim Ho-jung Kim Hunter Kim Hyun Kim Hyung-ku Kim Jae-Bum Kim Jin Kyu Kim Ki-young Kim Min-hee Kim Novak Kim Roe-ha Kim Sang-beom Kim Shi-hoo Kim Soo-Kyung Kim Tae-ri Kim Young-jae Kimberly Elise Kimihiko Nakamura Kiminobu Okumura Kin Sugai King Ampaw King Hou Chang King Hu King Vidor Kinga Preis Kinji Fukasaku Kinuyo Tanaka Kinzo Sakura Kinzo Shin Kippei Shina Kirin Kiki Kirk Douglas Kirk M. Morri Kirsten Dunst Kirsten Smith Kisaku Ito Kit Harington Kitty Summerall Kiwako Taichi Kiyomi Kuroda Kiyoshi Awazu Kiyoshi Hasegawa Kiyoshi Nonomura Kiyoshi Tsuchiya Klaus Grünberg Klaus Kinski Klaus Löwitsch Klaus Pohl Ko Mishima Ko Nakahira Ko Nishimura Ko Seon-ae Kobo Abe Kodi Smit-McPhee Kogo Noda Kohei Ezaki Kohei Sugiyama Koichi Inagaki Koichi Iwashita Koichi Kawabe Koji Iwabuchi Koji Kaga Koji Mitsui Koji Nanbara Koji Numata Koji Shitara Koji Takahashi Koji Tsuruta Koji Uno Koji Yakusho Kojiro Kusanagi Kokuten Kodo Komaki Kurihara Kon Ichikawa Kon Omura Kong Lau Kong Wei Koreyoshi Kurahara Koshiro Matsumoto Kossa Mody Keita Kotaro Bando Kou Shibasaki Kozo Okazaki Krafft-Raschig Kris Kristofferson Kris Marshall Kristen Stewart Kristen Wiig Kristin Rudrüd Kristin Scott Thomas Krystyna Rutkowska Krzysztof Kieslowski Krzysztof Knittel Krzysztof Komeda Krzysztov Krzeminski Krzysztov Piesiewicz Kubec Glasmon Kuei-Mei Yang Kulvider Ghir Kuni Fukai Kunichi Nomura Kunie Tanaka Kunihiko Hirai Kuniko Igawa Kuniko Miyake Kuntaro Kawarazaki Kuo-Chu Chang Kurt Gerron Kurt Kreuger Kurt Kronenfeld Kurt Raab Kurt Russell Kurt Weill Kurtwood Smith Kurumi Yamabato Kutamari Fujiwara Kwan Yea-young Kwok-Hung Lam Kwon Hae-hyo Kyla Nicolle Kyle Chandler Kyle Eastwood Kyle Gallner Kyle Henry Kyle MacLachlan Kylli Köngäs Kyohei Morita Kyoichi Saiki Kyoko Heya Kyoko Kagawa Kyoko Kishida Kyoko Kusajima Kyomi Kuroda Kyozo Nagatsuka Kyu Sazanaka L. William O'Connell Labina Mitevska Ladislaus Vajda Lady Gaga Lady Rowlands Laeta Kalogridis Laila Robins Laird Cregar Lajos Biró Lakeith Stanfield Lalo Schifrin Lamar Trotti Lambert Wilson Lamberto Caimi Lamberto E. Antonio Lamberto Maggiorani Lana Turner Lana Wachowski Lana Wood Lance Acord Lance Henriksen Lance Nolley Lanny Joon Lara Wendel Laraine Day Larbi Doghmi Larisa Oleynik Larisa Shepitko Larry Brandenburg Larry Carroll Larry Ferguson Larry Fessenden Larry Gelbart Larry J. Blake Larry Karaszewski Larry Keating Larry Lipkis Larry McMurtry Larry Semon Larry Smith Larry Tucker Lars Eidinger Lars Ekborg Lars Hanson Lars Passgård Lars von Trier Laslo Benedek Lasse Fogelstrøm Lasse Hallström László Kovács László Nemes László Szabó Latin Lover Laura Betti Laura Bücher Laura Dern Laura Harrier Laura Harring Laura Hope Crews Laura Johnson Laura Jones Laura Linney Laura San Giacomo Laura Vasiliu Laura Verlinden Lauren Bacall Lauren Hutton Laurence Briaud Laurence de Monaghan Laurence Deniz Laurence Fishburne Laurence G. Paull Laurence Harvey Laurence Hauben Laurence Olivier Laurence Stallings Laurent Gréville Laurent Guyot Laurent Lafitte Laurent Ott Laurent Poitrenaux Laurent Terzieff Laurie Metcalf Lawrence B. Marcus Lawrence Chenault Lawrence Grant Lawrence Gray Lawrence Hazard Lawrence Kasdan Lawrence P. Williams Lawrence Sher Lazare Meerson Léa Drucker Léa Garcia Lea Massari Léa Mysius Léa Seydoux Lee Chang-dong Lee Chatametikool Lee Eun Soo Lee Eun-shim Lee Garmes Lee Grant Lee Ha-jun Lee Hang Lee Haugen Lee Hong-Chi Lee J. Cobb Lee Jeong-eun Lee Jin-keung Lee Marvin Lee Patrick Lee Philips Lee Remick Lee Ross Lee Smith Lee Soo-Jeong Lee Sun-kyun Lee Sung-Jae Lee Tracy Lee Unkrich Lee Van Cleef Lee Yoo-ri Leem Lubany Leigh Brackett Leigh Folsom Boyd Leigh Harline Leigh Jason Leigh Whannell Leighton Lucas Leila Bennett Leila Hatami Leila Naghdi Pari Leith Stevens Lele Marchitelli Lelia Goldoni Lena Olin Léna Skerla Lennart Wallén Lennie Hayton Lennie Niehaus Lenny Abrahamson Lenore J. Coffee Leo Arnau Leo Birinsky Leo Brouwer Leo Carrillo Leo Catozzo Leo Erdody Leo G. Carroll Leo K. Kuter Léo Lania Leo McCarey Leo Penn Leo Shuken Leo Tover Leo Willis Leon Ames Léon Arvel Léon Barsacq Leon Barsha Leon Bourrely Leon Ericksen Leon Erickson Leon Gordon Leon Kellar Leon Lai Leon Lee Leon M. Lion Leon Russom Leon Shamroy Leonard Bernstein Leonard Gershe Leonard Nimoy Leonard Rosenman Leonard Schrader Leonard Whiting Leonardo DiCaprio Leonardo Martín Leonardo Sbaraglia Léonce-Henri Burel Leonid Dyachkov Leonid Naumov Leonid S. Leonardi Leonida Barboni Léonide Azar Léonide Massine Leonor Watling Leonora Balcarce Leopoldine Konstantin Leopoldo Trieste LeRoy Stone Lesley Manville Lesley Sharp Lesley Walker Leslie Arliss Leslie Banks Leslie Bradley Leslie Caron Leslie Cheung Leslie Hodgson Leslie Howard Leslie Jones Leslie McDonald Leslie Norman Leslie Phillips Leslie Tomkins Lesser Samuels Lester Cohen Lester Vail Lester White Lew Ayres Lew Lipton Lewis Black Lewis MacDougall Lewis Meltzer Lewis Milestone Lewis Pullman Lewis Stone Lex Neal Lia Di Leo Lia Polito Liam Neeson Libero De Rienzo Liell K. Vedder Liev Schreiber Lil Dagover Lila Herman Lila Kedrova Lili Taylor Lilian Bond Liliana Cavani Liliana Gerace Liliane Princet Lilianne Mardon Lilli Palmer Lillian Gish Lillian Hall-Davis Lillian Hellman Lillian Johnson Lillian Roth Lilo Pempeit Lily Franky Lily Gladstone Lily James Lily Larson-Lund Lim Giong Lina Gennari Lina Wertmüller Linda Blair Linda Cardellini Linda Darnell Linda Hamilton Lindsay Frost LIndsay Karamoh Lindsay Lohan Line Noro Lino Brocka Lino Ventura Linus Sandgren Lionel Atwill Lionel Banks Lionel Barrymore Lionel Stander Lionel Villeneuve Lisa Gerrard Lisa Kreuzer Lisa Kudrow Lisa Lassek Lisa Lu Lisa Lundholm Lisa Marie Bronson Lisa Spoonauer Lisa Yang Lisa Zeno Churgin Lise Delamare Lise Stephenson Engström Lissi Alandh Little Bob Liu Linyan Liu Qiang Liv Tyler Liv Ullmann Livia Venturini Liza Minnelli Lizabeth Scott Lizzie Curry Martinez Lizzy Caplan Ljubica Nesic Ljubomiras Laucevicius Lloyd Bacon Lloyd Bochner Lloyd Bridges Lloyd Gough Lloyd Ingraham Lochlann O'Mearáin Logan Hawkes Logan Marshall-Green Lois Smith Lois Weber Lol Crawley Lola Cardona Lola Dueñas Loles León Lolita Sevilla Lon Chaney Longyu Zhang Lord Berners Loredana Detto Lorelei Linklater Lorella Cravotta Loren Dean Lorenz Hart Lorenzo Semple Jr. Loretta Devine Loretta Young Lori Martin Lorne Balfe Lorne Greene Lorraine Bracco Lothar Perl Lotte Lenya Lou Castel Lou Salvador Jr. Lou Schor Louiguy Louis Calhern Louis Chavance Louis D. Lighton Louis de Funès Louis Florencie Louis Forbes Louis Garfinkle Louis Gauthier Louis Gossett Jr. Louis Gruenberg Louis Hayward Louis Hoffmann Louis Jourdan Louis Jouvet Louis Malle Louis Mellis Louis Née Louis R. Loeffler Louis Silvers Louis Soulanes Louis Stein Louis Wolheim Louise Beavers Louise Blachère Louise Brooks Louise Closser Hale Louise de Vilmorin Louise Dresser Louise Fazenda Louise Fletcher Louise Ford Louise Kugelberg Louise Lasser Louise Latham Louisette Hautecoeur Lourdes de Oliveira Lowell Sherman Loyal Griggs Luana Anders Luàna Bajrami Luana Patten Lubomir Bakchev Lubor Tokos Luc Barnier Luc Dardenne Luc Roeg Luca Bigazzi Luca Chikovani Luca Guadagnino Lucas Hedges Luce Klein Luchino Visconti Lucia Bosé Lucia Lynn Moses Lucia Pezzoli Lucia Zucchetti Lucian Johnston Luciana Arrighi Luciano Trasati Luciano Vincenzoni Lucie Borleteau Lucien Ballard Lucien Carré Lucien Frégis Lucien Hubbard Lucien Littlefield Lucien N. Andriot Lucien Tainguy Lucile Browne Lucile Watson Lucille Ball Lucille La Verne Lucrecia Martel Lucy Butler Lucy Russell Ludovic Bource Ludovico Einaudi Ludwig Donath Ludwig Göransson Ludwig Reiber Luigi Chiarini Luigi Ornagi Luis Alberni Luis Alcoriza Luis Argüello Luis Buñuel Luis Fernando de Igoa Luis García Berlanga Luis Gnecco Luis Puenzo Luis Tosar Luiz Bonfá Lukasz Zal Luke Askew Luke Bracey Luke Grimes Luke Wilson Luminita Gheorghiu Lumsden Hare Lun Hua Luna Zimic Mijovic Luo Feiyang Lupe Ontiveros Lupino Lane Lupita Nyong'o Lütfi Akad Luther Adler Luther Davis Lydia Knott Lydia Leonard Lydia Wilson Lyle R. Wheeler Lyle Talbot Lyn Harding Lyn Shaw Lyne Champagne Lynn Baggett Lynn Carlin Lynn Collins Lynn Redgrave Lyubov Germanova Lyudmila Feyginova Lyudmila Polyakova Lyudmila Saveleva Lyudmila Tselikovskaya M. Emmet Walsh M. Safonova M.C. Gainey M.L. Kennedy Mabel Julienne Scott Mabel Normand Macha Méril Machiko Hasegawa Machiko Kyo Mack Sennett Mack Swain MacKinlay Kantor Madalina Diana Ghenea Madame Robinson Mädchen Amick Madeleine Carroll Madeleine Lebeau Madeleine McGraw Madeleine Renaud Madeline Fontaine Madeline Kahn Madge Evans Madhabi Mukherjee Mads Mikkelsen Mads Riisom Mae Busch Mae Clarke Mae Marsh Magali Noël Magaye Niang Magda Vásáryová Magdalena Flores Magdalena Tótoro Magdeleine Bérubet Maggie Cheung Maggie Gyllenhaal Maggie Q Maggie Smith Magnus Nordenhof Jønck Mahdeh Erteghaei Mahershala Ali Mahmoud Kalari Mahrem Feydi Mai Zetterling Maine Vallée Maj-Britt Nilsson Makenzie Vega Mako Mako Kamitsuna Makoto Kobori Makoto Sato Makoto Sono Maksim Munzuk Malcolm Arnold Malcolm Brown Malcolm Keen Malcolm McDowell Malcolm McGregor Malgorsata Zabkowska Malonn Lévana Malvin Wald Malvina Penne Malvina Silberberg Mamata Shankar Mame Bineta Sane Mamie Wagner Mamoko Shimizu Mamoru Morita Mamoru Sasaki Man-Ming Tong Mandy Moore Mandy Patinkin Mandy Walker Manfredi Aliquo Mani Haghighi Mania Akbari Manny Wynn Manoj Mitra Manolo Morán Manos Hatzidakis Mantaro Ushio Manuel Berenguer Manuel Komroff Manuel Seff Mara Revel Maral Bani Adam Marc Abrams Marc Allegret Marc Barbé Marc Bedia Marc Behm Marc Caro Marc Connelly Marc Eyraud Marc Michel Marc Norman Marc Sorkin Marc Streitenfeld Marc Winocourt Marc-Philippe Guerig Marcel André Marcel Camus Marcel Carné Marcel Combes Marcel Courmes Marcel Dalio Marcel Fradetal Marcel Fraval Marcel Grignon Marcel Herrand Marcel L'Herbier Marcel Lévesque Marcel Lucien Marcel Lupovici Marcel Mirouze Marcel Morreau Marcel Ophüls Marcel Pagnol Marcel Slawinski Marcel Vertès Marcel Weiss Marceline Day Marcella Michelangeli Marcella Rovena Marcella Rovere Marcelle Hainia Marcello Gatti Marcello Mastroianni Marcello Pagliero Marcello Vitale Marchioness of Queensberry Marcia Gay Harden Marcia Hinds Marcia Lucas Marco Bellocchio Marco Beltrami Marco Bittner Rosser Marco Leonardi Marco Tulli Marcus Gautesen Marcus Henderson Marcus Rowland Mardik Martin Marek Litewka Mareme Niang Maren Ade Marfa Lapkina Marg Helgenberger Marga Köhler Margaret Ayer Barnes Margaret Booth Margaret Bowman Margaret Dumont Margaret Lindsay Margaret Livingston Margaret Lockwood Margaret Nelson Margaret P. Levino Margaret Qualley Margaret Rutherford Margaret Sheridan Margaret Sixel Margaret Wycherly Margarete Schön Margarete Tiesel Margarethe von Trotta Margaretta Scott Margarita Isabel Margarita Lozano Margarita Terekhova Margherita Caruso Margherita Maglione Margit Carlqvist Margit Carstensen Margo Lion Margot Grahame Margot Robbie Marguerite Beaugé Marguerite De La Motte Marguerite Duras Marguerite Moreno Marguerite Renoir María Asquerino Maria Barranco Maria Bello Maria Caro Maria Casares Maria Caso Maria Djurkovic Maria Félix Maria Gruber Maria Hofstätter Maria Kimberly Maria Kyrozi María Luisa García Maria Mathiesen Maria Michi Maria Ouspenskaya Maria Pankratz Maria Paola Maino Maria Pia Casilio Maria Popistasu Maria Schell Maria Tsansanoglou María Ucedo Maria Zanoli Marian Ainslee Marian Marsh Mariana Nunes Mariangela Melato Marianna Hill Marianne Hoppe Marianne Koch Maribel Verdú Marie Ault Marie Cardinal Marie Castro Marie Cesková Marie Déa Marie Devereux Marie Dressler Marie Gili-Pierre Marie Kean Marie Keen Marie Laforêt Marie Lohr Marie Mansart Marie N'Diaye Marie Richardson Marie Rivière Marie Sabouret Marie Windsor Marie-Aimée Debril Marie-Catherine Miqueau Marie-Christine Barrault Marie-France Boyer Marie-France Pisier Marie-Hélène Estienne Marie-Laure Dougnac Marie-Sophie Dubus Mariel Hemingway Marielle Heller Mariétou Touré Marietta Canty Mariette Hartley Marik Vos-Lundh Marika Green Mariko Fuji Mariko Kaga Mariko Okada Marilyn Bergman Marilyn Burns Marilyn Ghigliotti Marilyn Miller Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Nash Marin Ireland Marina de Tavira Marina Vlady Marino Cenna Marino Masé Marino Masini Mario Adorf Mario Cabré Mario Chiari Mario Gallo Mario Majeroni Mario Nalpas Mario Nascimbene Mario O'Hara Mario Peixoto Mario Ravasco Mario Serandrei Mario Socrate Marion Bessay Marion Cotillard Marion Davies Marion Jackson Marion Mack Marion Monnier Marisa Berenson Marisa Paredes Marisa Tomei Marissa Ribisi Maritza Rivera Marius Aicher Marius Goring Mariusz Dmochowski Mariya Timofeeva Marjorie Cottreel Marjorie Fowler Marjorie Main Marjorie Rambeau Marjorie White Mark "Crash" McCreery Mark Bridges Mark Burns Mark Burton Mark Fergus Mark Frechette Mark Friedberg Mark Gatiss Mark Goldblatt Mark Hamill Mark Hellinger Mark Heyman Mark Irwin Mark Knopfler Mark Korven Mark Lee Ping-bin Mark Mallouk Mark Mancina Mark Margolis Mark Mills Mark Mothersbaugh Mark O'Brien Mark Orton Mark Pellegrino Mark Perez Mark Robson Mark Ruffalo Mark Rydell Mark Rylance Mark Sandrich Mark Sheppard Mark Strong Mark Suozzo Mark Tildesley Mark Victor Mark W. Mansbridge Mark Wahlberg Mark Waters Mark Williams Ardington Mark Yoshikawa Mark-Lee Kirk Markku Pätilä Marlene Dietrich Marlon Brando Marlon Ramirez Marlon Wayans Marni Nixon Marpessa Dawn Marquard Bohm Marsha Nakashima Marshall Brickman Marshall Neilan Marshall Rogers Märta Dorff Marta Mazurek Martha Hyer Martha Mansfield Martha Raye Martha Scott Martha Stewart Martha Vickers Martha Wentworth Marthe Gottié Marthe Jarnias Marthe Poncin Martín Adjemián Martin Armiger Martin Balsam Martin Bergmann Martin Bodin Martin Childs Martin Compston Martin Ferrero Martin Gabel Martin Goldsmith Martin Gschlacht Martin Henderson Martin Hunter Martin Laing Martin Landau Martin LaSalle Martin Malina Martin McDonagh Martin Milner Martin Mull Martin Ritt Martin Schäfer Martin Scorsese Martin Sheen Martin Short Martin Stromberg Martin Walsh Martin Whist Martin Zandvliet Martina Gedeck Martine Carol Martine Giordano Martita Hunt Marty Feldman Marvin Hamlisch Mary Anderson Mary Astor Mary Boland Mary Brian Mary C. McCall Jr. Mary Carr Mary Clare Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Mary Elizabeth Winstead Mary J. Blige Mary Jane Fort Mary Jo Deschanel Mary Kay Place Mary LaRoche Mary Lynn Rajskub Mary Meade Mary Murphy Mary Nash Mary O'Hara Mary Philips Mary Pickford Mary Roscoe Mary Sweeney Mary Tsoni Mary Ure Mary Welch Mary Wickes Mary-Louise Parker Maryann Brandon Marziyeh Rezaei Masaaki Daimon Masaaki Hirao Masaharu Fukuyama Masahige Narusawa Masahiko Sato Masahiko Shimazu Masahiko Tsugawa Masahiro Shinoda Masaichi Nagata Masaki Kobayashi